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Siri Tachi Respect Thread.

Welcome to the largest collection of Siri Tachi feats and accolades: Respect Siri tachi

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"He[Bruck Chun] knew I was a better fighter than he was. So does the rest of the class."

—Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple(Siri Tachi)

Adi[Adi Gallia] had only recently taken Siri as her Padawan. She had chosen Siri because of the girl's extraordinary promise.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

Now Siri was proving her value, showing up a more experienced Padawan — Obi-Wan.

—Jedi Apprentice; The Fight for Truth

Skilled, graceful fighter, she was single-minded in her purpose. Every particle of her being was focused on victory. It made her one of the best lightsaber fighters in the Temple. Even though she was eleven — two years younger than Obi-Wan — she had fought in his classes.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

Siri was a tough fighter and faced danger without ruffling a hair.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

The relations between the two Padawans could be bumpy, but he could not ask for a better team to rescue Qui-Gon.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

She(Siri) was more used to the training rooms at the Temple, where she had usually been the winner. When she had lost, she had bowed to her opponent with grace. Then she beat them in the next encounter.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

"I left the Jedi for good," Siri said. There was no trace of begging in her voice. "I have been your loyal associate, Krayn."

"Yes, the best I ever had," Krayn said sadly.

—Jedi Quest: Path to Truth

"The Jedi have destroyed Teda's army," Mace said. "Would you like us to do the same to yours?"

—Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard

Siri had been so right. He(Obi-Wan) had things to learn from her that went beyond a new fighting stance.

—Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi

"Yes. You're more beautiful." The words left Obi-Wan before he could stop them. "And smarter, and stronger."

—Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi

"Siri Tachi. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soara Antana. Yoda himself." Ferus didn't know if Malorum could hear him, but he felt the names of his teachers resonate inside him like a powerful chant. "You don't know what the best is."

—The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo(Ferus Olin to Grand Inquisitor Malorum)

Combat Skill

Because of her being constantly referred to as "Athletic, focused, graceful and aggressive" Siri Tachi is an obvious practitioner of Form IV, Ataru. Because her Jedi Master, Adi Gallia. Was a practitioner of Form V's Shien variation and of course, Siri's own proficiency at blaster redirection, i believe we would be correct to assume that Siri herself had some knowledge of Shien. It should also be noted that Siri seems to have a very intimate knowledge of Form VII's Juyo variation and explained it in detail to her apprentice, Ferus Olin. Despite that. I believe that Siri's main forms consists of Ataru. And Shien, with the latter acting as her "defense" against blaster fire and the former acting as her offense. Now let's move on.

Siri learned much from Master Adi. Her lightsaber technique was extremely skilled, a fighting highly athletic and yet very focused.

—Star Wars: Databanks(Siri Tachi)

Despite Being two years younger than both Bruck Chun and Tiny-Wan, Siri advanced quickly in her classes and Obi-Wan considers her a worthy opponent.

Siri was two years younger than Obi-Wan, but her abilities had landed her in Obi-Wan and Bruck's lightsaber class. She had been a worthy opponent. Obi-Wan considered her style athletic and highly focused. Unlike other students, she never got distracted during a duel by emotions such as anger or fear, and she never involved herself in petty rivalries.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple

Bruck - an advanced Student, tried to mimic Siri's style. Siri is also considered by her peers to be superior to Bruck Chun.

"I wasn't a friend of Bruck's. He just used to hang around, trying to copy my lightsaber moves. He knew I was a better fighter than he was. So does the rest of the class."

—Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple(Siri Tachi)

Here, Siri and Obi-Wan engage in a training exercise while blindfolded, relying mostly on the force and instincts. Though they both fail the exercise.

The darkness was total. Not even a hint of light penetrated the hood.

Sound was muffled. Obi-Wan Kenobi balanced on his feet, kept his lightsaber in a defensive position, and concentrated. Without sight or clear sound, he had to rely completely on the Force.

He moved to the left, whirled, and struck with his lightsaber. It slashed through empty air. Yet he knew he'd been close.

Off to his right, he heard a buzzing sound, and the clatter of metal hitting the floor.

"Point, Siri," Obi-Wan's Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, said quietly.

Obi-Wan felt a trickle of sweat move down his neck. The hood was hot from his warm breath. He gripped his lightsaber harder. His opponent in this training exercise was Siri, another Jedi apprentice. She had already destroyed two seeker droids. He hadn't felled one.

"Remember your purpose, Obi-Wan."

He heard Qui-Gon's steady counsel. Even though Qui-Gon couldn't see his Padawan's face, he knew that Obi-Wan had lost his focus. The purpose of the exercise, Obi-Wan knew, was cooperation. It did not matter how many seeker droids he destroyed or how many were taken down by Siri. They would be judged on how they worked together. They would have to read each other's intentions through movement, instinct, and the Force. They would have to be generous, reaching out to each other to reveal their intentions.

But how could he reach out to someone who fought only for herself?

Siri focused on the enemy and ignored Obi-Wan. A skilled, graceful fighter, she was single-minded in her purpose. Every particle of her being was focused on victory. It made her one of the best lightsaber fighters in the Temple. Even though she was eleven — two years younger than Obi-Wan — she had fought in his classes.

Faintly, he heard Siri's soft footsteps behind him, and heard her foot slide as she lunged. Another buzz, another clatter of metal.

"Good footwork, Siri," Adi Gallia called.

Obi-Wan gritted his teeth. Adi had only recently taken Siri as her Padawan. She had chosen Siri because of the girl's extraordinary promise.

Now Siri was proving her value, showing up a more experienced Padawan — Obi-Wan.

Frustration and irritation surged inside him, driving out his connection to the Force. Obi-Wan listened intently for the slight stir in the air that the seeker droid caused. He heard the sound, whirled to his left, and collided with Siri.

"Opposite corners," Adi rapped out. "Begin again."

Obi-Wan moved back to his corner. He rubbed his palm along his tunic.

His hands were perspiring, and his lightsaber almost slipped. Dropping it while fighting alongside Siri would be humiliating.

He wished he had Qui-Gon's patience. He still had so much to learn. Try as he might, he could not penetrate Siri's devotion to the exercise. It was her battle, her challenge. There was no room for him.

They started forward again. Obi-Wan moved slowly, reaching out to the Force to tell him where the seeker droids were flying. He heard another clang as a seeker droid hit the floor.

"Trust your partner as well as the Force," Adi called. "Aggression and competitiveness have no place in this exercise."

Obi-Wan felt Siri move slightly nearer to him.

Yet he still felt nothing from her. Another seeker droid hit the floor, and Obi-Wan's irritation crested and drove out his caution. He reached out, ignoring Siri.

Buzz, clang! A seeker droid hit the floor as he dropped to one knee and made a horizontal sweep. He rolled to his left, then swung upward. Clang!

Another droid hit the floor. Why should he wait for Siri's cooperation while she destroyed all the droids herself? He would look like a fool.

Obi-Wan twisted, lunged, and attacked again. He heard Siri's breathing and the whisper of her quick footwork as she did the same. Within minutes, the two of them had destroyed every seeker droid in the room.

Obi-Wan felt a glow of satisfaction as he removed his hood. They had defeated their opponents in record time. Siri threw back her hood and pushed her golden hair behind her ears. Her vivid blue eyes blazed with satisfaction. They bowed to each other, then turned to face their Masters.

"You have both failed the exercise," Qui-Gon said sternly.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

Here, Siri and Obi-Wan work in together to protect their friend, Davi, and the force sensitive child, Olana, against blaster fire, moving in blurs and displaying talent with ambidexterity. They are eventually cornered by several troopers and then rescued.

Surprised, the Guides fumbled for their weapons. Obi-Wan and Siri activated their lightsabers. They glowed in the dim hallway, and the Guides stopped momentarily, even more surprised. They had never seen lightsabers before.

"Stay behind us, Davi," Obi-Wan ordered.

He and Siri moved forward. This time he knew she would not fight for herself. She would fight with him, for all of them.

Blaster fire pinged around them, and their lightsabers met it, a blur of speed and motion. They covered each other and leaped high, dropped to one knee, reversed direction, changed hands, all without pausing. Protecting O-Lana and Davi was their only objective.

An alert sounded. One of the Guides must have activated it. The halls rang with a clanging alarm. Obi-Wan heard footsteps pound behind them. Soon they would be surrounded.

This way," he called. He pushed Davi and 0-Lana gently down an adjacent corridor.

The Guides followed, a mass of bodies in chromasheath armor, blasters firing. The small missiles fired by the beam tubes thudded into the walls around them. The air began to fill with smoke.

Obi-Wan and Siri pressed on. They could see the exit ahead. But Obi-Wan didn't know whether they could protect Davi and 0-Lana, continue to fight the Guides, and activate the ramp. It would take time to figure out how the ramp was operated. There was most likely some sort of key or code. Their backs would be against a wall. Siri glanced over at him, and he knew she had thought of the same problems ahead.

More Guides suddenly appeared, running down an adjacent corridor.

Obi-Wan felt sweat trickle down his back as he deflected a sudden burst of blaster fire. Would the battle end here? Would they have to surrender in order to save 0-Lana and Davi?

Just then he heard a whirr and a clicking sound. The door slid open. A ramp shot up to the surface and fresh air flooded the hall. A split second later, Qui-Gon and Adi raced down the ramp, their lightsabers activated.

With one quick glance they took in the situation, then leaped into the fray.

The Security Guides had gained confidence as their numbers increased.

But four Jedi were too much for them. Their blaster fire was deflected back relentlessly. They had to keep diving to the floor or ducking behind carts to avoid it.

Finally, they simply dropped their weapons and ran.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

He deftly attacked, slashing through the metal bodies of the droids while Siri whirled and dived, her lightsaber a blur. The young girl's footwork was impeccable.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

Siri, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia work together and effectively blitz a group of guard droids. ending in the clash "seconds"

The guard droids wheeled around the corner, blasters held high. The Jedi charged as one spinning block, lightsabers in constant motion. Qui-Gon took out two droids with one stroke. Adi flipped over the group and attacked from behind. Siri went down on one knee and came up with a mighty swing that knocked one droid over and cut the other in two. Obi-Wan went for the droids on Qui-Gon's left side, slicing the top off of one droid and burying his lightsaber in the control panel of the other.

In just seconds, it was over.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue.

Siri, Adi, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi move their sabers in blurs, then procceed to become a blur of pure movement whilst combating the droids, what's more. The Jedi accelerate their speed after moving as blurs of movement, this would suggest that Gallia, Kenobi and Tachi are moving at an incredible speed rate.

Blaster fire erupted in a flash around the Jedi.

Only the group immediately around them realized what was happening.

The partygoers on the lawn thought the flash was part of the celebrations.

They applauded as the Jedi began to spin, their lightsabers a blur.

Musicians played nearby, and the people turned toward the music.

Obi-Wan thought of the many children surrounding them. His primary objective was to contain the battle so that they would not be injured by stray blaster fire. He knew the others had the same thought.

The droids stayed in formation, wheeling to attack and then regrouping. Uta S'orn slipped off her seat of honor and disappeared into the crowd.

The Jedi did not need to confer on strategy. Along with protecting the Belascans in the garden, they had to get to Uta S'orn's quarters. They formed a tight circle to deflect the blaster fire and attack the royal droids. As they fought, they moved steadily forward, fanning out to break the strict formation of the guards.

"Cover me," Qui-Gon said tersely.

Adi, Siri, and Obi-Wan stepped up the attack. They were a blur of movement now, moving together, covering one another and then reversing to deliver a furious attack on the droids.

Obi-Wan reached out to Adi and Siri, catching the rhythm of their battle strategy. Adi relied on Siri's quick footwork and gymnastic leaps.

Siri depended on Adi's dazzling lightsaber action. Together, they were an amazing pair.

But even as they littered the grounds with broken droids, more arrived in what seemed to be a never-ending stream. They poured out of the palace guard room, blaster rifles pointed at the Jedi.

Fighting battle droids had its own challenges. Their weakness was the same as their strength: They did not think. They responded to stimulus.

They saw beings as targets to be destroyed. Their complicated wiring could be compromised by one good blow. Yet their accuracy was impeccable.

Even as he fought, Obi-Wan kept in mind that Qui-Gon had run into the palace alone. He would meet Ona Nobis there. He remembered with alarm how Qui-Gon had not been able to clear the fence earlier. Qui-Gon needed backup.

He knew Adi was thinking the same thing. Without a word or a glance, they accelerated their drive with a furious series of volleys. They pushed forward until they were at the entrance to the palace.

Obi-Wan launched a quick reversal, sweeping up with his lightsaber, then leaping and twisting in midair to come down behind the droids. He attacked from behind, leveling four with two blows. Meanwhile, Adi and Siri slipped inside the palace. Obi-Wan leaped again, this time landing on the threshold of the entrance. With a backward kick that sent a droid flying, he raced inside.

The palace was dim after the blazing lights of the festival outside.

Obi-Wan sensed rather than saw movement. Adi and Siri were heading up a grand staircase.

"This way," Adi called to him as she ran.

Obi-Wan started for the stairs. Suddenly, blaster fire erupted near him. Chips of stone flew from the step where his foot had been. He turned to attack, but his balance was slightly off. He knew his countermove would be clumsy.

He saw a blur near his shoulder. Siri had leaped from the top stair.

She twisted in midair, holding her lightsaber high. As she came down, she sliced off the head of a royal guard droid.

"Thanks," Obi-Wan said.


—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

Siri combats the infamous Bounty hunter, Ona Norbis, who had outwitted and fought against Qui-Gon Jinn and held her own against Obi-Wan. Here, Siri fights her-presumably for a respectable stint. But she is unable to beat her. Obi-Wan comes to rescue and the two work together to drive the Bounty hunter back.

He saw the pale violet glow of Siri's lightsaber. Her back was to the roof wall. Ona Nobis had her cornered. The laser whip wrapped around Siri's lightsaber, nearly wrenching it from her grasp. Siri placed her other hand on the hilt and held on, but she stumbled. Ona Nobis withdrew the blaster from the holster strapped to her thigh.

Obi-Wan charged, even as he reached out a hand to direct the Force.

He could not count on his ability to move objects. But the Force surged this time, knocking the blaster from Ona Nobis's hand and sending her staggering slightly from surprise.

Obi-Wan did not stop, but leaped and twisted in order to come at Nobis from her other side, leaving Siri free to regroup.

The whip furled and his lightsaber hit it with a sizzle. Smoke curled upward. He twisted the lightsaber to release it. Ona Nobis reached for her second blaster.

Siri gripped her lightsaber and advanced. Sweat soaked her hair and tunic. Grimly she swung at Ona Nobis but the bounty hunter twisted away.

"Come on, children," Ona Nobis spoke at last. She bared her teeth.

"You can do better."

Obi-Wan catapulted forward. He worked in tandem with Siri now, the two of them flanking the bounty hunter. This time when she furled her whip he leaped high to meet it, corkscrewing his lightsaber around and around so that the whip would tangle momentarily. He knew that Siri would take the opportunity to attack.

Blaster fire pinged next to him. It was very close. He hung in the air, holding on to the whip, every muscle straining.

She tried to twist the whip out of his grasp. Her strength was extraordinary. He felt his wrist wrench and he began to fall. The whip spiraled out, free again. He used his fall to twist one more time and surprise her with a roundhouse kick. Her second blaster flew from her hand and she let out a howl of rage.

Siri bounded forward to join him as he landed. Now they had her cornered. She restored the whip to normal mode and sent it flying high to wrap around a drainpipe nearby.

He saw that she meant to escape. She never stayed if she felt she was losing. She pulled herself up and over Obi-Wan and Siri, using the whip to propel herself high above their heads. For a moment her body hung motionless in the dark night sky.

She was holding on with one hand. What was she doing with the other?

"Siri, watch out!" Obi-Wan cried, as a third blaster appeared in Ona Nobis's hand.

At that moment, Adi charged through the door to the roof. She leaped high, slashing at the bounty hunter's whip. She neatly sliced it in two.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Dangerous Rescue

Siri, Obi-Wan and Ry Gaul deal with a squad of droidekas with heavy armor shielding, the Jedi make short work of them and Siri displays her talent with Shien.

Fligh dived behind the sleep couch as the Jedi ignited their lightsabers. The droidekas unfurled and snapped into attack position, blaster bolts firing. Obi-Wan's lightsaber was an arc of moving light, deflecting the shower of blaster fire. Beside him Siri's lightsaber swung in a continuous arc of precise movement, with Siri's two-handed grip and her graceful footwork. Ry-Gaul did not move. He did not need to. His long arms were a blur in the air as his lightsaber shifted from hand to hand.

The three-legged droidekas were built for battle and close to invincible but these droidekas weren't shielded. Their heavy armor shells and volts of firepower as well as their maneuverability made them capable of cutting down opponents with fearsome efficiency.

It wasn't as though their power alarmed Obi-Wan. But he still was not especially pleased to see them. There were twelve of them, so he was glad to have Ry-Gaul and Siri by his side.

The air filled with smoke as the blaster bolts zinged, but the Jedi deflected them and struck blow after blow at the heavy armor plates on the droids. Because the doorway was narrow, the droidekas began firing through the wall itself, quickly tearing gaping holes in the structure. After a sweep from Siri's lightsaber, one droideka smoked and fell, and another, its legs gone, bobbled and spun until it crashed against a wall. Obi-Wan sliced a droideka in two and sent one piece flying over the sleep couch and crashing into the wall. Fligh shrieked as pieces of hot metal rained down on him.

Droidekas had control centers, not brains. They could not feel fear or apprehension. The amazing skill of the Jedi was lost on them. They continued to advance and fire, continued to evade by rolling themselves into balls and repositioning themselves to fire again. Time after time they attacked, and time after time the Jedi struck blow after blow until the harsh smoke and the heat caused Fligh to have a coughing fit. The Jedi did not react to the smoke. Their minds and bodies were focused on battle, and nothing else mattered but the moment. Suddenly all three Jedi exchanged a glance. They leaped back as the flimsy wall collapsed on the remaining droidekas. Ry-Gaul, Obi-Wan, and Siri finished the rest off, disabling them with lightsaber thrusts. At last the droidekas lay around them in pieces.

—Jedi Quest: The Dangerous Games

Here, working along side Obi-Wan, Ry-Gaul and the Legendary Soara Antana. Siri and her comrades push back a vicious assault on Korriban.

Obi-Wan quickly assessed the attack. The first and second lines were made up of dwarf spider droids and homing spider droids, skittering toward the Jedi with laser tracking devices sending thin blue lines bisecting the space between them. Behind the droids were the army troops, locals dressed in full plastoid armor with battlefield helmets. The sophistication of the force was surprising. Obi-Wan wondered why the Commerce Guild needed such an awesome security operation. The blaster fire from the spider droids was fast and accurate. They marched on spindly legs toward the Jedi. Obi-Wan and Siri moved forward, lightsabers moving like pinwheels of glowing light, cutting down the first droids who moved forward to engage them. They had fought together so many times that they had learned how to merge their styles. Siri was the flash, Obi-Wan the strategist. He set her up, and she closed the deal. He maneuvered, she struck. They moved faster than the droids could track, and, with Soara entering from the other side, they mowed down the first two lines easily.

Soara was a renowned fighter, and Obi-Wan always appreciated a chance to watch her technique. She was a fluid force, moving like wind and water. Each stroke of her lightsaber was calculated, yet there seemed to be no calculation in her style. There was only movement. She took out five droids with one steady arc, knocking off their heads and sending the metal clanging to the stone floor.

Smoke filled the air and drifted to the vast space above. Deflected blaster bolts shot back at the startled officers, who found it hard to hold their line. They soon realized that they were not dealing with straggly thieves with a few blasters in their belts. They grabbed blaster rifles off the holsters

strapped to their backs and fired. Two dozen of them advanced, while the third wave of droids moved in. Obi-Wan began to break into a sweat. He did not see the possibility of defeat, but the last thing he needed was to get clipped by blaster fire and have to deal with a wound while chasing Omega.

Then, from behind the officers, Ry-Gaul appeared out of the shadows. His silver-gray lightsaber hummed as he held it straight for a moment in front of him, gauging what he was up against. He moved quickly for his size, rather like Qui-Gon had, his grace surprising while his great strength never flagged.

The officers who turned to engage him couldn't get away fast enough. The remaining squad took one look at three Jedi to the front and one to the rear and began to retreat, firing as they did so.They let them go.

—Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown

Here, Siri Tachi and her fellow Padawan, Obi-Wan hold off a large group of heavily armed pirates. though the pirates do eventually leave them after capturing the boy named, Taly.

They felt the shock of the landing craft hitting the loading bay. They heard the pounding of boots. Many, many boots. They heard the clack clack clack of droids. Obi-Wan glanced at Siri. He saw the same knowledge in her eyes. They didn't have to see them. They were too many.

They raced forward. Surprise was their only ally. They burst through the doors, into the thick of it - row after row of heavily armed pirates. They were a mangy group, all species, all sizes. What they had in common was weaponry and greed. Their faces were painted in bright colors, their beltshung with trophies from their many captures. He had never seen such a collection of fierce, ugly beings.

The corridor filled with smoke as small rocket fire ripped holes in the walls and thudded into the floors. Metal peeled back like durasheets. Obi-Wan supposed that this was their warning shot, because the pirates didn't move.

A squat, powerful being walked forward. His thick black hair hung to his waist."What do we have here? Jedi? Ha! What luck! Do you know there's a bounty out for you?" But he wasn't looking at Siri and Obi-Wan. He was looking at Taly.

Siri sprang forward. She was all energy, like a pulsating beam of light. The pirates fired, blasters and blaster rifles, rockets and darts.She flowed and struck and moved and rolled and leaped. Fire singed her tunic and did not slow her down. Obi-Wan felt sweat dampen his back as he struck again and again, knocking droids down, evading the pirate fire, and always, always, keeping himself between the attacking troops and Taly. He was not tiring, not yet, but he could feel the hopelessness of the situation. Still, he had promised Taly not to surrender, and he would not. And then, suddenly, over the thud of rockets and ping of blaster fire, he heard a scream.

"No! Take me!" Taly ran through the fire. Amazingly, he was not hit. Coughing from the smoke, he yelled, "Take me, you cowards!"

"Taly, no!" Siri yelled.

"I can't let you die for me!" Taly called to them as a pirate swept him up and threw him back. The pirates roared as they tossed him like a toy, farther and farther back, to the end of the line. The last pirate holding Taly ran, while the others kept up a steady barrage at Siri and Obi-Wan.

Retreating, the pirates kept up the intense fire. Siri and Obi-Wan could not get to Taly. The pirates leaped onto the ship and took off into space with Taly, leaving Obi-Wan and Siri aboard a smoking, dying ship.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi

Force Abilities

Force Augmentation/Speed/strength

"Let's run the course as fast as we can," Obi-Wan suggested. "The sooner our five scores are recorded, the more free time we'll have."

Obi-Wan and Siri ran easily side by side. Within seconds, they were ahead of the pack. They reached the first station, a narrow beam suspended several meters above the ground.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

"Excuse me, Guide O-Bin." The soft-spoken girl named O-lris spoke up.

"V-Obi and O-Siri completed the course that fast. I saw them leap up on the durasteel wall."

"And I saw them navigate the twisting beam in only three seconds,"

another boy said. "No one has ever done that."

"They were already through the first lap while I was only a third through the first," someone else said.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

The students lined up to follow. Many glanced at Obi-Wan and Siri, speculation in their eyes. Obi-Wan had not foreseen that their prowess on the rec course would gain them more attention.

Obviously, no one had ever run the course so fast.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

"They say they are not of our world," 0-lris said. "You call them liars. Yet we saw how they ran the course. No one on Kegan has that kind of skill."

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

Blaster fire pinged around them[Obi-Wan and Siri], and their lightsabers met it, a blur of speed and motion.

—Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

Mind Trick

Anakin knew what was in her mind.

He felt the Force gather in the room. It was powerful, and he admired Siri's grasp of it. She turned her attention back to Aga Culpa and passed a hand in front of his face.

"Contact the Nar Shaddaa slave guards. if there is a revolt, order them to do nothing."

"I will order them to do nothing. I will contact the guards." Aga Culpa's voice was toneless, but the mind suggestion had worked. On such a weak will as Culpa's, it had been easy.

—Jedi Quest: Path to Truth

Lightsaber Throw

Anakin saw a sudden flash of blue. A lightsaber danced in the air and came down, slicing expertly through the thick slabs of stone. The movement was so fast that a tiny curl of smoke was the only evidence of the lightsaber's trail. The slabs dissolved into rocks and dust. The Phlog howled as one of the stone pieces fell on his foot.

"That should slow you down a minute." Jedi Knight Siri's tone was pleasant, but it rang with the shimmer of durasteel.

—Jedi Quest: The Dangerous Games


In this fight, Siri, Obi-Wan, Ry-Gaul and their respective padawans fight a great number of Vanqor guards.

Vanqor guards were armed with blaster rifles, wrist rockets,and stun batons. The Jedi advanced as a solid flank that broke and reformed as they leaped and twisted, using their lightsabers and occasionally Force-pushing a Vanqor guard who decided today was his day to seek glory. Instead he ended up with a throbbing skull as he was thrown against a wall.

—Jedi Quest: The Moment of Truth.

Here, Siri, Ferus Olin, Obi-Wan and Anakin use the force against a criminal army. This like the quote above is a feat shared between them all.

The Jedi moved, leading the charge, deflecting fire when they could and Force-pushing the troops away.

—Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard

Obi-Wan and Anakin leaped at the same instant that Siri gave Helina a Force-push that sent her sprawling. The codebreaker slid away on the polished floor.

—Star Wars: Secrets of The Jedi

Force Sense

"Good. Siri has an extraordinary sensitivity to Force warnings," Adi told Qui-Gon. "She's gotten us out of quite a few tight spots."

—Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi(Adi Gallia)

No Caption Provided


All in all, Siri is a fairly powerful Jedi who-at least in my opinion, is more or less on par with her own master. She has incredible skill with Ataru and is capable enough with Shien to use it correctly and with ease. Her force powers leave something to be desired, however her Force augmentation is impressive and highly advanced especially for a Padawan. Overall, Siri is an extremely skilled duelist and a speedy fighter. She may not be extremely powerful like the greatest females of the Star Wars mythos. But she is strong, talented and versatile all the things that maker her, Siri Tachi.

Well guys, this is my second completed respect thread of the new year. It was awesome to read through Jedi Quest, and to get to know Siri as well. I honestly don't know where exactly to rank her, but in my humble opinion she's not that far from Gallia. But anyway guys, thanks for reading my respect thread, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. So long, take care and I'll see you all next time.

Big thanks to my droogie, Emperordmb for beta reading this. I am very happy that he complied :)



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A very comprehensive thread on a character who did not receive nearly as many appearances as she deserved.

Another thing to note is that she achieved the rank of Jedi Master some time before her death at the age of 33, which indicates that she kept pace with Obi Wan's development fairly well.

She also piloted one of the starfighters that was charged with protecting the space transports during the Battle of Geonosis (which indicates a high level of piloting skill, especially given that she was assigned there in spite of her impressive lightsaber skills).