Depa Billaba Respect Thread.

"She grew to girlhood in the Temple, and to womanhood as my Padawan. The proudest moment of my life was the day I stood and directed the Jedi Council to welcome its newest member." —Mace Windu

This is the largest collection of Depa Billaba accolades and feats: Respect the Vaapad prodigy

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"Your bravery is legendary Master Billaba..."

—Star Wars: Emissaries & Assassins(Quinlan Vos)

And he(Yoda) had given a demonstration. Three members of the council—Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and Depa Billaba, excellent fighters all..

—Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

"She is one of the youngest Jedi ever to be named to the Council"

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"On the day of her elevation, Yoda suggested that it was my teaching that had brought her so far while still so young.

He said this, I think, more from courtesy than from honesty; she came so far while still so young because she is who she is. My teaching had little to do with it. I have never met anyone like her."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"Member of the Jedi Council, she is. Powerful Jedi. Brilliant warrior-"

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Yoda)

"She's right." He lifted his head from his hands. "I have to go after her. Alone."

Palpatine's eyebrows twitched. "That seems. unwise."

"Concur with Chancellor Palpatine, I do," Yoda said slowly. "Great risks there would be. Too valuable you are. Send others, we should."

"There is no one else who can do this."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Yoda and Mace Windu)

Yoda's head came up, and his eyes opened, gleaming at the Supreme Chancellor. "If rogue she has gone. to find her, difficult it will be. To apprehend her." His voice dropped, as though the words caused him pain. "Dangerous, that will be."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Yoda)

"If she must be. stopped," he said at length, "I may be the only one who can do that, too."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"On that day in Nar Shaddaa, she showed me blade work that surpassed my own; she had continued to grow and study and progress in Vaapad as well as the Force."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"It had been years since she had passed her Trials of Knighthood; she had long been a Jedi Master, and a member of the Council.."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"As Jedi Knights, we were unbeatable."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu

One of Mace's numerous apprentices was the Chalactan Jedi Depa Billaba. Under his skilled tutelage, Billaba became a remarkable Jedi, ascending to rank of Master herself and earning a place on the Jedi Council beside her former Master.

—Star Wars: Databanks(Mace Windu)

"She said there was nothing more dangerous than a Jedi who'd finally gone sane.

I think she is dangerous."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"A dream," he[Mace Windu] heard himself murmur. "A dream." Vaster gestured for him to mount up. Dream she may be, but refuse her summons and you will learn how swiftly dream turns to nightmare.

Mace climbed into the saddle without telling the lorpelek that he already knew.

—Star Was: Shatterpoint

And now he was a meter away from being face to face with her: his Padawan: his protegee:

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

"Kar's power comes from natural instinct-but he is also ruled by instinct, in a way no Jedi ever is. A single Jedi who succumbs to his natural drives for power, for respect, for success or revenge, could do damage that is literally unimaginable."

"Mace," Depa interrupted me softly, "are we still talking about Kar? Or is this about Dooku?"

Or, I wondered silently, was it about her.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

Everyone we passed-everyone we saw- There was no cheering, or even shouts; the welcome she got was more profound than anything that can be expressed by voice.

A woman, huddled against a sweating stone wall, caught sight of Depa, and pushed herself forward, and her face might have been a flower opening toward the sun. Depa's mere presence brought light to her eyes, and strength to her legs. The woman struggled to rise, pulling herself up the tunnel wall then leaning upon it for support, and she stretched a hand toward us, and when Depa gave her a nod of acknowledgment, the woman's hand closed to catch Depa's gaze from the air; she pressed that closed hand to her breast as though that one simple glance was precious.


As though it was exactly the one thing she needed to keep on living

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

And that's what our welcome here was: that woman, multiplied by thousands. The warriors and the wounded. The aged. The sick and the infirm, the children- Depa is more than a Jedi to them. Not a goddess-Force-users themselves, they are not easily impressed by Jedi powers. She is, I think, a totem. She is to them what a Jedi should be to everyone, but writ so large upon their hearts that it has become a form of madness.

She is their hope.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

"You think things are bad here? Okay, sure: they're bad. Not just here here. The whole highland. Bad enough. But you got no idea what it was before Depa-y'know, we're not the bad guys here."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Nick Rostu)

Depa progressed well in her training and became the young Master's Padawan.

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

Her time on Chalacta turned out to be a great bonus to Depa. She benefited from the contemplative practices and methodical problem solving of her people. These attributes, together with her loyalty, bravery and wisdom, made her a noble Jedi...

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

They went on to discover the source of the Animal smuggling deep in the bowels of the Hutt moon, where they were forced to battle deranged Akk Dogs. Once again, Depa had proven herself worthy of her place on the Jedi Council

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

Billaba quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order on account of her loyalty, bravery and wisdom and became a valued member of the Jedi Council. Her abilities proved vital in a number of key missions, including the rescue of her Master, Mace Windu, on Nar Shaddaa

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

As well as inspiring the Order as whole, Windu was responsible for teaching many Padawans. Some of these, such as Depa Billaba, became powerful Jedi in their own right.

—Star Wars: Fact File #8 Version 3

Lightsaber Mastery

Credit to PileofSith
Credit to PileofSith

Depa Billaba is stated to be a Master of Vaapad in various sources. In the Shatterpoint novel, she is continuously praised as second only to Mace Windu, a man who studied several forms before the creation of Vaapad. Because of this, and the fact that a practitioner of Juyo/Vaapad was required to study and learn various Lightsaber forms, we would be right in assuming that Depa has knowledge of various forms, among them, Vaapad, Shien, and Jar'Kai.. This further supported by the fact, that Depa is stated to know everything about Mace's style, a man who is a master of every single jedi fighting style(as stated in The Revised SW core sourcebook).thus further expanding her knowledge of Lightsaber combat. now, let's get on with the show.

Here, Depa Billaba moves her blade in an invisible blur, blocking blaster fire and killing multiple mercenaries.

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Through sheer strength Depa pounds a Mutated Akk dog to the ground, this is most impressive considering these beasts were described as "Giants" in the Shatterpoint novel where they also stated that normal Akk dogs were the size of landspeeders, her strength is quite impressive.

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and does again.

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I had come to Nar Shaddaa to track down exotic-animal smugglers who had sold attack- trained akk dogs to the Red laro terrorists of Lannik-and Depa had followed me to the Smugglers' Moon because she had suspected I might need her help. How right she was: even together, we barely survived. It was a terrible fight, against mutated giant akks for the amusement of the Circus Horrificus patrons- But remembering it in the jungle, I found that my eyes filled with tears.

On that day in Nar Shaddaa, she showed me blade work that surpassed my own; she had continued to grow and study and progress in Vaapad as well as the Force.

She made me so very proud.

It had been years since she had passed her Trials of Knighthood; she had long been a Jedi Master, and a member of the Council; but for that one day, we had again been Mace and Depa, Master and Padawan, pitting the lethal efficiency of Vaapad against the worst the galaxy could throw at us. We fought as we had so many times: a perfectly integrated unit, augmenting each other's strengths, countering each other's weaknesses, and on that day it seemed we should have never done anything else. As Jedi Knights, we were unbeatable. As Masters, members of the Council- What have we won? Anything?

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

Depa Billaba is regarded as a "master" of Vaapad

Her voice echoed inside him: Nothing is more dangerous than a Jedi who's finally sane, but he said only- "She is a master of Vaapad." In the silence that followed, he studied the folds and wrinkles of his interlaced fingers, focusing his attention into his visual field to hold at bay dark dream-ghosts of Depa's blade flashing toward Jedi necks

."Vaapad?" Palpatine repeated, eventually. Perhaps he'd grown tired of waiting for someone to explain. "Isn't that some kind of animal?"

"A predator of Sarapin," Yoda supplied gravely. "Also the nickname it is, given by students, for the seventh form of lightsaber combat."

"Hmp. I've always heard there are only six." "Six there were, for generations of Jedi. The seventh. is not well known. A powerful form it is. Deadliest of all. But dangerous it is-to its master, as well as its opponent. Few have studied. One student alone to mastery has risen."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Palpatine, Mace and Yoda)

Depa's mastery of Vaapad makes her virtually unbeatable in personal combat..

—Star Wars Shatterpoint

Even in a training match, Depa Billaba moves with incredible speed.

Mace took a deep breath, finding himself once more looking at his hands, through his hands, seeing only an image in his mind, sharp as a dream: lightsaber against lightsaber in the Temple's training halls, the green flash of Depa's blade seeming to come from everywhere at once.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Mace and Depa deflect blaster fire.

Nor could the gunships stand off and pound her in a laserfire duel; not only did her every shot rock their ships, spoiling their target locks, but she was defended by a Korun man and a Chalactan woman who handled Jedi energy blades as though they'd been born with them in hand.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Together Depa and Kar vastor deflect a great deal of blaster fire away.

Outside, the other two gunships from the flight were heeling around, turrets sparking as their laser cannons tracked toward him. Depa and Kar crouched in front of the head of the ankkox, battering away a flood of blaster fire.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Depa moves faster than the eye could follow and displays her prowess with the blade.

Depa sprang into the open, blade flashing faster than the eye could follow, making herself a standing target to draw fire that she splashed back at their attackers while the others scrambled to their feet.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Here Depa display a talent for Jar'Kai and blaster redirection as she deflects the fire of a gunship back at it and destroys it.

"Depa." Her eyes opened.

His lightsaber leaped from its pocket within his vest and shot toward her like a bullet.

Her empty hand met it in midair; her pain-glazed eyes lost focus. He felt her in the Force: a sinking surrender like an exhausted swimmer drowning in a rising tide.

Slipping into Vaapad.

Eyes closed once more, she gave one slight nod.

Mace keyed a sequence on the pilot console. The open door stayed open. The troop door on the opposite side dropped open as well.

Particle beams streaked into the troop bay.

Both blades flashed.

The gunships outside bucked under the impact of their own can-nonfire. On one, a turbojet engine blasted loose of its mount and tumbled away, bouncing down the mountainside trailing smoke and white-hot shreds of its cowling, and the gunship spun half out of control. The other gunship took its cannon blasts directly in the cockpit.

The transparisteel windscreen of a Sienar Turbostorm was thick and very durable; most kinds of shrapnel or fragments wouldn't scratch it. Even heavy-caliber bullets would leave only dents. A quad laser bolt could make a hole. One did.

The next five went through that hole.

The gunship spiralled into the jungle, its cockpit full of shredded flesh.

Depa opened her eyes.

They smoked with darkness.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Depa showcases her speed by slaughtering 24 men in less than a minute.

Mace's jaw hardened. He found his balance again, and stepped over their tangled lifeless legs to move deeper into the bay.

All of the corpses in the troop bay wore the militia Graylite body armor; most of the armor had been burned through in several places by close-range blaster bolts. Mace could too easily imagine inexperienced militia men-boys-turning their weapons on Depa as she moved from the cockpit into the bay. The effect of opening fire with energy weapons, point-blank upon a master of Vaapad, was mutely testified to by every charred ring around a finger-sized hole in the armor, and by the burned and lifeless flesh beneath.

Between surprise, panic, and cramped quarters, half of them had probably shot each other.

Several of the bodies bore the characteristic blackened gapes of lightsaber wounds, instantly cauterized by the blade that had opened them. Depa's handling of the ball-turret gunners had been more elegant than Mace's; brutally efficient, she had simply stabbed directly through the durasteel of the hatches, killing the men in their chairs.

The corpses still sat there, dead hands locked around the dual grips of their quads.

And, of course, the smell: seared flesh and ozone.

There was no blood. No blood at all.

Every single one of these men had been dead before she'd ever picked up Chalk and Kar Vaster. Twenty-four men.

In less than a minute.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Mace states that Depa Billaba knows all there is to know about his style, implying that she holds knowledge of every form that Mace had studied and learned.

Of course she had anticipated him: she knew all there was to know about his style. She'd known exactly what his target had to be, and she hadn't been cutting into the chamber below in order to help activate the transceiver.

—Star Wars Shatterpoint.

Before we continue to what is perhaps, Depa's most impressive feat, I'd like to point out several things that show, that show that Mace was not the only one who was hindered by during their battle.

"He says she has nightmares-that screams from her tent tear through the camp. He says no one ever sees her eat-that she's wasting away as though something inside is instead eating her. He says she has headaches that painkillers cannot touch, and sometimes cannot leave her tent for days at a time."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Mace did not need to ask by whom. "Where is she?"

An hour's ride ahead. Resting in her hoiadah. She no longer walks

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu and Kar Vastor)

"Depa tottered to her feet. "Mace." Her voice trickled off into a whimper of pain; she lowered her head and clenched her jaw, pulling herself together by sheer willpower. "Mace, we can't let the militia kill those people. Your people-"

"My people," said Mace Windu, "are Jedi." He lifted his head, and he didn't look beaten at all. "Nick." Nick Rostu looked up from the console where he was huddled with a pair of troopers, and his eyes sparkled. "Got him. The Ministry of Justice. Pegged him with his own bloody satellites!" Depa looked stunned; Kar Vastor's face birthed a predatory grin.

Mace nodded. "Depa. Time to fight. Are you strong enough?" She passed a hand before her face, and her gaze sharpened for a moment, but then she sagged, holding herself up with one hand while the other pressed against her temple. "I–I think so, Mace-but it's too, too-there's so much." The ragged exhaustion in her voice twisted in his stomach like a knife. "All right. Stay here." "No-no, I can fight-" "Perhaps you can. But I can't, while I know that you're about to collapse. You're staying."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Depa Billaba, however, did have the advantage of drawing of the power surge that she got from the deaths of the Akk Guards. However. during their intial clash, Depa is unamped by the Akk Guards. Though it should be noted that Depa did stab her master through the stomach prior to engaging in the duel. With that out of the way. we move on to Depa's greatest feat, fighting her fellow Jedi master and former teacher, Mace Windu

The answer to his question was a lightsaber's emitter jammed against his belly.

Mace had time to think blankly: Oh. Not dead. Faking.


She screamed as she triggered her blade. And kept screaming as its green fire chewed a tunnel through Mace's guts and speared out his back. His hand seized hers instinctively, locking her blade against his body so that she could not kill him by slashing it free. His own blade ignited-But he could not strike her. Even now. Not here, so close he could kiss her instead; not while her scream spiraled up into a shriek; not while he had to look into her wide staring eyes and see no hate or rage but only stark agony.

He was going to have to do this the hard way.

He struck downward into the pit beside them, his blade slicing out a lopsided ellipse of armor plate that dropped into darkness below and clanged to an unseen floor.

"Geptun!" he roared. "NOW!"

Flashes of battle:

- shadows fleeing the bunker as swarms of screaming electric blue blaster bolts rebounding off walls shoot them to rags-- a flood of troopers spreading into a wave through the doorway, weapons gouting lightning-colored energy, Geptun in the middle of them, head down and running, datapad cradled like a baby in his arms-- a buzzing shield of silver flame that sliced through a blaster rifle so that it exploded and took with it the trooper's hands-These images burned in Mace's brain as he fought for his life against the woman who should have been his daughter.

He brought his blade back up from the pit and turned his wrist on the forehand so that his recovery stroke took her in the temple with his lightsaber's butt. Her fingers slipped off the blade's activation plate and it shrank back down through his body. She howled and punched his eyesocket with her free hand, but Mace got his foot wedged between them and he shoved her away with a powerful thrust.

At the same instant both of them backflipped into the air, landing on their feet poised in perfect mirror images, their blades whipping in identically curving slashes almost too fast to see.

Blaster bolts howled around them. The air crackled with streaks and splatters of energy. Their blades flickered and whipped and no bolt touched their flesh.

Their eyes never left each other's.

Something had torn in his guts when he did the backflip. Smoke trickled upward from the hole in his belly. He could smell it, but he felt no pain. Not yet. His blade whirred through the air.

Hers whirred faster. She advanced.

The slashes never stopped. They would never stop. They flowed one into the next with liquid precision.

This constant near-invisible weave of lethal energy is the ready-stance of Vaapad.

"Depa," Mace said desperately. "I don't want to fight you. Depa, please-"

She sprang at him, screaming without words; he couldn't know if she'd heard him. He couldn't know if language still had meaning for her.

Then she was on him. His whole world turned to green fire.


Depa's blade was everywhere.

Mace backpedaled, parrying frantically, absorbing the shock of her attacks with bent arms and a two-handed grip. He was taller than she, with more reach and weight, and vastly more muscle in his upper body, but she drove him backward as though he were a child. Green flame struck through his guard, and only a frantic jerk of his head turned what would have been a brain-burning thrust into a line of char along his cheekbone.

Still he did not strike back.

"I will not kill you," he said. "Death is not the answer to your pain."

Her reply was a scream louder and more savage and an onslaught to match. She broke through his guard again and scorched his wrist. Another stroke burned a slice through his pants leg just above the knee.

Power roared around her, a rising storm of darkness.

Mace got it now: as each Akk Guard died, his share of pelekotan backflowed through the bonds Vaster had forged among them.

She was getting stronger.

And with each stroke of her blade, he could feel himself slipping into the shadows. He had to. She was too strong, too fast, too everything. The only way he could survive was to give more of himself to Vaapad. To give all of himself.

To sink into pelekotaris dream.

He felt it: he had reached his own shatterpoint. And he was breaking.


Through the trace of Force connection he had with Nick, Mace felt the young Korun collapse. Something broke inside his head, and all his own wounds crashed upon him.

Every cut and bruise, every cracked bone and sprained joint, the man-bite on his shoulder and the hole through his guts: all of them blossomed into silent screams.

His lightsaber went heavy, and his arms went slow. She burned a stripe across his chest, and he staggered.

His fighting spirit wasn't destroyed. It wasn't even far away. He could feel where it had gone. He could reach out and touch it.

It was waiting for him in the dark.


In the Force, Mace felt Geptun's despair. It felt like a gift.

Another man might even have smiled.

He took one last look at the darkness that called to him-Darkness within mirroring darkness without-And turned away.

He let his blade vanish. His arms dropped to his sides.

Depa moved in for the kill.

Mace backed away.

She leaped for him, slashing, and he slipped aside. She pressed her attack and he retreated, over bodies and through blaster-riddled wreckage of console banks, until he came hard up against a console that still had power: indicator lights flashed like droid eyes in the gloom.

The blade of green fire whirled up, poised, and struck.

He let himself collapse.

He fell to the floor at her feet, and instead of cleaving his skull, her blade slashed the console behind him in half. Cables spat blue sparks across the burned gap.

This was the console that controlled the spaceport's signal-jamming equipment.

Down in the transceiver chamber, Geptun stared at his datapad's screen with astonished reverence, conscious of having been unexpectedly granted undeserved grace.


In the skies over Pelek Baw, as the snowcap on Grandfather's Shoulder kindled with the first red rays of dawn, droid starfighters disengaged from clone-piloted ships and streaked back into the depths of space.

In the command bunker, the swirl of dark power crested, paused, and began to recede.

Mace lay on the floor. He didn't think he could get up. Depa stared down at him, her face lit jungle-green by the glow of her blade, and a single needle of light seemed to pierce the dark madness in her eyes. "Oh, Mace..."

—Star Wars Shatterpoint.

Here, Depa is considered to be a great swordbeing even years after her battle with Mace, and is considered to be a peer of Mace Windu.

There is an understated elegance in Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber technique, one that is quite unlike the feel one might get from great swordbeings of the Jedi Order. He lack entirely the flash, the pure bold elan of an Anakin Skywalker; there is no where in him the penumbral ferocity of a Mace Windu or a Depa Billaba nor the stylish grace of a Shaak Ti or a Dooku and he is nothing resembling the whirlwind of destruction that Yoda could become

—Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Novelization

She proved her worth in combat when the Jedi party was attacked by members of the Nebula Front Terrorist group.

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

He also developed a new fighting style, elements of which he passed on to his more capable students

—Star Wars: Fact File #8 Version 3

Force Powers

Force Strength

"Your bravery is legendary Master Billaba— as is your devotion to the Force."

Star Wars: Emissaries & Assassins(Quinlan Vos)

"... she had continued to grow and study and progress in Vaapad as well as the Force."

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint(Mace Windu)

When Master Windu realized she was strong in the Force, he brought her to Coruscant to be raised within the walls of the Jedi Temple

—Power of the Jedi Source Book

The Force runs strong in Billaba's family, and a close relative of hers is also a Jedi Knight.

—Star Wars: Databanks(Depa Billaba)

Mace sensed that the girl was strong in the Force and decided that she should return with him to Coruscant and train as a Jedi.

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

Her time on Chalacta turned out to be a great bonus to Depa. She benefited from the contemplative practices and methodical problem solving of her people. These attributes, together with her loyalty, bravery and wisdom, made her a noble Jedi, and she was quickly recognized as one of the most enlighten of her generation.

—Star Wars: Fact File #131

Force Augmentation/Valor/Speed

"You are my business here.""Exactly. Exactly!" She snatched his wrist and yanked him[Mace Windu] down toward her with astonishing strength

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Depa sprang into the open, blade flashing faster than the eye could follow

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Mace worked the controls grimly to hold the ship nose-up as it slid backward toward the ground. "Right or left?" Depa said, "Left," and then she dived straight up into the sky through the cockpit's open front, tucking into a ball to tumble through the falling gunship's slipstream turbulence.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Just before he overtook them, Mace saw the left-hand gunship spearing downward against the thrust of reversed engines, twisting into a spiral evasive action to avoid colliding with Depa- And he felt the surge in the Force that drove her directly into its path.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Every single one of these men had been dead before she'd ever picked up Chalk and Kar Vaster. Twenty-four men.

In less than a minute.

Her blades took it just below the windscreen and drove in to the handgrips, and the rushing airstream around the gunship's nose flipped her over and whipped her up across the cockpit, dragging her blades through the transparisteel to slice free a huge gaping arc.

—Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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New Canon Section

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Due to Star Wars: Rebels being an ongoing series and because of future Star Wars novels that will not doubt come out in the near future, this section is subject to change and will be updated accordingly.


"I can see that....but give no credit to the Clones--The Jedi's leadership was more effective than anticipated."

—Star Wars: Kanan — The Last Padawan(General Kleeve)

Depa Billaba had fought to protect him-and he fought to protect her. She died. He fled She died so he could flee, but to what end? What did she hope for him?

—Star Wars: A New Dawn

He wished Master Depa Billaba was still around to give him advice. She had been a Jedi Master of great wisdom and would know how best to teach Ezra.

—Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Duel with Danger

Lightsaber Mastery

Depa Billaba, and Caleb Dume(Kanan Jarrus) defeat B1 Droids easily

Read from right to left.

Depa moves with incredible speed, creating a windmill of light with her blade and protecting her Padawan, Caleb Dume.

Read from right to left.

The Inquisitor is able to deduce that Kanan trained under Depa Billaba by judging his apparent unique Form III Fighting Style, implying that Depa was a renown Form III specialist.

The Inquisitor: "Interesting. It seems you've trained with Jedi master, Depa Billaba"

Kanan Jarrus:" How? Who are you?"

The Inquisitor: "The Temple records are quite complete, in close quarter's fighting, Billaba's emphasis was always on form III! Which you favored to a ridiculous degree"

—Star Wars Rebels : Rise Of The Old Masters

Force Powers.

Force Augmentation/Valor/Speed

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Mind Trick

Master Billaba would have advised him to use the Force. Cast the thing against the wall! Unlock your bonds! Hypnotize Vidian into taking a long walk out of a short airlock!

—Star Wars: A New Dawn


Depa Casually hurls droids away while using her blade.

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Depa blocks blaster fire and hurls Clone Troopers.

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Kanan believes Depa would advise him to use the force to fight, implying she taught him as such.

Kanan's mind raced as the thing approached. Master Billaba would have advised him to use the Force. Cast the thing against the wall! Unlock your bonds!

—Star Wars: A New Dawn


Depa Billaba is able to use Tutaminis to block blaster fire.

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Force Sense

Depa's sense is so great, that she's able to sense the deaths of her fellow Jedi, the betrayal of the clones and pass these images to her Padawan via their force bond.

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Over all, Depa as she appeared in the Legends Continuity is a swordswoman of incredible skill and prowess as well as an absolute master of Vaapad, She is truly one of the most powerful Jedi of her era, deserving of a spot within the top ten PT Jedi. In the new canon, Depa is quite decent, not above the likes of Kenobi or Asajj ventress, but still quite powerful. That said, her Legends counterpart is one powerful being. I hope you guys enjoyed reading through this, I enjoyed making it and reading through Shatterpoint. But, what do you guys think? feel free to share :D

Credit to Erkan of CV for the Emissaries to Malastare scans.

If you'd prefer a quick look at Depa's best feats and accolades, rather than an in depth one, please visit @wollfmyth209's own Depa Billaba Respect Thread

A big thank you goes out to my friend King Joker of KMC for inspiring me to make this respect thread's "New Canon" section and for the lovely and ever so badass Comic cover he provided and A big thank you to Emperordmb dealing with my fangirling of Billaba and helping me out when i needed it and WildBantha88 for giving this a read before i sent it out. Love you guys :)