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A Brief Message From Our Sponsors

People used to believe in magic. But how times have changed! Ever since the blinders were placed on humanity, it's all 'science', and 'logic', and 'rational explanations'. Did you know that a succubus served you your morning coffee? Why do you think you felt compelled to tip so much? You can't say with a straight face that you've never though a gremlin sabotaged your car or computer, can you? Do you think Murphy's Law is really a matter of probability? Of course not! We've been here all along. We just felt perhaps it was worthwhile to take a...vacation, and leave humanity to its own devices for a little while. Scratch that, to make them THINK they were left to their own devices. And you have made quite a mess of it, haven't you? We tried to hold you back at every step, but look at the world; everything's filthy, polluted, industrialized. It's barely recognizable as the same planet we left you with.

So we're going to take it back. It's too late to argue now, plans have been set in motion that cannot be stopped. We would say we were sorry, but that's simply not true. Get ready for the new world dearies.


The Kindly Ones


Step One: Find one who would have led humanity into greatness

Step Two: Replace him with one of our own

Step Three: Raise the human as a changeling

Step Four: Let the fey-child learn what he must of the human world.

Step Five: Bring it all tumbling down.

Fey and Fleshling

At the moment when night and morning vie for control of the sky, they came upon golden-bridled mounts, their hooves striking stars with the sound of bells. Through the window they crept, the glass rippling around their slender forms. There in the cradle, the infant cooed, laughing merrily at the intruders. He fell silent when the cold fingers fell across his face, and he was swept away into the night. In his place lay a fey child, masked by glamours so his parents would never know.

This fey child was raised among humans, but he kept the memories of his birthplace. He would never falter in his purpose. Someday, he would bring an end to the technological age of man and plunge it all back to the time of moon and stone.

The human child was raised as a changeling, a slave to the fey folk. He was nothing but chattel, a toy, a thing to use until it was no longer interesting. Thus is the fate of changelings since the dawn of humanity. Except that, somehow, he managed to tear the veil and travel back to Earth. The changeling intends to exterminate all magic, leaving the Earth in control of humanity, the way he claims it should always have been.


Fata Morgana
Fata Morgana

Codename: Fata Morgana

Race: Fey

Name (granted by human 'parents'): Oskar Glocke

Age: 19

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Platinum blond (appears dark brown with glamour)

Height: 6'

Other physical characteristics: very fine bone structure, 'fairy mark' birthmark on his upper back.


Codename: Changeling

Race: Human

Name: None

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 6'

Other physical characteristics: Iron and silver implants on his face, hands, back, chest, and feet. He also bears the tattoos of servitude to the fey folk.


FATA MORGANA: As a fey, he possesses potent magical abilities. These are primarily based in runic magic, involving the drawing or invoking of symbols. These are largely spells of transmutation and transfiguration, with some conjuration. He also possesses innate resistances to most forces, as well as illusory abilities. He can be harmed by magic (particularly of the blood or summoning variety), iron, and silver. The metals must be pure to be effective.

If Fata drops all his glamours, he may return to a pure fey state. This allows for a significant boost of his magical abilities. However, he will not be able to immediately revert to human form.

CHANGELING: He has no innate abilities, though he has been taught some basic glamours that would be useful in his work. He has been taught some basic fighting by some individuals who support the anti-magic cause. His implants allow for a small magic-negatory field, when aligned correctly.


FATA MORGANA: Carries some rune stones and a few smaller artifacts. He has a tendency to collect interesting items he finds, often ones with residual magic. He is skilled with a rapier, which he carries in a magically compressed state. The blade is coated with a potent toxin, and may be further enchanted.

CHANGELING: Two parrying daggers with silver edges, spider's thread robe and nets, soul gems, various first aid and other wilderness gear. Some less savory weapons. A few rune-stones, though not a very large selection.