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Batman Beyond Unlimited #5 review 0

I was a huge fan of Batman Beyond when the show came out, and I was head over heels when they decided to bring it back in book form. I'm even more glad they aren't trying to sync it up with the DCU or DCnU but leaving it in its own universe. And that's something you need to keep in mind as you read these little vignettes.The StoriesNone of them really did anything for me emotionally, which was odd because I could feel the writers trying to tug at my heart strings. The Warhawk story especially, w...

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Review: All-Star Superman 0

I've seen a lot of positive reviews for this movie. And let me say right off the bat, that may have done more harm than good when I sat down and ordered it OnDemand (I had a coupon for a free movie). I have the feeling that most reviewers re-read the books and then watched the movie. The problem with this is that the awesomeness of the books can carry over into the movie, making you think it was better than it was. I haven't read the story in about a year, so I'm going into the movie somewhat fr...

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