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Top 20 Characters DC should abandon in the reboot.

Haven't done a list before so forgive me if the format is a little more bloggy.  
With the upcoming reboot to the DCnU, or DC new Universe, or New DC, We know that a lot of our beloved characters are getting changed in either costume, backstory, or both. We're also having some new characters added, and dreading the abandonment of our favorite characters (Cassandra Cain, Power Girl, etc.) Not the entirely obscure shit-fests from the golden age like Arm-Fall-Off Boy, or the obviously stupid like Dogwelder but the characters that have been around but are not compelling. The present but disappointingly useless. The characters that I don't (and therefore, nobody important) care(s) about. Why Top 20 not Top 10? Because there are so many sucky characters are just sitting around the DC Universe. 
Dishonorable Mentions: characters who are struggling to remain relevant and not seem like ripoffs of other characters, but have redeeming qualities that make them interesting.:  
All but one of the Clayfaces,  
Alan Scott (no matter how hard you try, you can't reconcile him with the Green Lantern Corps) 
Deadshot (Between Deathstroke and Hush, he seems superfluous now) 
Freddy Freeman (he can stay as long as he's Billy Batson's sidekick) 
Hourman (his powers could make him awesome, but I've never seem him given good stories. Make him like Jack Bauer or the Flash Thompson's Venom)  
OMAC (as a person he's stupid, as a system of robots, it works)

Now, the list (in no particular order)

List items

  • Just use Plastic Man. He has the same powers and then some, and a more interesting personality. Sue Dibny had a good story, but it didn't NEED to be EM's wife, it could've been anyone.

  • Because Countdown sucked.

  • A confusing backstory that will only get MORE confusing with another reboot.

  • A ripoff of the Fantastic 4, but somehow LESS compelling.

  • Because when was the last time you heard someone at your local comic book store say, "I just read this AMAZING Adam Strange story."

  • Say what you will about John Paul Valley, he had an decent backstory, and was a complex character. The new guy, not so much.

  • Not the Earth-3 evil Thomas Wayne Jr. I mean the frankly pointless Outsider/Batman ripoff Roy Raymond Jr.

  • Unless he appears ONLY in the future with the Legion of Superheroes.

  • All of them. Brainiac 3, Brainiac 2,and not just them, everything that has to do with them, L.E.G.I.O.N., R.E.B.E.L.S., all of it. Make Brainiac a Kryptonian Artificial Intelligence like Bruce Timm intended!

  • He is a MacGuffin… McGuffin… maguffin (whatever).

  • Also his sidekick Kid Devil.

  • Having the name and powers of a supervillain are what did it for her.

  • As one dimensional as Hank Hensaw, and as much of a plot device.

  • Step 1, take any story with him. Step 2, find/replace with Riddler. Step 3, profit.

  • You have Ollie and Roy and Mia. Make it work.

  • He's like the personification of escaping? World's Greatest Escape Artist doesn't seem that impressive nowadays.

  • She's been around for 5 years and had 4 different superhero personae/types of powers. That means she sucks and DC can't figure out what to do with her. She should never have existed.

  • Keep the organization for flashbacks and stories set in the past. Keep the about 20% of the characters, but use the Justice League for the modern worldwide super organization. We can have more than one Justice League team.

  • Spectacular powers, unspecified origin, but never cool. Like the Specter but boring.