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My quick thoughts on Wonder Woman (contains spoilers) 0

Just want to share some quick thoughts on Wonder Woman. Saw it last night. definitely go check it out! ProsIncredibly well directed. The film knew what it wanted to tell and stuck with it the whole time. Unlike the past couple DC films which were all over the place, this was a focused and well told origin story. Pacing of the film is also excellentCinematography was mostly excellent. The trench storming and village battle scene is one of my favorite combat scenes in CBM history. Absolutely fant...

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One of the best cliff hangers I've ever seen. 6

Okay. Its no secret that I am in love with this book. So you'd imagine how bittersweet it was for me knowing this was the final issue of "series 1" of Uber and I would have to wait till 2016 to read it again.BUT HOLY F*CKING SH!T. THIS ISSUE WAS EPIC. You'll have to forgive me if this review isn't exactly reading as poetry, but I simply can't help that right now because my mind is exploding.What Kieron Gillen has done with Uber is simply amazing. The way he writes the battles that happen in thi...

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Yo Damn. 6

So I was looking at previews for this issue and was like "all right, its gonna be a fun filler issue. See this awesome fight between Battle Beast and Thragg and chill out for a while" And it certainty didn't disappoint. The aforementioned fight was brutally in the uniquely invincible way. Seriously - no comic on shelves quite does super powered combat like Invincible does. Sorry Marvel/DC, but there is nothing wrong with blood and gore :D. The artwork as usual is great, the fight is well script...

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Best issue of the series. Fantastic stuff. 0

*SPOILERS* So the new Solar series has been quite interesting. In the first issue the classic Solar dies and in the second issue his powers get transferred to his daughter. But he doesn't completely die as his residual energy is still attach to the powers themselves and thus we get constant interaction between the duo (though only she can see and communicate with him).Now the classic Solar as you can imagine (at least as this series has him) is a bit of a work-o-holic, having spent his entire ...

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Not bad. 0

To this day, John Carter (2012) is one of my favorite movies of recent memory. It was pure sci-fi fun. I had never even heard of the character before that and so I jumped at the chance to read comics about him (I'm not much of a book reader anymore >_>.) The previous series of John Carter by dynamite continued the spirit of the movie. They were nothing ground breaking or game changing, but they were fun adventures with fun characters in a pretty cool world. Suffice to say I was sad when th...

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This is more like it. 2

So I wasn't exactly thrilled with the last Eternal Warrior series. Gilad himself is a rather stoic, angsty, tortured type that we've all seen before. He's okay but he's not exactly the most interesting guy in the world. The awesome part however is the concept behind him. An immortal warrior who's seen combat through the centuries of human history - sign me up for that book.Unfortunately, the past series got weird. We somehow went from historical book to some trippy weird sci-fi book that I had a...

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The exception to the rule, Magneto why u so gud. 0

Good god, ladies and gentlemen. If you are not reading this book, WTF ARE YOU READING?!I've ranted enough today how much I hate events because they railroad other books, but let this be an exception to the rule. The way Bunn handles this issue is just phenomenal. (and there's no artist change, thankfully)To say this book has been character driven is an understatement, every issue is oozing with delicious writing of Magneto and his complexity. And here we get more of that and its just...incredib...

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This is why I hate events. 5

Spider-Man 2099 thus far has been a great book. Slott may fail to write Spider-Man and his characters, but at least he has given us Kaine and Miguel back and allowed other superior writers to tell awesome stories with them.PAD's work with Miguel over the past few months has been great. His character writing is plainly superb. The book hasn't dropped any major plot point as of it, but experiencing every day life with a well written character is all that matters. The series reminded me a lot of S...

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Batwoman has been one of my most beloved new characters in the New 52. JHWII/WHB's run was just awesome. I stayed because I love Kate and Andreyko's run up till now has been okay. The Future's End One Shot in particular was pretty interesting. I watched Andreyko's interview about this in preparation, and he said it was pure chaos. And it is. But seriously, that doesn't even begin to cover it.Last we saw, Kate was getting bitten by a sexy ass vampire and now she's in space, with a team that inc...

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Christopher Priest is back! 4

Its been a long time since I've read Priest's work. I am a huge Black Panther fan and his run is basically the essential run on the character. I haven't really seen any work of his recently (I think he's been an editor?)He also wrote Quantum and Woody in the 90's. I am not the biggest fans of the new run in Valiant and I consider it one of the weaker books, the comedy style is a bit over the top and in the 2nd arc was VERY political heavy which sort of turns me off. They've regained moment teami...

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Less Daughter, more Manta. 3

So finally Harley and Joker's Daughter get into their big fight. Yadda, yadda, yadda no one cares. Just get rid of this stupid character.Harley's line at the end of the fight was worth a good chuckle though.Black Manta constantly playing the babysitter was hilarious though. In general the character has CLEARLY carried the bulk of the interest in this book, and I'm glad for that since he's too awesome. The cliffhanger was solid too. Overall its still okay. I'm willing to keep trying out for a bi...

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Some flaws, but comedy makes up for it - mostly. 1

So Suzie and Jon have been fighting recently and we finally get to the point where they're on one of those "cliche" breaks. Ok.We start off following Suzie who's taking a visit to the gynecologist only to find her regular doctor is not the one "attending" to her today, instead a young good looking Doctor "services" her. What follows is a hilarious scene of Suzie fantasizing about him and he's checking her out. Apparently she has a perfect cervix btw so it ends with a few dozen interns examining...

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Pointless Filler 6

This issue as a whole was completely pointless. Slott continues to milk the Peter+Silk pheromone joke that's all ready been going on for the past several months, then some no name villain appears only so they can throw Ms Marvel and Peter in together.And that's basically it. The whole idea of this issue was apparently "Hey lets team up the new Ms Marvel and Spidey, doesn't that sound fun?" and not an ounce more of thought went into it. Ms Marvel interactions with Peter were laughably predictabl...

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Bleh. Switching to Superman. 4

Doomed is finally over, thankfully. That event was just a pile of fail. It started off as some kind of character study and Superman struggling to control the Doom virus that had infected him but then turned into an invasion by Brainic and BLARGH. It was a pile of fail. And naturally the "Aftermath" is a mess too. I mean, I know what Pak was trying to do here but I have a hard time caring anymore. I liked this comic a lot before the event, it wasn't trying to redefine Superman cause some giant s...

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One Big Spider-Mess 1

I've been pretty excited for this on a issue by issue basis. Its pretty unique opportunity to explore different versions of Spider-Man. Having all ready read the Noir stuff in the past, I liked the first issue a lot and the genius in the Spider-Gwen issue has everyone demanding an ongoing.Issue 3 was pretty bland and boring if you ask me. So I was hoping for Issue 4 to redeem itself.Unfortunately, this issue is just a mess. They try to do way too many things at once.The issue starts off sort of...

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Uber Spies 0

Uber 17 dropped a bit of a bomb (pun intended) on us. The past several issues of the comic had the allies discovering new advancements in the world of Ubers. They though they could use their advancement to combat and gain and edge on Germany. To their dismay however they quickly learned the Nazi's had also learned of these advancements and their successes against them would be limited.Even worse, they theorized not just combat Uber, but the Nazi's most likely had also developed an "Uber Spy".Th...

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The Event of the Summer is over 0

And what an awesome ride this well.I seriously cannot stress enough how well done Valiant's Armor Hunters was. It was well structured and easy to follow. And unlike other events which tend to drag on for 6 months and have dozens of tie ins, the main story for Armor Hunters took place in two books while having three adding in extra story for more flavor. It changed the scope of Valiant's universe quickly and abruptly and given the content of the pages of Aftermath, they still have more changes i...

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Valiant continues to deliver 0

Its not a secret that Valiant is doing some great work since their reboot a few years ago. I am only a recent fan having been reading their work for under one year but nearly all of their titles have been great and I've never read a bad title.And this is of course no exception.The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage introduces us to Shan Fong, aka Doctor Mirage. Although the original character was in fact male, this new one is female. And the original character has now been Shan's now deceased Husband....

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Simply Legendary 6

This is simply one of the greatest single issues in the history of comics. And to think its just the start of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run.The issue is told from Florinic Man's , aka Dr Woodroe's perspective. Swamp Thing has been captured and it is up to the Dr to do a thorough examination of Swampy and figure out what he is.We are taken on a journey as his autopsy begins. The Dr learns as much as possible about Swamp Thing, including but not limited to his internal organs and their similarities...

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Never Again 8

Must like the last page of this book, this is one of the great works of fiction that you never want to read again. The story is very much like Schindler's List (in more ways than one) in which the tale is so heart breaking that you don't want to hear it. Yet what happens needs to be said.If you ever want to understand just how tragic life could get, this story is a great example of that. Magneto as we all know and love, grows up Germany and Poland during the WW2 era as a Jew, and its quite possi...

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So Says Doctor Doom... 0

If ever you find yourself looking to learn more about Doom - Books of Doom is probably the best place to start. The Books are a retelling / updated telling of Doom's Origin, originally total by Stan Lee way back when (most of us) were nothing but twnkles in the eyes.There's really not a whole lot to say. Brubaker completely succeeds and delivers an epic story chronicling Victor's life from a child to an adolescent to eventually the man (if I am allowed to call him that) we all know and love tod...

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GotG Review. 16

PositivesHonestly? My biggest positive of this film is Groot - which is a good and bad thing. He is easily the most charming and entertaining character of the whole movie. Its simple and it works. His interactions are very well handled and timed and the way Rocket sort of gives insight to what more he is saying is pretty funny. Especially the mid credit scene - which is hilariously cute. Star-Lord is also a pretty nice character, but even though he was clearly suppose to be the lead and most im...

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Apes on Horses! 0

So I finally got around to seeing this. I know I'm late, I had plans to go right away but they fell through with some of my buddies and they were being annoying so I finally just up and went by myself (technically I took my little brother, but whatever)So lets get into it!Positives First and foremost the CGI and motion capture in this film is absolutely wonderful and apparent. The apes movements and most especially facial expressions are a joy to watch and absorb.And speaking of which, Caeser is...

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Best X-Men Movie? 23

As usual, if you're reading one of my reviews you know I don't like to avoid spoilers. I don't review things so you can decide if you want to see it, I review it to share my opinions of it and that will require going into various amounts of detail. I'm not going to lay out the plot, point by point, but I'm not going to dance around things either.Lets get the bad stuff out of the way. Its always good to end on a positive note and this section is going to be short anyway. Ready?Nothing. Yes. I sai...

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A Monster? No...a God. 3

I'm not going out of my way to avoid spoilers, so read at your discretion. Summer is definitely here, because we're getting a blockbuster every week now. I love this time of year!I know a lot of us were excited for this film as well, since Godzilla is a pretty huge (neener) franchise and the last "Godzilla" gave everyone a huge bad taste in their mouth. Legendary had its work cut out for them to erase that and they accomplished it for sure. Wasn't a real surprise given how they handled Pacific R...

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I can't think of a catchy title at the moment... 14

The review will contain spoilers.First ImpressionsI was highly anticpating this movie, especially for the past two weeks hearing about it on the forums from all the overseas people who got to see it early (sigh).In any case the movie kicks off right away reminding me why I prefer this franchise to the former...Garfield's performance as Spidey is better than ever. I can't stress enough how well he embodies the character in this film, its soooo good.Another thing that everyone was fretting over r...

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How did I not know about this earlier? 14

So in case you didn't notice, my name is Fallschirmjager (German paratrooper). Its been my internet name for a very, very, long time. Nearly half my life.Although their are multiple reasons, one of the bigger ones is biggest I am rather huge history buff - particular military history. Germany has a very rich military history and one of the most interesting is the Fallschirmjagers.Suffice to say, I am a fan.Given that, I have no idea how I failed to notice this comic.Uber is a fictional alternate...

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Basically, Ed was right. 6

***This review will contain spoilers***A few months ago, Ed Brubaker came out and said this was the best Marvel movie ever made. I don't know if he was talking just Disney or all Marvel films ever, but either way he's completely correct.Where to start, where to start...? I don't even know.This movie is absolutely fantastic. It finally feels like the right balance of action, plot, comedy and character development that Marvel has been all over the place (especially recently). As many of us feel Th...

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Basically, Ed was right. 0

***This review will contain spoilers*** A few months ago, Ed Brubaker came out and said this was the best Marvel movie ever made. I don't know if he was talking just Disney or all Marvel films ever, but either way he's completely correct.Where to start, where to start...? I don't even know.This movie is absolutely fantastic. It finally feels like the right balance of action, plot, comedy and character development that Marvel has been all over the place (especially recently). As many of us feel T...

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THIS. IS. SPARTA! ... well not really 7

Disclaimer: This will have massive spoilers. You've been warnedSo the movie that feels like it should have came out 3 years ago is finally here! I was pretty excited for it myself. While not a great example of story telling the first 300 was a thoroughly enjoyable film combined awesome visual action with some all-time great one liners. I mean come on, how many people have not seen a 300 inspired meme? They are so many great lines in that film, even if they are cheesy.For starters, 300: Rise of ...

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Yeah, I'm staying. 5

So a few issues ago J.H. Willaims left Batwoman and it was fairly publicized (for reasons I'm not going to get into).And then all of a sudden there was worry on the horizon as if fans would want to stay on the title. J.H. had done such wonderful work with Kate, giving us good stories and arguably the best artwork being done in DC's New 52 right now. (seriously if you haven't checked out the first 24 issues of Batwoman, do it. They're gorgeous) By now of course we've seen two pretty damn good is...

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Falls' review of The Wolverine (with Spoilers) 13

So I know this movie came out in theaters earlier this summer, but I was at a relative's over said weekend and was not able to post my thoughts right away. I may or may not have be drunk as well...Luckily the DVD came out like last week or whatever and since I was bored tonight, I decided to rent the movie and do a review of it. I like to end things on a positive note, so lets get the bad stuff out of the way first.Also since this movie is now out on DVD I'm not going to bother being careful ab...

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Falls reviews Thor: The Dark World 2

Yeah...its another review. You've probably read dozens all ready but too bad here's another one!******* Note - this review will include heavy spoilers. I do not recommend reading it if you have not seen the film. ********Lets get the bad things out of the way first, so we can end on a good note.Things I HatedMy biggest problem is, at no point during the movie did I feel like things weren't going to be ok. I felt no emotions when watching either Malekith or Kurse - and its not to say the actors w...

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