Valiant Ongoings

The publishing with the universe deserves their own list.

I will definitely be adding Doctor Mirage next week!

Effective 7/1/14

List items

  • This is still a pretty cool adventure book. Though sometimes I feel like they get lost in Valiant's universe.

  • "and the HARD Corps" will be dropped from the title and it will be going back to plain old Bloodshot as of October.

    Solid action book in my opinion. No complaints.

  • First issue was fantastic!

  • Been a great title imo. Future Cyberpunk title with gorgeous art? Sign me up all day every day.

  • First issue was okay. Hopefully it gets better.

  • Basically one of Valiant's flagship titles along with X-O Manowar. Still quite happy with it.

  • Been amazing since issue 1 and hasn't stopped.