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Top 10 Favorite Non-Superhero/Supervillain Characters.

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  • Protagonist of Transmetropolitan. Insane, brillaint, hilarious, but with surprising amounts of heart. This guy has it all. I love that series.

  • IDW's version. Such an unbelievably deep and complex character they've written over there. I hold him in the same regards as I do the like of Magneto.

  • Sharing the same name may or may not influence this ranking. Regardless, Jesse is awesome (both of us)

  • Another great vertigo protagonist and probably the funniest dude on this list. The fact that I read YTLM in one sitting should tell you what I think.

  • I wanted to include both protagonists of Saga, but I also wanted to make sure this list was diverse as possible and thus I choose Alana. I like her a little bit better than Marko. Be it her straightforward attitude, her constant cussing and vulgarness or her strength ...she's unbelievably awesome.

  • I was debating putting Tony or John here. I wanted to put John because of the shenanigans he get himself into (3 way lol) but I feel like Tony is a more fleshed out character.

    Also...Poyo was hard to keep off this list.

    In any case. Tony is awesome. Especially recently the dude is going through some pretty tough family situation yet keeps kicking ass.

  • One of the main battleships in Uber. Despite being a Nazi this dude is completely sympathetic and honorable - and even killed Hitler. I cried a little when he lost his arm.

  • Another battleship in Uber. This chick is the epitome of badass, moreso than any other female I've ever read. She is vengeance personified.

  • From the series Velvet. New character but excellent nonetheless, wise, strong and completely interesting. Brubaker has created a fantastic protagonist for his series.

  • From the series Lazarus. Tragic by nature you can't help but feel for this character. I can't wait to see her eventually find out about herself.