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Top 10 Favorite Heroes!

Males only on this list.

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  • Aquaman is awesome because he's completely different from any heroes. Secret Identity? Hell, no. Aquaman doesn't have time for that, he's a King. Everyone knows who he is. He does hide from anyone or anything.

    The mythos is amazing. His relationship with Mera is one of the best in comics and he has a badass spear. Anyone who thinks he's lame hasn't read anything about him.

  • My love of Spider Man was passed down to me from my Dad - who loves him enough to have a Spider tattoo on his back and a Venom spider on the hood of his car.

    Bring Peter back Marvel. NOW!

  • Recently read through the entire Invincible series. Great read and features a great character Mark Grayson. I enjoyed it so much I insert him this high into my list no problem. Despite the fact that he is a pretty strong hero, he is also completely relocatable to me as he goes through high school, college and his young adult years (me too!). His character really reasonated with me and I'm glad I read the series. I added it to my ongoings and it will be there fore the foreseeable future!

  • I know a lot of people prefer Wally, but I always preferred Barry. Dude is so down to earth and relatable. Despite the fact that his life has always been sh*t he still managed to be a hero. Admirable.

  • When you're looking for a more darker, grittier, Spiderman who swears a lot and pretends to not give a F*** (but really does) ...look no further! Kaine is awesome.

  • 'MERICA.

  • Perhaps has some of the greatest history ever. Currently half way through Saga of the Swamp Thing...brilliant

  • Most underrated X-Man ever.

  • My first real exposure to T'Challa was the Black Panther cartoon that never got approved for showing in the US. Dude was a total badass. At which point I've done my best to learn as much about him as possible and he doesn't disappoint

  • I always liked him as a hero, but he probably didn't shoot into my top 10 truly until the Arrow TV show came out last year. His current book only solidifies his ranking here.