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Top 10 Comic Book Movies!

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  • This should be everyone's favorite. This is not just a great comic book movie, its a gripping crime-thriller. This movie proved comic book movies can not only be great...but legendary.

  • Thought about it. Love it this much.

  • No one saw this movie coming when it first came out. RDJ delivers one of the best performances ever in CBM history and somehow makes Tony Stark's unlikeable personality into charming. The building process of the suit really emerges the viewer and the movie even deals with World Issues like weapons manufacturer.

  • Yes. That good.

  • Most underrated CBM, period.

  • Perhaps the only X-Men movie I don't have any problems with. It has a diverse cast of characters, most of which are important. It continues to deal with your typical X-men themes and tells a great story in the process. The opening sequence with Nightcrawler is one of the best CBM scenes ever.

  • This is the movie I've wanted since I was 5. The movie where the good guy and the bad guy get into a fight and beat the shit out of each other. Zack Snyder proves no one in the film business can shoot action like he can. Add to that a phenomenal cast and a epic soundtrack and a unique non-linear story telling and it makes for a great film.

  • Another underrated movie because of poor box office success. This is a very faithful adaption of the comic. Jackie Earle Haley delivers one of the best performances ever in a CBM as Rorschach. This movie is excellent.