My Favorite Villains (Top 10)

Honorable mentions include Captain Cold and Professor Zoom

List items

  • Although perhaps more of an anti-hero recently, Magneto is nevertheless badass.

  • Beware your fears made into light...

  • One of the most underrated villains ever, period. Not only does he look the best out of any of them but he killed Aquaman's son for crying out loud! (and he never came back to life). Not many villains can claim something like that.

  • Simply one of the coolest villains ever.

  • Kraven is actually my favorite Spider-Man villain. He and his families create terror for Spider and almost every story they show up in is pretty good with Kraven's Last Hunt being arguably the best ever.

  • Norman is Spider-Man's ultimate enemy. Always has been. Always will will. Whether its killing Gwen Stacey in 616 (or impregnating her...) or Peter himself in Ultimate...Norman is always involved when major things go down for Peter

  • Having recently gotten into IDW's Transformers...Megatron is a MUST have on this list. This is easily one of the best villains in comics right now. He is layered, complex and badass. He reminds me A LOT of Magneto in many ways. Totally underrated.

  • Anyone who can stand in front of the entire world and declare yourself not subject to human laws automatically gets one this list. Toyo is a heavy hitter in the Valiant universe and in many ways many of the biggest events revolve around him.

  • New addition and easily the best Invincible Villain. The way Kirkman has set him his betrayal has been excellence. Great character.

  • This guy screws with Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Punisher and basically every Marvel street hero. Terrific villain in my opinion, and probably underrated