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Marvel Ongoings

Redoing my lists cause they were jacked up.

This is effective as of 7/1/2014

This list in particular has been my most chaotic. Dropped a bunch and picked up a bunch more.

List items

  • Still not happy with Slot/Ramos at all. The last issue in particular was a f*cking mess but I rationalize to myself that I'm supporting Spider-Man and not them.

    Besides, whenever we do get a new creative team I will be able to prove exactly why its so superior with vivid details.

  • Simply a fun title. Admittedly I only picked it up in the first place because of Gambit, but the rest of the team is growing on me and Peter David is a good writer.

  • We'll see what someone not named Brubaker can do with the character. I've never seen anyone come close but I'm willing to try it out for a bit.

  • Great art and a great spy thriller comic. Quite happy with this one.

  • The art in this title alone would make me buy it, but its also been a solid story too. Hope it lasts.

  • This is probably my favorite title of the past few months. Bunn has been doing delicious work with both Magneto and Sinestro. This title is seriously amazing.

  • Ellis run has been brilliant, not that I had any doubt since I love Transmetro. I also like Wood so I'll be keeping this for the forseeable future.

  • Peter David + Spider-Man 2099? Why the hell would I not read this?