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Image Ongoings

What can I say about these titles? Anyone who doesn't live under a comic world rock knows the quality and diversity of Image books is amazing. I probably will be adding more over soon.

Effective 7/1/14

List items

  • A big name title for Image that mostly deserves its hype. Its been a really weird, but very cool sci-fi book with great art.

  • I actually read like the first two volumes last year, but then dropped it for no good reason. If its as good as I remember I'm sure I'll binge it in a day or two. Planning on catching up either way.

  • This book is pretty awesome. The art especially is gorgeous and makes it totally feel like you're in 1960 as your reading the book.

  • This has been one of my favorite books since I read the entire series to date last year and it has been even better lately. Mark is one of my very favorite characters now and I think this book i still criminally underrated. I will fight anyone who thinks its not Kirkman's best work.

    Also, quit with the rape jokes. Guess what? BATMAN GOT RAPED TOO. THERE I SAID IT.

  • Post apocalyptic book. Its been pretty cool and a little under the radar imo.

  • What needs to be said? If you're not reading this, go away I don't want to talk to you.

  • The first arc was absolutely hilarious. Great book. Looking forward to more now that its back off its time off.

  • If anyone by now doesn't know Brubaker/Epting is a genius creative team, then something is wrong.

    This title has been terrific spy thriller. And the book gives me nostaliga feels for days when Cap wasn't being written badly.

  • Very interesting new series with a huge anime vibe.