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Favorite Comics of 2014.

Since its all ready November and nothing on my list has changed in a couple months, there's no way 1 or 2 more issues is going to change my views on this dramatically - so I figure what the eff.

List items

  • Words cannot describe how much I love this comic and how much I look forward reading to it each month. If I had to choose between this comic and the rest of my pull list (almost 50 books I think) - this book wins, hands down, no consideration needed. It hits every spot for me personally and I literally feel like this comic was written for me to read it.

  • While Marvel and DC are continuing to fail with their events, meanwhile over at Valiant we get Armor Hunters. Its well organization, well paced and balances crucial character development along with world ramifications without crossing into the ridiculous, stupid and convoluted territory the former companies don't know how to get out out.

    The whole event was freaking awesome.

  • This comic has always been good, but GOD DAMN. This year has been absolutely insane. Between finishing up his battle with Angstrom Levy and the twist that resulted in that arc, to the rape issue to the Robot arc that is finishing up now - holy balls this comic has been awesome.

  • If anyone doesn't know Brubaker is the effing shiz now, they never will. His works at Image lately have been freaking awesome and this is the best of the bunch IMO. Adding in Epting's art which gives me tons of Cap nostalgia (back when the character was actually been written well *cough*) and this comic is almost default on this list. The story has been gripping and Velvet is a pretty cool chick.

  • The art alone in this book would make it on most lists, but the fact that this book is a cyberpunk book pretty much sends it over the edge. I love cyberpunk and am a huge fanboy of it. Though Armor Hunters as a whole was my favorite from Valiant this year, this was my favorite single book. Can't wait for the 2nd arc in December!

  • Not even the stupid Axis event railroading this book can stop it from being awesome. Bunn's character writing of Magneto in this series has been absolutely wonderful. Each issue is delicious and I eat it up every time.

  • Pretty much what I said about Magneto applies here too. Bunn has killed it with both of these books this year. Great series.

  • Yes, yes, the end of Lemire's run has us all butt hurt, I know. And although I also am not reading the new run that started this year, the previous run was fantastic and one of the best on the character. Sad to see it go.

  • Ellis' run was short, but oh so great. This doesn't need more explanation. Great writing and great artwork. Wood's run isn't bad either and is keeping with the spirit of Ellis'.

  • This one is pretty bittersweet with the recent announcement of its cancellation. That's two years in a row one of my top 10 books of the year is canceled outright (Scarlet Spider last year). Effing Marvel.

    This book has been pretty awesome by Peter David. Fantastic character interaction and mostly just a whole lot of fun. I will miss it.