DC Ongoings

Another redo.

This list has been far more stable than my Marvel ongoings - which is good and bad I guess. Not many new titles to pick up, but the ones I am reading I'm mostly happy with.

Effective 7/1/14

List items

  • Though not quite as awesome as it was when GJ's was writing it, its still a fun comic. All the fights recently especially have been sweet. And its not like I'm not going to support Aquaman anyway.

  • I doubt this comic is going to last long, not because its bad or anything, only because of who is in it. I've enjoyed it so far though. And moar Aquaman support!

  • I'm going to say that this is another title I think is overrated. Its good, but its not great like everyone always labels it. I'll be happy when Zero Year is over.

  • Another title that was better with the previous writer though the new team is solid and I love the character so must support her! I wouldn't be surprised if its canceled with a year or two though. It was barely surviving before.

  • Bucellato/Manapul are basically my favorite creative team of late. They did wonderful work on Flash and have brought it to DC. Great title now.

  • Probably sick of hearing me saying the last creative team was better, but its still true. Though I haven't gauged Venditti's work long enough on this title to see if its good or not. But I'd still support the character even if it turns out to be terrible.

  • If it wasn't the god damn Justice League, I might have dropped this. Hopefully it recovers now that Forever Evil is done.

  • Been a fun title. Better than JLA was anyway - imo.

  • The roster looks mostly great so I'll try this out for awhile.

  • Another brilliant villain title by Bunn. Read it.

  • Going to be following John's run.

  • Still Swampy. Still good.

  • Another title I think is praised a little too much. The baby shit is really getting tiring and I've never been a fan of the art. Story is good enough to keep me interested though. Wonder who the next team will be?