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Completed Series/Volumes I've read.

This is basically just a giant list of everything I've read.

List items

  • I admit I sped through this pretty fast and probably missed some stuff. It was enjoyable though it a bit complex at times. It probably deserves a reread at some point.

  • Admittedly my Superman reading is pretty small. I have read this though, and its worth every praise it gets.

  • I have read every issue from 1999 to current (when it was first launched into Volume 2). I've also read The first 150 issues or so, mostly written by Stan Lee.

    I've also ready every story that includes Black Cat and Venom.

    After that I jumped around a lot.

  • Morrison's Run.

    Its a good run and it does a lot for making the character not a z-lister but to be honest I much more preferred Lemire's New 52 run.

  • Great run by Lemire. It has everything.

  • Read the entire volume. Its good if you're an Aquaman fan, but the guy goes through a lot of tragedy throughout the course of the series.

  • Read the entire volume. Its up and down but the Water Hand has cool powers.

  • ...This short volume is short for a reason. It sucks.

  • Whedon/Cassady's run.

    Slowly getting caught up on X-Men. This is generally a good place to start.

  • This was another "big" Batman story I finally got around to reading. Really enjoyed it. Nice big array of characters and I liked the art. Still has that classic detective work feel that Batman should have.

  • Just like Superman, I've my Batman reading is pretty pathetic. But I have read this lol. Its also great.

  • Read the entire run by Chris Priest. Probably the quintessential BP run to date

  • Honestly, despite the hate this gets - I think this run (while up and down at times) has some gems in it.

    Who is the Black Panther is a terrific story to introduce new readers and See Wakanda and Die was also awesome. I generally enjoyed the Civil War stuff too. And although Storm fanboys don't like it, I like the relationship.

  • Shuri's volume. Also a good read, especially with Doomwar.

  • Great retelling of Doom's origins. Along the same lines of quality of Magneto Testament. Great read.

  • Read all of this too. It basically came off like it sounds, BP playing Daredevil. While I enjoyed it, it isn't necessary to read or anything either.

  • Only read it for the Aquaman parts - because the rest sucked.

  • Fun series with a really great team.

  • Read the entire Brubaker run.


  • see above comments ^

  • ^^^^^^

  • These three books cover Frank Millers run on DD. To date they still arguably the best. Book 2 "The Elektra Saga" in particular which covers issues 168-182 are absolutely MUST READ!!!

  • More from Frank Miller. Arguably the single greatest DD story told

  • More by Millar, a great retelling of DD's origins.

  • The much polarized run by Kevin Smith. I liked the story mostly - though the art did not fit DD at all. Still, one of the most (if not THE MOST) important event in DD happens here. To only read a wiki summary is injustice

  • This is my favorite story of DD, period. Its wonderfully heartbreaking examining DD's psyche and his relationship with Karen Page. It bridges the gap between DD past and even future events. Must read.

  • I've read the entire Bendis and Brubaker run on the character. I think Bendis' is almost as great as Miller's. Brubaker's is still good though and follows the tone of the other two.

    Alex Maleev btw, draws the best DD ever. And the cover on Issue 50 is amazing.

  • I really enjoyed this event. Wakanda vs Latveria? Hell yes!

  • Post apocalyptic series about a possible civil war in the US set in the future. Very political and thought provoking series. It was a good read though again - political is not for everyone.

  • Another very polarized story by Kevin Smith. Still, I love Black Cat and so this was a must read for me. It had some ups and downs.

  • Finally got around to reading this. Good stuff and a nice introductory on Batwoman, though I think its a bit redundant having aead the New 52 stuff first.

  • Great story to kick off GJ's run.

  • I've read all of GJ's run up to Flashpoint.

  • Just finished recently, solid read.

  • Read the entire run, mostly. Decade defining book for DC's main super hero team.


  • Like 100 Bullets, I powered through this. It probably deserves a reread because it didn't blow my mind like I was told it might.

  • Powerful and Heartbreaking. One of the best comics you'll only want to read once.

  • I'm glad I was a kid when this was coming out. Because the 14 issue arc is told in like 7 different ongoings.


    ClusterF*ck aside, this is a pretty fun story.

  • A collection of stories about Vikings. It was pretty fun being able to read several short stories instead of 1 entire volume. It makes things easy to follow. Some of the stories were better than others, but overall a fun series.

  • Just recently finished this. Like the main story a lot, though I found the humor quite juvenile. When it wasn't being silly though the themes explored are very good. And the art is awesome for the time it came out.

    Also Jesse/Tulip ftw! :)

  • Although not my favorite story of all time, I understand why it is heralded as the greatest comic ever. Its the type of book that can make your company (as it did). Must read for any comic fan.


  • This is a completely awesome story in which Peter gets sent to the Ultimate Universe for a little while. He meets everyone who had known his Ultimate self.

    The scene between Peter and Ultimate Gwen in particular was beautiful.

  • Great Noir take on Spidey

  • ^^^

  • One of the greatest story's of Spider-Man ever told.

  • Read this quick because of the marriage. Was ight.

  • Pretty cool re-imagining of Superman.

  • This is one of the most amazing pieces of writing I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely incredible. Recommend to anyone.

  • Just finished this today. Very dark story told from a child's perspective. Quite chilling at times.

    Overall it was very good.

  • Stopped at about issue 34. Honestly just lost interest in the series. The Northhampton stuff just was complete bleh compared to earlier stuff.

  • Really enjoyed this mini series of IDW's TMNT, each issue focus' on a specific hero.

  • Another good mini-series, though not as good as the first IMO

  • Probably my favorite IDW mini, exploring the Foot Clan.

  • Classic.

  • Good story, hated the art though. Especially Catwoman.

  • One of the best characters in all of fiction is Spider Jerusalem. This is a really awesome story and although fairly political (which to me takes me out a bit) its still awesome and funny with some really cool takes on different themes and concepts.

  • So...continuing off X-Force and hearing this was good still reading..


    This is seriously almost unreadable. Look. I love the Archangel stuff and Psylocke is cool, but Fantomex and Deadpool are so incredibly stupid. Its almost unreadable as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm probably going to stop when I get to the part where Angel dies.

  • The reaction to USM' death. If you didn't cry all ready, this will push you over the edge.

  • Story of how the Sinister Six forms. Hopefully the new movie franchise takes some tips here, because it was great.

  • What can I say about this...the first Spider-Man comics I read. IMO this is the greatest run on the character ever. Its not all perfect (especially once Bagley leaves and ESPECIALLY around Ultimatum) but nevertheless there are so many wonderful retelleings and modernization of Spider-Man here...I cannot recommend it enough. If you don't fall and love (and have your heart broken) by Spider-Man after reading this then BEGONE with you.

  • ^^^

  • Honestly, I liked it...but I liked the movie better >_>

  • Movie was way better.

  • Great series, I wish it was still going (at least it lasted longer than Kaine...)

    I hope we get Flash as Venom in the movies.

  • An industry changing series - even if you don't like it. A must read (and it will make you appreciate the movie more)

  • Terrific sci-fi post apocalyptic series. Beautiful art, great story and as a self contained series you can read it real easily.

  • Ed wrote most of this and it was pretty good. Though not as good as his Cap stuff. Still working checking out.

  • Yost/Kyle/Crain Run. I thought the first few stories were excellent but the series got convoluted as we got into Messiah War, Necrosha and ESPECIALLY Second Coming.

    The art was awesome though and the lineup was pretty interesting. Especially Archangel playing a huge part, which I loved.

  • Read this a few weeks ago for the first time.

    My favorite comic series ever. Absolutely wonderful in every sense of the word.