Marvel's Characters with Impaired Intelligence

List of characters with a Slow or Impaired Intelligence

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  • Being a programmed robot with the intention of destruction, Arsenal doesn't have the capabilities to think.

  • It is unknown why Caliban posses so little intelligence, but his intelligence gains a little boost when becomes one of Apocalypse horsemen.

  • Dragon Man has the intellectual capacity of a domestic dog, and is governed by simple thoughts and feelings.

  • As a result of Schizophrenia his mind cannot functions normally.

  • Not very smart, easily manipulated.

  • As a result of his ongoing mutation, his mental state is slowly deteriorating.

  • His intelligence is decreased when he was turned into The Freak.

  • He suffered from Mental Deterioration as part of the side-effect of the experimental Super Soldier Serum.

  • As a living island, Krakoa doesn't possess much intelligence.

  • While some of Legion personalities can be considered a genius, his mental state is fractured by the multiple personalities inside his mind that leaves him intelligently impaired.

  • Because his brain is no longer centrally located as when he was human, it is therefore incapable of normal functions like reason, thought, or long-term memory.

  • Her intelligence lower when she was turned into Leviathan, becoming more savage and homicidal.

  • Because of decades of physical and mental abuse, Nuke has gone insane and suffers a severe case of schizophrenia.

  • As a result of experiment conducted by Weapon X her mental state suffered, causing her to act savage.

  • While he is quite smart for a bird, he is still just a bird.

  • A big brute with not much brain

  • His intelligence reduced greatly when he mas mutated into a spider form.

  • The Unicorn had been suffering from a degenerative cellular condition that had seriously affected his mind. In his last confirmed appearance he was seen attempting to walk to the Soviet Union from New York and was assumed to have drowned.

  • A Smilodon, Zabu possess intelligence of an animal.

  • As a being made entirely of pure electricity, Zzzax minds is only bent on destruction.