Characters that I Think Will Appear in MCU phase 3

Aside from the obvious ones, here are some character that i thought would shows up in MCU phase 3

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  • J'son of Spartax is the father of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. In Guardian of the Galaxy, we know that Star-Lord father asks Yondu to deliver his son to him, so he could be searching for him and hopefully makes an appearance in the guardians sequel.

    Possible Appearance : Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • Adam Warlock, in a way, has already appeared in MCU in the form of his regenerative cocoon as seen in the after credit scene in Thor: the dark world. His appearance in the MCU would probably sees him joining the guardians of the galaxy in the sequel and he could also played a part in Avengers: Infinity War.

    Possible Appearance : Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • A bit of a stretch here, because Thunderbolt Ross is, essentially, a Hulk supporting character, so without a solo Hulk film, introducing Red Hulk into MCU might not be in the plan yet. But, Thunderbolt Ross actually has made an appearance in MCU in the Incredible Hulk movie, maybe he could pops up in Age of Ultron or even the Captain America 3, reminding everyone how dangerous the hulk can get.

    Possible Appearance : Avengers: Age of Ultron (as Ross)

  • While the Ragnarok in the new Thor movie revers to the event of Ragnarok, in the Marvel Universe Ragnarok could also mean the Android Clone of Thor created by Tony Stark and Hank Pym in the event of Civil War. This could very well be true, if the rumors of Thor death in Age of Ultron is true, Tony Stark might be ridden with guilt after a lost of a friend and tries to revive him.

    Possible Appearance : Captain America: Civil War

  • Another long shot, Red Skull hasn't been seen in MCU ever since he was absorbed by the Tesseract. While there has been no rumors of his appearance, the MCU desperately needs a strong villains, aside from Loki, the villains in MCU is almost always easily dealt with and only last one film. Red Skull could be introduced as a henchmen of Loki after he pulls him out of the Tesseract. Red Skull could also makes an appearance in the Civil War movie, killing Captain America in the ends just as he did in the comics. In any way Red Skull re-appearance in MCU is surely to bring some positive reaction from the fans.

    Possible Appearance : Captain America: Civil War

  • We know that Carol Danvers will posed as Captain Marvel in the upcoming film of the same name, but this doesn't block the possibility of Mar-Vell showing up in the movie. Mar-Vell is the original bearer of the name Captain Marvel and he is the reason that Carol gained her power in the first place, so maybe he would makes an appearance early in the film to tell the origin of Carol or he might just be name-dropped at some point in the movie.

    Possible Appearance : Captain Marvel.

  • While it's unknow if Spider-Woman belong to Marvel or Sony, Jessica Drew is most definitely a member of the Avengers. While she might not be called Spider-Woman in MCU, she could makes an appearance as a former member of S.H.I.E.L.D and helps aiding the Avengers in battle. It is also possible that she makes an appearance in the TV series and the not the movie, but if she does she might appears in future movie.

    Possible Appearance : Avengers: Age of Ultron.

  • Ghost Rider previous endeavor in a film franchise is massive bust, but one redeeming thing we can take from the two Ghost Rider movie is that he looks amazing in the big screen. With Doctor Strange coming to MCU, this could leads to a new supernatural takes of the franchise, Ghost Rider may not makes much an appearance though, but he could makes a cameo in the after-credit scene, setting up for a Doctor Strange sequel, if there is any.

    Possible Appearance : Doctor Strange

  • Cassie Lang might not appears in her superhero persona Stature, but it is possible that she could appears in the Ant-Man movie, after all she is the daughter of Scott Lang. Her appearance in the movie might be brief but it would also be a shout out at the comic book fans who are going to see it.

    Possible Appearance : Ant-Man.

  • Jane van Dyne is surprisingly not being announced to appear in the Ant-Man movie, instead her daughter Hope van Dyne would appears instead. This could mean that Janet has passed away sometimes before the movie, but maybe she could makes an appearance in a flashback scene of some sort and if her character is still alive, her appearance would be amazing. Janet is one of the most influential member of the avengers in fact she is one of the original so her appearance would be great.

    Possible Appearance : Ant-Man

  • This is another long shot but an entirely possible one. Punisher is one of Marvel most interesting character and deserves a good outing in a movie. He could makes an appearance in Captain America 3. Just like the comics, he would sides with Captain America before being kicked out after mercilessly killing two villains who want to join their cause, while this might not suits Disney, they could tone it down and have Frank have a go with Bucky, who is a former villain himself.

    Possible Appearance : Captain America: Civil War