Is Your Thread Worth Making? A Guideline for New Threads.

Looking around Comicvine, it's becoming more and more frustrating to look at the most recent topics, as they're basically just the same thing over and over. Look at Off-Topic if you doubt that.  
Basically, I've taken it upon myself to write a list of guidelines for thread making, and if your thread doesn't fit this criteria, then maybe it needs some altering.   
Before you decide to make a thread, consider the following; 
Will your question be easily answerable on the CV wiki, or with a quick Google search? 
So you want to know what ethnicity Bane is? That's a more than fair enough question, but do you need a thread for it? The answer is no. Just a quick read of his CV bio will tell you where he was born, where he grew up, etc...  Google exists for a reason, so that people don't have to ask each other questions with easy to find answers. Use it. It's awesome. 

Has your thread already been made?  
Despite being the most frequently occurring type of pointless thread, this also happens to be the easiest to fix. Use the Search Function, it's as simple as that. If you're going to make a thread called "Offical Amazing Spider-Man film Discussion Thread", check if there is already one in existence. Otherwise, CV ends up with two "Official" threads, and you look like an idiot.  
Is your thread title specific enough that it will turn up in future Search Results, and that people will actually want to read it?  
 You could have the most legitimate of questions to ask in your thread, but if you title it; "Can someone answer this?" Then the usefulness of your thread just plummeted. It's no good having a great idea/topic if everyone skips over it because of the vagueness of the title. In addition if your question is "How much does the Iron Man armour cost to build?", but you title the thread "A question about Iron Man", then you've screwed up the search for anyone in the future who may have a similar question. 
Does your thread need to exist on its own, or can it be added to an already existing thread?  
This is very important. Just because you saw Avengers doesn't mean that you need to make a thread about your thoughts on the film. Chances are, they're similar to everyone else's and can easily fit inside one of the many other Avengers film threads. If you want to ask people who they'd prefer being, Thor or Hulk, then add it to a "Who would you rather be" thread, don't create another one. This can go past simple laziness and sometimes approach vanity. And speaking of vanity...

Does anyone other than you actually care?  
This may sound harsh, but let's be blunt, most of a person's thoughts are interesting to them alone. If you saw a duck cross the road only to start doing the MC Hammer dance, then that's terrific, but does it need a thread? (If you have video, then yes, it bloody does, because that would be awesome). But if it's just your word, then there's a great little thread called "What's going through your mind right now?" with only a few HUNDRED THOUSAND posts, so just put your random thoughts and observations there. This also goes for things like "Guess my height". Dude, no one cares. Seriously. 
Is your thread just really, really dumb? 
If you decide to make a thread like Kanye West vs Bruce Lee, you might get a laugh or two from casual visitors. Mostly you'll just get a bunch of irreverent memes and gifs. Then someone will say "x-character" sucks, or something about Euthanasia, everyone will fight, and the thread will get locked. Congratulations, that's your fault.  
Essentially, I'm just saying think before you post. If it's not that funny, it's gross or offensive, just don't make it. Go read a comic or something. Amuse yourself some other way, because frankly, you're just going to annoy people here.  
Happy Thread-Making.