A Moron Filter (Block Feature, if you want to be "PC")

CV has the option to follow people, and see when they post on an activity feed, but what if there's someone who just posts crap? Or maybe it's not that, maybe they just rub you the wrong way (I imagine I rub many the wrong way), we shouldn't be forced to read the responses of people who either antagonise us or are, for lack of a better term, just morons.   
Basically, I feel we, as users, deserve the right to filter whose comments we read. If you like Bendis' Siege, there's a good chance I never want to hear what you have to say, there's a good chance, I may in fact berate you for having terrible taste, and you don't deserve that. That's not fair on you. See? I just said you had terrible taste, as far as I'm concerned, that's not even an opinion, it's like saying the sky is blue. It's a fact. But it might not be to you, and as such, why should you have to read my arrogant jerk-a** comments?   
Answer; you shouldn't.   
Block me. Let me block you.