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My Universe

I thought to myself, "Why not just be self indulgent and do it." So after bumping around Comic Vine for a while I have decided to do my own take on a super universe. I just used ideas and characters from every where. But the idea is a slightly new take on some old ideas. Think of it as the "The New 52 Universe 2099 - Post Secret Zero Crisis of the Infinite Invasion Wars"

List items

  • Once supers began to appear the government seized the opportunity to create a team for law enforcement and national defense. This was all done under the strain of 9/11 and considered an inevitable action. Not only has the US sought out the most powerful supers in the US they have provided them with fame. With this fame has come a life much like that of a celebrated athlete. Money, fame, riches, as long as they play along.

  • The team is formed in answer to the governments Justice League Project. Lex Luthor formed the team using his contacts and finances. Among those he chose the anit-establishment heroes and heroes that had an ax to grind with the MAN taking over. They are pubic only to the extent that they have worked have to take action against them. together in public. They feel it will be best to stay under the governments radar until the time they

  • After their transformation Reed Richards see's a whole new world to explore. Along with the original 4 they formed the Future Foundation. A collective of scientist, inventors and crack pots that are way beyond the curve. Now they explore space, sea, Skull Island, other dimensions. That is when they are not inventing break through's for society, supers and occasionally saving the entire universe.

  • This is a through back to the spy movies and shows of the 60's and 70's. I think it would work to have a return to the influences like the Steranko Years, Man from UNCLE, James Bond 007, and Avengers.

  • This needs to be be written from the high school teen angst book. The young conflicted happier than he should be Peter is what I want. Peter is still in high school living with Aunt May.

  • Starting off solo. Starting off as the Bat. The book is through his eyes with additionally through the eyes of Officer Montoya. He is vicious and brutal to start. Gordon helps him tame that.

  • Formed by Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, and yes Cable. The school is formed and teaches and trains young supers to use their powers and control them. But the graduates join Cable in the field for missions. They are the Doom Patrol or Sculley and Mulder. Dealing with the weird and unusual in the universe.

  • An 70's style horror anthology fun. Rising from the swamp the shell of the man he once was and now a mix of madness and muck. As the Man-Thing he wonders the back roads of America. His dimensional nexus effecting those around him in different ways. Some people are effected in sometimes entire towns. But always what seems like a good thing ends up a curse and a secret of the recipent is revealed as the Man-Thing wonders off mindless to what he has done.

  • We see his rise to power in the African Nation that is his birthright. Arrogant, self absorbed he leads his nation to ruin at the hands of his a powerful warlord Silverback (Man-Ape). We see him cast out and returning by believing in the Panther God.

  • Major Warlord that attacks Wakanda. Brutally seizing power and ruling the nation with an iron hand. He will become a plague to Africa as a whole.

  • The real power behind Man-Ape. He wants the technology and resources of the city to not only finally take Gorilla City. He will become a world threat by ruling the African nation. Angery and brutal he hates the people and rules them like a tyrant.

  • Finds Black Panther on the land around his home and helps him. Treating his wounds and feeding him he becomes a friend and aid to Black Panther. During the civil war Sable joins Black Panther only to find his family dead. Now he has found his way to New York working as a freelancer and attempting to find his new life far away from his path.

  • A NYC hero known for his rooftop jumps and midnight patrols. He is a cross between Batman and Spiderman and a lawyer during the day. Here we play up the Law and Order idea. He collects evidence and can walk the line with the law at night and does. He is known as a blue collar lawyer and a blue collar hero.

  • Side kick and conscious of Daredevil and Matt Murrdocks best friend. Murdock always pushing the line of legal and illegal during his cases. Always on the boarder of getting dirty. Foggy draws the line. Not the quite conservative nice guy everyone is use too. But is much more bold and angry. Matt respects him for it and regards his input more than anyone elses.

  • The third partner in the law firm. Jennifer is her regular self just large and green. She is 100% lawyer and not interested in being a superhero at all. Jennifer has worked with the Fantastic Foundation on occasion and that really turned her against the hero path. She is possibly the most normal of the entire law firm dispite her statuesque green form. She does occasionally work as bodyguard for the firm though but this is more for show. However some people have found out the hard way how much her and her cousin Bruce have in common.

  • This Kingpin doesn't hide. He is very open and is very involved in "waste disposal". He always has a bodyguard with him and walks around the "old neighborhood" visiting businesses and resturants. Kingpin is one of the last true Don's. He is old school violent and in the same token reserved. He is a business man not a gangster in his eyes. But he is sadistic, mean, and manipulative. Always planning. Always plotting. The Tony Soprano of my universe.

  • An anthology comic that is used to flesh out the universe. The Green Lantern wonders the world like a ghost like Rod Sterling telling the tales of what could have been. She looks over happy families and wonders what if the husband would have done X would they be happy? If he hadn't have died in that battle or during that experiment? What if. . .

  • The best mercenary there is. He prefers to work on the gray and just plain old black area's of the world. He is well known amongst criminals and villains and charges accordingly. Eventually he is going to piss off the wrong person.

  • Deathstroke's daughter and his prodigy in training. He is teaching Rose his own fightning style and philosphy. Slade is also giving her an insiders view of mercenary work. Over the years Rose has played more and more of a roll in Deathstroke's operations. She is sort of his criminal Robin. But is her heart really in it? She seems less and less enchanted with the dealings she see's going on.

  • Creates all of Slade's weapons and gadgets. He outfits their hideout, sets up false ID's, does all the computer intell and helps run surveillance. He is a constant companion to Slade and can hold his own in a fight. He has also supplimited his usefulness by creating an experiemntal armor for himself to use in certain situations.

  • The mystic defender of the "Realm of Earth" as he calls it. He seems to appear when needed, aiding heroes or playing a role in events then disappearing. We as the reader don't see his face at first. Just hear things from his point of view. Who is the Doctor?

  • Dr. Strangefate's major enemy. He uses his demons to work against him. He wants the Real of Earth and is all but obsessed with gaining it. The Doc is the guardian protecting the seals to unleash him.

  • The son of Lucifer born of the Demon Lord and a Mortal Bride. He is evil to the core. He is a planner and a plotter. He uses others and is chief of Lucifers "Contract Men" gathering favors and souls.

  • The mortal bride of Hellstrom. Patsy was slowly corrupted by Hellstrom over time becoming first her friend. Then her lover. Then her master. Their wedding night damned her soul. Now she is Hellstroms seductress and main killer. Is she really as under Hellstrom's control as he thinks?

  • One of Lucifer's "Contract Men". He has been here acting as main man for THE man. Now the son is upsetting the apple cart. What will he do to be the best again?

  • Was flying high altitude recon for the US when he has a malfunction and punches out. He ends up finding his way to the Savage Land where he slowly figured out a world of ancient science, bizarre tech and high magic.

  • His father found the Savage Land decades ago during an attempt to stay alive in the the brutal snow. He recorded the location and eventually returned several times. When he wasa child during his parents stay they were killed by someone leaving the child alone. Go all Tarzan with the guy. He ages slower for some reason.

  • A SHIELD op that was lucky enough to find her way to the Savage Land during a mission in Antartica. She found her way here and made friends with Ka-Zar. She likes it here and has no plans to leave.

  • An idian out hunting in the desert. It was then that he saw the Raptor. Trying to kill it he followed it back into a cave where he ended up in the Savage Land. He has decided to stay and helps protect a local tribe and fights Deimos.

  • A crazed worshipper of a forgotten god. He soon found tomes and began learning magic. Natural attuned he wandered the Savage Land until he found the Great City of Gold full of wild and weird tech. Now his is a lord conquering and warring with Morgan and Ka-Zar.

  • A super and a native of of the Savage Land. She has the low level version of magnetic powers and speaks often of her father. She is a little mad and is a lover of Deimos.

  • A race that found it's way to the Savage Land somehow long, long, long ago. Now they live at the far end of the canyon high on a point. A gleaming city of lost and ancient tech no one knows how to work. They are very work like and aggressive.