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A secret high tech organization. They use covert operatives. Some are deep cover. The organization was set up to control superheroes first and fore most domestically. But they do operate against for powers. Run Black Bag Ops on US soil. They are always running intelligence operations against Hydra, the 1000, and SPECTRE. Super high tech Men in Black gadget's, flying cars, laser watches, the whole 9 yards. But never played as a joke. It should have an element of what the government would actually do with this kinda tech

List items

  • The original "Ole War Horse". He led Easy Company during WWII a regular airborne company. Not special forces but they found their way into fights with Captain Nazi, Red Skull and Iron Marshal. He took a mild Erskine Formula and is now around as Fury's confidant.

  • Fury's second in command of the Howling Commando's in Desert Storm and beyond. He is now Fury's second in SHIELD. Gruff and old school he is confrontational. Mean and stubborn to most he is a fighter and a good one at that.

  • Field Operative working the X-File like cases. She is half alien and half super unknown to anyone else (?). Abigail gets handed the X-Files cases. Strange stuff. Magic and Monster stuff. She works with the X-Men frequently.

  • Super agent. She is the cream of the crop. The best that SHIELD has ever trained. Known as Agent 13 Sharon is sent deep undercover around the world. She works international arms deals and gathers intelligence.

  • Natasha was born, raised, and trained to be a KGB black operative. Russia changed and the name of the KGB changed. Not much else. She worked as a black op for years until Fury finally was able to get her to leave and work for him. Fury see's her like a daughter.

  • Go back to the man with no past named Logan. That is it. Just Logan. He is a lot younger here but still as worldly. Does't remember bits and pieces of his past. While he is a coldblooded killer he is also a philospher. He is good at killing but he wants to be good in deed. Can he be? Conflicted he takes it out on others.

  • A deadly assassin more inline with the Ultimate Hawkeye. He is cold calculating. A little cocky and always with a bad pun. But he knows he has no sense of humor. He is just cold and effient. Great at turning it on and off. Has some sort of hidden history with Baroness of Hydra.

  • One of the first people to take the Newest Erskine Formula. John Walker was already unstable and violent prone the formula intensified. Learning he could not work on public but was a one man war machine so he is now a covert op.

  • One on the first missions SHIELD undertook led them to uncover a shadow organization creating supers. The operation is shut down immediately (or did they) and the only graduate (?) of the program. Fury takes him and "gives him his freedom" in exchange for aiding SHIELD.

  • Just a killer. Nothing redeeming about him or his character. He hates everyone and everything and loves to kill it all. He loves to rain on a good day and is just a pain. But he has something or is being saved for something by Fury.

  • A rogue to say the least. Known to be very anti-authority and so is Fury. Unorthodoxed and a borderline criminal, he just gets the job done his way. Mostly a domestic op but his is flexible with connections everywhere.

  • Delta trained he served most of the last 10 years in the Middle East. On and off he work with Fury and his operators. After his personally tragedy he had a death wish. Fury sought out his talents and drive and has put them to use in SHIELD.

  • Fury served with during Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and every other hotspot and bushwar of the 1980's and 90's with Castle. Originally hired as a trainer after the death of his wife Fury..gave him direction.