Marvel and DC Can Bite Me

Just back from the store and. . . Alright I am a fan of the Marvel and DC of years past. I love the characters. I grew up with the characters. I know a metric ton of history and own comics of the two. But come on guys! Marvel seems to always be in the middle of some "event that will change the Marvel Universe Forever ..Again . . .so buy these 10 character titles or you won't get the entire story" thing. Or the X-Men? Don't get me started. I feel like I am walking into Season 3 of Babylon 5 with no prior knowledge. Then DC who I thought was going in a good direction when they decided to create an Ultimates universe for the DC Line and bring over Wildstorm. Then brought back the originals. Was Batman and Robin in the New DC? Which Aquaman is cool? And the Lanterns are in a major war or something that changes the characters ...again.

Guys get your crap together! The movies ain't gonna save the comics! It's a different business! It's not the 90's either! 4 bucks a pop is too much to waste on New-Character-Of-The-Year-That-Won't-Be-Here-In-Two-Years book to get the full story on "the 52 Ultimate Secret Crisis of Infinite Zero Wars 2099". Grrrrrrrrr...

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