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Powers that blow & a bunch of weirdos

Super powers are awesome...most of the time. Here is a list of people whose powers just bloooow, gimmicks that annoy and the other characters that make you nauseous.

List items

  • Raven has a lot of power and abilities but also has a lot preventing her from using them. The girls dad is a demon sounds kinda cool but it is so far from cool. Due to her parentage Raven is really powerful but at the cost of suppressing her emotions. Raven must put aside love, friendship and happiness because if she was to express her feelings she risks possession and demonic transformation.

    Holly crap this girl is only trying to help the world with her powers but she is unable to live her life. Ok and at one point Raven allowed herself to come out of her shell emotionally but this caused her face to contort into a hideous demonic form forcing the usually pretty girl to wear hood at all time.

    The big reason why Ravens powers blow is her dad the evil bastard Trigon can control her if she allows her emotions to become unchecked, and if this happens the usual occurs she hell on earth, she becomes very different (evil and sadistic).

    Soooo this is why Ravens powers BLOOOOOW

  • He bounces...that's it.

  • Poor guy is a puff of gas living in a creepy fetish suit. Some mutants get screwed when it comes powers.

  • Monster Girl is pretty badass for having powers that got her looking like 12 year old when she is actually in her late 20's. She can throw down but in a few years she is going to look like an infant...poor gal, her powers blow

  • Blackagar Boltagon possesses immense power and according his comicvine page his powers go beyond his powerful voice. Black Bolt can destroy mountains with a whisper but he is unable to speak due to his destructive voice. The poor guy can't even converse with his smoking hot wife...poor Black Bolt so powerful but so quiet.

  • 6 feet of extra skin that's his power, that's ridiculous he has saggy skin like he lost a bunch of weight.......his "power" blooows.

  • no mouth and a big hole in his chest courtesy of his power

  • Look at him...that blows

  • Poor Wither A.K.A Kevin Ford, he can't touch anyone without killing them. The kid just needs a big hug but HE CAN'T, or he'll kill the person....I also think can he wither himself? Scratches his gentleman parts...GONE...that bloooows.

  • I think the name says it all.

  • Her bones are weapons, but to use them they have to go through hr skin...ouch. It's like being stabbed from the inside out, seriously, ouch.

  • OK so he is/was a mutant with the ability to drive any vehicle really well even those he's never seen or touched (spaceships etc.). OK wow that sucks being a strong, somewhat smart and inventive but his power blows...seriously.

  • This unique fella is Superman type brawler but can only use his awesome powers one at a time...tricky but he makes it work and he makes it work well because he's a badass.

  • Wow. Terrible name. Terrible power. So he can bite through anything and eat...A LOT. NOT IMPRESSED and I'm thinking he got screwed with a power that bloooooows

  • Obesity as a super power...really? Sure he has super strength and kind of invulnerability but really? The guy even got screwed again on M Day no more super obesity but yea now way too much skin...gross. This power BLOOOOOWS,

  • Nothing like sucking the life out of someone and calling it a gift. No hugs from mommy? No naughty touching? Every time you touch someone you practically kill them and you're stuck with them in your head forever. First kiss = first murder pooooooooor Rogue, there are some benefits but seriously her power blooooooooooows

  • This guy is my hero...role model...idol you name it but his power blooows but not all the way I guess. He's a badass hands down, he can heal like Wolverine but his powers left him looking like someone took a cheese grader to his face and body. The mind of ol' Wade was pretty warped prior to gaining his healing factor but it only helped dig his crazy hole deeper .

  • LOOK AT HIM! Positives to being a walking veggi-man: NOTHING. A man made out of mud, muck, vegetables and grass...sweet. He does serve an awesome purpose; protect forests,marshes and people but doesn't everybody (minus the forests). poor Swamp-thing his powers bloooooow because they make him look like a mud man.

  • Super strength = AWESOME. Super agility = Awsome. Being blue and furry = meh. Poor ol' Hank McCoy started off as a normal buff mutant with huge feet and the agility of a Russian circus only to get screwed over and over. Some jerk decided to cover Hank in blue fur...that blowss. It didn't start too bad he still had his face it and his body just had short blue hair on it. Over the years Hanks hair was slowly getting longer and he was starting to look like good ol' Hank but more like an ape (Sadly that isn't the worse part). Still blue and furry and involved in a relationship then BAM! another mutation. Hank goes from kind of ape-ish and slowly lengthening blue fur to a freakin cat lookin guy. POOR HANK. His woman left him, he looks like a cat and now his blue hair is longer than ever. Beasts powers blooooooow

  • lame power and lame puns.

  • She is precognitive which is cool but......o yeah she has no eyes, not as if she got them poked out but never had eyes.

  • C' MON look at the poor kid. Living wax...he is made of living wax....yea let that crappy power sink in. You see his organs and skeleton floating in there willy-nilly but ok at least he has super strength and he can throw chunks of himself...cool.....not really. Oh and he is really flammable...his powers blow

  • He is blue.......that's it. His power is being blue.....yea.

  • He's called Deadman for a reason...he is dead! But at least he gets to wear his cool mask he used to perform in...oh wait no that's his face now. Though I love the character his powers suck, no one can see him or hear him unless he possesses some one, poor Boston he's dead and his powers blow

  • Just ugh...

  • He is a fish but also a man! Preposterous!

  • OK, I actually love Squirrel Girl this cutie has some actual powers: super human agility, strength & senses; claws and she can yes...talk to squirrels. OK talking to squirrels is kinda lame but she makes it awesome but a big bushy tail, c'mon oh and she carries nuts in her utility belt...

  • This woman is a super model...until she uses her power of becoming fat and strong she's kind of like 'Lady Blob' which makes her super power obesity, that blows.

    Oh yea, p.s. if she wants to regain her super model figure she has to throw up that really blows.

  • He has hooves...hooves. OK he is really strong and such but he has hooves. I bet finding shoes sucks.

  • He can "talk" to rats and have the do his bidding. Come on, really?

  • I like Maggot, I always thought he was cool and original. Too bad he had one of the weirdest mutant abilities EVER. The poor guy doesn't have a tummy instead he has 2 bugs, so when they eat "for him" and give him the nutrients its painful...nothing like a couple bugs ripping out of u and then tearing into u for your own good.

  • He can change peoples looks, which means his power is to make others ugly or pretty (he's a dick and only goes the ugly route) and worse yet it took him years to learn how to change his own appearance.

  • Her tongue has a mouth, that bites . . . weird

  • He's a duck that walks and talks, weeeeird, but it work. The latest 2015ish volumes of his books and appearances in She-Hulk are great.