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Usagi Yojimbo Does It Again! 2

Every time I read Usagi Yojimbo, I feel at ease for some reason. This comic book makes me feel relaxed and I suddenly lose all my negative energy. Maybe it is because of how Usagi is portrayed in this comic book, because it is hard not to love him. This volume colleges all 16 issues of the Mirage comics and the first 6 issues of the Dark Horse series. In other words, this volume collects the 8th, 9th, and 10th volumes of the trade paperbacks, which is perfect for me because they are becoming una...

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Best Zombie Book To Date! 2

This comic book is very hunting indeed. It will mess with your feelings and make you feel disturbed. Perfect for a horror comic book. I should mention that I don't like zombie comic books or anything to do with the zombie culture. The only other comics I like with zombies are iZombie and Manifest Destiny because they deliver something different. Afterlife with Archie has the same effect.Probably the best thing about this comic book is you don't have to know anything about Archie and his gang to ...

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Moneypenny and Bond's Lovechild 0

What if Miss Moneypenny and James Bond had a child? Well Velvet Templeton is essentially a lovechild of the two. She has the job of the secretary for Arc-7 and she has the personality of a world class super spy. Unlike Miss Moneypenny and more like James Bond, Velvet doesn't let anyone get in her way.I'm glad I picked this up after I finished Casino Royale. Brubaker and Epting set up a world very similar to the Bond universe, but with a darker tone. You might think of Ian Fleming while reading t...

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Lewis and Clark, not Louis and Clark 3

You think you know the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition? Think again! This comic takes what we know about Lewis and Clark and turns it upside down in one hell of a ride. Apparently they were sent by President Jefferson to not only discover the new land America had purchased from the French, but they were also to examine some unnatural beings in a top secret mission.At first I had no idea hat this comic book was about. I honestly thought it was just another zombie comic. Then I read somewh...

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Death, Folktales, and Bunnies 0

To start with I think the best thing I like about this comic book is it's done by not only a female artist, but a female writer too. You don't really get to see a female creative team doing comic as much. another reason I wanted to get this was for the concept of Death (the Reaper). I'm not a dark person in real life, but I'm very interested in concepts of Death and how other people view them. Hence why Death from Sandman is possibly my favorite female comic book character. This version for Deat...

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Cum and Read Sex Criminals 3

THIS WAS FUCKING AMAZING BALLS! Sorry I'm starting out using swears and vulgar language, but this book deserves it in the review. Sex Criminals is a sex comedy book. You'll laugh so hard much you might cry in shame. Don't laugh too hard though. If you explode the Sex Police will come after you and whack you with a dildo. Okay enough puns, time to get down with the serious part of the review.Sex Criminals was actually really funny. Even with the serious moments it turns into funny moments. To sta...

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The Rabbit Bodyguard 0

How do I begin a review for Stan Sakai’s epic tale of Usagi Yojimbo? For those who do not know, Miyamoto Usagi is a wandering masterless samurai who just happens to be a giant anthropomorphic rabbit. The story itself takes place in Japan during the turn of the 17th century, thus making this book historical fiction rather than anthropomorphic fantasy. Usagi Yojimbo is also a widely recognizable and popular character in the comic book genre.The best thing about this volume was my impression ...

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Son of a Kitten! So Much Fun! 1

I'm really starting to like Image's directions toward comic book ideas. Not only are they proving that comic books don't have to sell with superheroes, but they are also proving that comics can sell with women leading. Rat Queens is a perfect example of this too. The main reason I wanted to read this comic was for the fact it was as the first time in a long time I saw an all-female team in comics that didn't look like a bunch of crime fighting supermodels. That last time I can think of anyth...

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A Little Confusing 0

I was a little disappointed with this volume. The series is excellent as a whole, but in this volume, something went wrong. Hoping they fix it for the next one. After I read the Afterword it made more sense, but it seems a little mashed together.The focus of this volume is several standalone issues involving multiple characters. I liked the concept, but some of the stories just didn't flow well and made things confusing. Like the two I really liked were the one staring Blues and the other starin...

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A Darker Mega Man 0

I have skipped Volume 3 only because it's unavailable on Amazon and Archie's site. Instead of waiting to read three, I just decided to jump to four. This is not a hard comic to follow, so skipping a volume is fine. Moreover, they tell you within the dialogue what you have missed. It's a comic meant for kids and old Mega Man fans alike, so they need to keep it simple. I think this is my favorite one out of the three I have read. It's a little darker than the others are and it introduced some...

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Smells Like Lovecraft's Spirit 6

This was a lot better than the third volume. Things are finally starting to add up (kind of) and this volume wasn't so jumpy from the last one. In this volume, we start with Jo having problems remembering who she was. She has no memories from her past or even her name. She ends up naked in from of a 90s band's home in Seattle. They give her a new alias, Jane, and things start going out of hand quick. They soon discover Jo (Jane) is not like any other woman. She has special powers that are...

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Peter Pan Goes To War With Heart! 2

I'll first start this review by saying I'm not much of a war story fan. In fact, I pretty much don't like reading about wars. The ones I read at least tend to get boring and too tectonically for me to keep interest. The comic book however is very different. What made me get the book in the first place was the fact it was Pater Pan in France during WWII. I thought it was a perfect set up. Once I started reading this, I saw why I don't like war stories as much. They tend to leave out the h...

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Time For More Maga Man 0

Another super fun volume of Mega Man. Every time I read the title, I cannot help think of that Space Jam song "Fly like an Eagle" by Seal. Anyhow, Ian Flynn is showing that in this volume he knows how to right characters well. I love the fact each robot has their own unique personalities, it really gives them character. Some of the robot look alike so I thought I would get confused, but not with this one. At least they have different powers and personalities. Flynn is also giving these ch...

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Mega Man for All Ages 9

I'm going to first start this review saying that lately I have been obsessed with revisiting my past. I'm a kid who grew up in the 90s, one of the best decades ever to grow up. It had its toys, games, Disney movies, and mostly its cartoons. One cartoon I vaguely remember watching is Mega Man. Now I'll be honest and say that I have never played a Mega Man title in my life. However, with the Marvel vs. Capcom games Mega Man is always my top player I choose. Something about the guy makes me l...

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Bloody Gorgeous 1

If I could, I'd give this a 4.5 rating instead of a full 5 star. I found this volume read a lot quicker than the previous volume and some points left me wondering what actually happened. I still don't get if the Binder was an enemy or a friend to Luther or just being who they are. Luther also lost some of the "geeky" quality to him from the previous volume, but I guess that happens when you live on your own with nothing but you mind for five years.However, I really liked the art in this volu...

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Cute and Colorful 3

Again, I can't rate this any lower because it feels like I'm watching more episodes of the Powerpuff Girls I've never seen before. Even though, this book is obviously meant for children, but for people who grew up watching this show will get kick out of this too. It's fun and colorful and cute....

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The Hour of Our Release Draws Near 0

I liked this volume a lot better than the first volume for several reasons. The story is moving along a lot fast now and some things are becoming clear, even though this is one odd comic book series. The art interior work in the book seems to have improved too, even though I'm still not a fan of the faces, it just works for this type of plot. There more character to like, dislike, and introduced without really knowing who they really are just yet. Also, this volume doesn't censor some of the...

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Better Then Kick-Ass 4

It's hard not to compare this tittle with Kick-Ass at times. They are both about teenage comic book nerds who become the heroes themselves and both titles deal with the idea of hyperactive violence. However, Kick-ass takes the situation into a dark comedy route and Luther Strode, which has a little comedy, focuses on the drama aspect. As much as I liked Kick-Ass (mainly for the characters), I think I like Luther Strode better cause to me it seem more believable. There was no "get the girl" story...

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Snow White (and Bufkin) 1

Fables is still my favorite comic book of all time, but this is the first time I'm a little lost. Not in the sense of story, but more of the time line. Noticing it's jumping back and forth a little. Epically noticed it with this volume. Took me a little while to realize this was happening during the Cubs in Toyland arc, not before and not after but during.I can see why they waited to add the Bufkin stories in Oz for this one. It wouldn't have worked with the tone for Cubs in Toyland. I was...

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Wonder Woman That Reads Like Vertigo 1

I'm starting to like this series more and more. Probably the only series that's still worth it in the New 52 in my opinion. No need to read any other comic book to get what's going on and the art gives it a soap operaish feel.Still finding this series a lot like Sandman, which I like a lot. Makes Wonder Woman and her siblings closer then the other series. This comic still has it's Vertigo feel too. Not so many dirty jokes in this volume, but tons of violence. Also there is a lot of bar scenes to...

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Fairest 3

Comparing this to the last original graphic novel Fables had "Wolves of the Heartland," this was a lot better. For one this actually felt like a Fables story. I also enjoyed the art in the book better too. I like seeing the the Fables ladies drawn in different styles.Two things that I didn't like about the book though was it got confusing at times int the plot, but like most mysteries the ending made things more clear. My biggest complaint though is this had some HUGE spoilers if you are not...

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For A Better Future 0

I still have no idea what I just read, but that's what I like about this series. Just recently I've been venturing away from Marvel and DC and found Image. First reading Fatale, this was a good second choice. It has that same element where you're always guessing what's going to happen next and the use of the flashbacks is great too. Plus I really like how the main characters are set up. There all different and you start liking the ones you didn't care for in the beginning.I've never seen Lost be...

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Fantastic Read 1

This was FANTASTIC! One of the best Grant Morrison books I've read in a long time. Usually Morrison can get very confusing at times, but this one is written clearly. You can also see all the influences other comic books had after this one was finished, especially with the entire fourth wall concept. I found it funny how the character in the book viewed us as the reader calling us "perverts" sometimes. If you like the fourth wall concept, this one is one of the good ones. Many comics try to attem...

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Love! 2

This is another issue of animal man that needs a review. It's just perfect in every way. From start to finish. I can see why it gets a high praise. Not only does this issue break the fourth wall, but it's also leaves you with a bittersweet ending. This is a must read indeedI really like the multiple reference to early Looney Tunes cartoons mostly the Wile E. Coyote stuff, but also the cartoon Duck Amuck featuring Daffy Duck. Even having the truck's company with Ajax was perfect. Even thou...

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Great First Issue 4

For a first issue, I thought this one was great. The best thing I liked about this is that if you are like me, this explains the life of Buddy Baker (Animal Man) to those who aren't too familiar with him. I fist started liking Animal Man back in 2006 with the 52 series DC Comics produced. Then I wanted to know more about him. Finally the Omnibus edition is out and get to read the entire Morrison run.Besides Morrison writing, the art work is great too. Fits for an everyday man trying to be a supe...

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Fairest Gets Hairy 2

I don't know how I felt about this one. Too many mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the cover art and the inside art for Rapunzel's story, but the art they used for Aldered States was kind of a let down.The writing for Rapunzel was my main issue. I liked the use of Japanese folklore and the fact we got more Rapunzel, but was that story necessary? The fact that they made Rapunzel a bisexual made no sense except just to add a LGBT character in Fables. And it didn't add anything for future stories e...

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One of the Better Before Watchmens 0

Finally finished reading all the Before Watchmen comics. This one was the quickest out of the volumes, but don't let that be a negative. It may have been a quick read, but it was probably one of the better volumes. Not as good as the Minutemen comics, but pretty damn close. This volume had what the others novels lacked though: the dark, gritty, violent, and uncomfortable side that Alan Moore delivered.The Comedian's part I liked because it used a lot of that alternative history that Watchme...

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What's Inside the Book? 0

I liked this book a lot better then the previous one I read (Before Watchmen: Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair). The art was more colorful and I didn't find myself forcing my way threw to get it over with.The first part with Nite Owl was a little better then I thought. I didn't care much for the art, but the story made up for that. Defiantly not the strongest story in Before Watchmen, but it's worth checking out. It features the Twilight Lady who is only briefly referenced in the original Watchmen...

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Weakest of Before Watchmen 0

I have to admit this book was probably the weakest out of the Before Watchmen volumes. The first bit with Ozymandias was probably the best one in this book. It was near perfect. Leading you to the murder of the Comedian. How the entire Watchmen mini-series began. The writing was surprisingly good and the artwork was really well done too. Then it all fell apart.Now here is were it falls apart: with the Crimson Corsair segment. Not only did I not care for the art, but I didn't care for the...

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Hell of a Good Story 3

Unlike the previous two volumes, this trade collects four prequels to the Fatale series. Two of which feature our mysterious Josephine and two other stories that feature women who share the same resemblance to Jo. All the stories are connected is one way or another.What I liked about this volume is that it almost answers the questions we've had about Josephine in the past books. We now know that she is not alone in who she is and what she can do; there are other women who have the power to cont...

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Came for Minutemen, Stayed for Silk Spectre 0

I actually really enjoyed this comic book. Haven't read the others so can't rated the entire Before Watchmen, but these two are a looker. The Minutemen is the best of the two. Really good art and a good story. Love the fact they mentioned that Sally was Polish. I remember that from the origin comic, but it's rare you see it mentioned again. The Minuteman is just great because it takes you to the Gold Age and turns it upside down with reality of the times.The Silk Spectre part was better then I t...

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To start with, DC Comics short-lived series Solo is a must-read and highly recommended to any serious comic book readers. I mean serious too because not only is the writing is more than an average comic book, but the art is very involved too. Unlike most comic book series, this took me a few days to finish.I loved almost all of the art and enjoyed a fair amount of the writing.Tim Sale’s part I think was the strongest with the writing. The story with Supergirl was a real sweet, but very sad at th...

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A Good Comic for Engligh Majors! 0

I thought this was stronger then the other ones personally. Loved the Tempest and Virginia Woolf references. Orlando is one of my favorite characters and glad to see him/her in the League books. Having the name Vita as a woman was just perfect. I thought this one was the strongest because Moore reference books you would have read in English classes both in high school (such as 1984 and the Great Gatsby) and ones you would read in college such as (Gulliver's Travels and the Tempest). I would...

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Who Doesn't Love Josephine? 0

Not much to say about this volume that I ready did not say about the previous volume. This is another good comic book that you must read. It is dark, gritty, and full of mystery. The question who is Josephine is still up in the air, but more answers in this book then the last. Now a new question comes up, who is Hansel? I love how this comic ties up the main story, but it keeps you guessing with the bigger story.The main reason this comic has been solid the whole way threw is the writing and art...

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Good Story, Clustered Art 0

I found this volume a little less stratifying then the previous Batwoman stories. I can tell this comic I'm going to rate it based on the artwork. I thought the story was done well. It was a little confusing at first, but it all ties together at the end with a cliffhanger. I just wish they kept using J.H. Williams III as the main artist. I like him as a writer, but he's better at the art. Don't get me wrong though I really like Batwoman as a character. Also, I have faith in the next volume. A Ba...

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Hell Yeah Wonder Woman! 0

I'm seriously in love with this series now. I really love the writing, the darkness, the edginess, and the maturity. Wonder Woman is no longer a comic book for kids, as it should be. She deals with Greek mythology. If you actually read the tales, they are very graphic. Wonder Woman get close to the graphic parts, but still keeps it PG-13. What I love most about this volume is how much it reads like the Sandman comics. The gods and their relationships remind me of the Endless. And the new look to...

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The End 0

In order to review the last trade of iZombie, I feel like I have to review the entire series. Why? The comic only lasted 28 issues and as a whole, the comic was very entertaining. I was very disappointed to see the series end on such short notice. The idea was very original and fresh. It’s not just any other zombie comic, but it’s a zombie comic with the zombie telling us the story. It is not only about zombies, but it is also about ghosts, wereterriers, mummies, vampires, and other monster done...

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Grim and Beautiful 0

One of the darkest and grimmest Fables yet. I can't really say much more without giving spoilers, but parents beware of this issue. This shows how good of a writer Bill Willingham is though. I thought it was some of the best Fables writing in a while.I should mention that this does not include the Oz tales as it says in the ads. Instead, you get the two-part arc of The Destiny Game.If you’re a fan of Fables this will not disappoint you. It brings back the hard-hitting tales the comic use to have...

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Who is the Fairest of them all? 0

Even though this got confusing at times and I really didn't care for Jonah Panghammer's character, I did enjoy this new spin-off. Love the idea to make a series based on the female Fables and give them new stories and reveal new secrets. Looking forward to the rest of the spin-off. I hope Willingham does a story focused on Ozma or Maddy because they are in Fables a lot now, but we don't know too much about them.The art in the book is the reason this series will work because the past on-going ser...

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Best Zomie Book (I Think)! 0

First, I have to say that I hate almost everything that has a zombie in the story. They have become so overdone like vampires and werewolves. What made me read the comic was that I like the writer and I love the artist. It was a good combo. I really liked this comic book because it blew the other monster stories out of the water. FINALLY, something original and not too original that it screws up the tradition of the monsters. The zombie wants brains, but it's not a post-apocalyptic plot. It's re...

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