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    Little Duck of Honors.

    Impressive art and a complex story-telling as Steve Gerber could only express. Classical Howard the Duck satire comes into the 21st Century as Howard and Beverly go into the Boarding House of Myster...

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    Point Men , Match, Jericho, Conduit , Gen 13 , Spazz, Inertia, Puppeteer would be awesome appearances to the series.

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    Brother Voodoo is a Marvel franchise, Voodoo is a DC franchise. Not likely.

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    Space Siren Oddity

    Joe Casey's script is a pale satire to Superman with Desmond prompted to become a carrier of government secret back-ups and a target as such while Majestic is caught in space with a bevy of alien sedu...

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    Cover Front.

    A dismal story for 1996. When the artists have no authoring skills, all you see are plenty of pretty pictures with too much drama and little to no plot. An overdramatic, pale, mopey story that lacks a...

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    Bliss is on the List.

    Not since the debut of Mean Machine or Judge Caligula has there been a villain as strange for Judge Dredd than the musical-loving, organ-harvesting, lecherous Dr. Bliss. If the first issue was a du...

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    Darn Silly

    Peter David goes for child-safe humor and infernal schmaltz, the teens battle a disco-loving demoniac named Dante who settles on kidnapping, enslaving, and tormenting evil spirits to his "Disco Infer...

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