• Eyelash30 wrote a review of The Fire Next Time... Chapter Three.
    Cracked Widow Peak

    A unique final story from Scott Lobdell with this uniquely twisted Black Widow/ Natasha Romanov story, Black Widow tries to rescue an 80 year old woman from the evils of Ebony Flame and the conspiri...

  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of A World Of His Own.
    Double Edge Words

    Alan Moore and contemporary artist Jim Starlin once again turn the comic book formulae on its head while offering nostalgic artwork for the comic fan of heart in glimpses of the past. The Supreme arch...

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    I would recommend the John Wagner & Alan Grant Judge Dredd villain, Dr. Euphoriah Bliss from 'Judge Dredd: Legends of the Law' issue 2 to this list.

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    The Day the Law Died.'The Organ Donors.' by John Wagner & Alan Grant.

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  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of No escape from Dimension X.
    No Place like No-Zone

    Corny and very entailed to ridiculing yesteryear super-heroes and mad scientists out of the fifties, this nod to the pulp-era comics of the early 60's is a bit lowbrow but the art isn't too bad. The f...

  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of The Riddle of the Recalcitrant Refuse.
    Trash is Treasure

    The Alan Moore story is a detailed and satirical uptake of a dead spirit turned into a trashy poltergeist leads plenty of 'Mad' inspired silliness. The additional stories regarding past-time horror...

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  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of D-Day!.
    Deviant Disappointment.

    The artwork is okay, but the imaginary story to this alternate historical timeline is an empty, sad, dull interpretation that not only says that war is hell and life fighting for anything is meaningle...