Picked up a near mint DC presents #1 today at a flea market.

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The King Forsaken... 9

Hey guys, welcome back to another review. This one is a few days late, but I feel like I needed to review the relaunch of my favorite ongoing series, Aquaman. Geoff Johns revolutionized the character with his brilliant run on the character to open the New 52, and that remains one of my favorite runs of all time. Then, Jeff Parker came in with big shoes to fill, and while his first arc wasn't anything too special, his second arc was spectacular. Now we enter Cullen Bunn, our new Aquaman writer. H...

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The Epiphany is Coming... 9

Spoiler free.So I'm going to go ahead and read the other new book I picked up this week from DC's universe relaunch. Another book I was waiting patiently for quite some time. Martian Manhunter hasn't really been given a spotlight to shine in under the new-52 (actually the new-52 doesn't exist anymore... so post-Flashpoint I guess), except for maybe JLI, but even there, he wasn't the biggest appeal. So now he finally gets his own solo book... Does it help J'onn get back near the top? Let's fi...

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Amun-Ra Beckons You... 2

I've been waiting for a new Doctor Fate solo for a while, and I'm thrilled that we finally have it. I'm writing this right after reading it, so my reactions should be as accurate as possible... I hope this is helpful.Spoiler Free.We are thrown into a new Doctor Fate, one that we have never seen before. Khalid Nelson is a Med student in Brooklyn, and is having one weird day. Ancient forces are feuding once again, but the Sun god, Amun-Ra, is growing weak, as the elder gods are no longer worsh...

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Now We're Talkin' 6

*Minor Spoilers to follow* Let me start off by saying that this issue was the best of the run so far. There was one factor I believe that really helped it achieve that level, and that was Raven. Before this issue, we'd only seen very small glimpses of Raven, and I think she only had a few lines over the two issues as well. This issue focused more on her than the other characters, and I was sure glad to see that. I'm kind of rambling now, so let me get to the review. StoryThis issue was...

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Bright Future Ahead 11

I'm going to do it. I know this movie is almost 2 years old, but it's probably still the most talked about film on this site. People argue about this film everyday, so I decided to review it to give my opinions on the film without having to do a back and forth with another viner.I liked Man of Steel. Was it perfect? No. Honestly, I didn't like it that much when I first saw it. I blame that on the Dark Knight trilogy. After the Nolan trilogy, I compared EVERY superhero movie to TDK, and since I l...

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Marvel Does it Again 5

I finally saw The Winter Soldier today... Talk about being late to the party. I decided it was about time I checked it out considering how much praise I've seen it receive on this site. So let's get to the review.The GoodI'm going to keep this review simple, just 2 sections. Good and bad. Too lazy to do a full professional review at this hour.- Bucky BarnesBucky was the highlight of the film. One of the top 3 most Bad*ss villains to ever appear in a CBM in my opinion.- Adjusting to the 21st cent...

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The Titans of Tomorrow 17

Decided to pick up this book since I'm committing to this new Teen Titans run, and it was a pretty interesting story. Minor Spoilers Follow.Our team of heroes are made primarily from Earth-2 heroes that 'immigrated' there in accordance with a bill later dubbed "The Grant Bill." The team consists of a few familiar faces, such as Lagoon Boy (Going as Tempest), Kid Flash-2, & Klarion. The story revolves around the team attempting to get at a snobby rich kid named Archimedes Grant. He himsel...

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A Mind-Blowing Epic 0

So it's finally here, Grant Morrison's The Multiversity, and boy it did not disappoint. I'll try to right this with little to no spoilers, but if you have not read the book yet, be warned, there might be some minor spoilers. First off, I just want to say that the concept of this book is genius. A team comprised of heros from all 52 Earths being formed to fight an end of the universe? Count me in. We still don't know much about this group of baddies that our heros are fighting, but they app...

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Teen Titans #1 (New 52) 0

So now we get a revamped revamp of the Teen Titans. I never got around to reading the original New 52 line, but from what I've heard, it was less than desirable. I thought this new issue was quite good, and left me wanting more. The team is solid, still not entirely sold on Bunker, but the other members all hail from my favorite Titans team, the New Teen Titans (except Robin is Tim instead of Dick of course.) Some people were upset about the highly sexualized Wonder Girl, but hey, that's com...

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