Up for round 3? I've seen several new films since the last time I did this. Now sit down and take my opinions.

NOTE: I have not (somehow) seen Superman 1 or 2.

List items

  • I can understand if you have a different 'favorite' CBM, but this is the best CBM ever made. Hands down. It's perfect.

  • Get over it. I love this movie. A much more accurate Peter Parker. Gwen Stacy. Etc.

  • Don't forget the original dark Bat. Nicholson is the GOAT, and this film must be remembered for the great CBM it is.

  • The best screen telling of Batman's origin, and a great introduction to this different take on the universe.

  • Not far behind 'Begins'. Some people (seemingly only on this site) didn't care for this movie, but Batman is my favorite character, and Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. I will never get anything more from a CBM in my life than I did from this trilogy.

  • 6 movies in and only 2 characters so far. Can you tell who my two favorite heroes are? Yes Spidey 2 was great, but this movie is far more memorable to me. It was the first CBM that made me interested in superheroes.

  • So much fun. First Marvel movie that made me want to return for a second viewing in theaters. And I listen to the soundtrack weekly.

  • The most perfect movie Marvel has made to date, but it still isn't my favorite. It does everything right, and I have almost no complaints (I don't with any of the previous either, except GotG.)

  • EDIT: Finally watched this movie. Pretty great. Continuing on everything right that First Class did. Except for the concern for continuity. Who needs it!

  • I love the book. It's the greatest comic I've ever read, and having read it before the movie really helped a lot. I know it was long, but I wish it was a tad longer to include more moments from the book. RR is a bad azz.

  • This isn't your grandma's Superman. GET. OVER. IT.

  • Hey it's Tobey McSpoder again. One of the best villains in CBM in history, and a much darker tone made this movie epic.

  • I love the 'reboot' to get the origin's of the older characters, and I love the new cast. Fassbender is best bender.

  • I had no idea this movie was based on a comic when I first saw it, and it blew my mind.

  • Amazing to see them all on screen. A few writing bumps, but a dream come true for comic fans.

  • Yes I like this one a little better than TWS.

  • Yes I like this one a little less than TFA.

  • This movie... Kicked-A... You thought I was gonna say it. I'm not here for your amusement. Anyway, I think this movie surprised everyone. It was really fun.

  • Remember how dark this movie is? I'd say it's darker than any other bat film minus The Dark Knight (cuz Joker.) Penguin gave my younger self nightmares, and this was another solid film from the Burton.

  • One of the best castings in CBM history. He makes the movie so fun and worth watching.