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Counter to the review by Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero 2

Having read the review posted by Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero, and having seen the movie myself, I must respectfully disagree with his view on the topic.   I do believe that Green Lantern will be one of the movies to beat this summer.  I went into this move with my doubts, and my expectations were not so high.  But lets start with my history with this character.  Green Lantern was the very first comic book I've read, and since then I've always been hooked, so for me the expectations of what I wanted...

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Look it's a Semi driving through a Plot hole! 5

Ok, I could care less who Oberon Sexton is, really I could. All of that was overshadowed to me by the   HUGE  GAPING   PLOT HOLE!       Ok, I'm just wondering if anyone else sees Grant's huge and Gaping plot hole in this story. All of this about how the Underground tunnels of Wayne Manor resemble a Bat Symbol, when Combined with the Above ground Wayne Manor. Would this be the same Wayne Manor and Batcave that were Completely and totally destroyed in Batman: Cataclysm? If I recall correct...

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Series Review 0

When this series first began, I was a bit worried, in fact I was a touch mortified.  they made Damien Robin, took something Tim had worked for and earned,and just gave it away..  But Tim is slowly growing into his own as Red Robin (Not really fond of the Name) The Look, the way he acts, his methodology He's not Robin any more, and he's not Batman, nor is he Nightwing.  HE transcends all these and has become his own man.  His actions in the first arc, cutting himself off from everyone I at first ...

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Spoilers for Spoiler 0

Ok, so lets review.... she knows his Real name...... she knows he has this weakness for not hitting girls... (Great tag line in there for that actually) but when he goes to unmask her, demanding to know who she is, she responds "Please Tim not like this"..... To which in his mind he's like "Tim".The mystery of spoiler is getting deeper and deeper.... my guess is that if it is Steph they better make a better story than they did with Jason. however I think it's Cassandra Cain. It's Batgirl.....

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X-Men Lost 2

Ok, I've been waiting on this, looking, and waiting for it. and now that I've got it.. I can let you the people know what I think. there are several different Stories so I'll break them down by characterCannonball-Husk: So Sam and Paige are back home, and Sam wants to get a drink of Whiskey.. and the Anti- Mutant faction in town hears about him and they come calling.... Insert a Fight where Sam, without powers Takes out 4 People. (Go Sam) ... and then he tells Paige, when she Asks why "I ...

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Though it was mistitled 3

Ok, first off this book should not have been titled wolverine. I mean I know that marvel thinks Wolverine will sell their books just like it made those three Wolverine movies. . . Beyond that This book was told from Shadowcat's point of view. And it was an excellent story. The scene in the Blackbird where she's talking to wolverine about her crush on peter KITTY: "There's this friend of mine, she thinks he's cute what do you Known about him?"LOGAN: "He's russian, he turns into metal"KITTY: W...

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The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill 0

Hello, I am a Grotesque deformed horse headed cyborg Alien, and I have just handed Thor his rear end!This is the Story of all story's, where Hal Jordan was my first favorite comic Character, Beta Ray Bill by far is one of my all time favorites. and this was the story that introduced him. Alien ship approaching earth... Thor is sent to investigate, the ship detects Thor as a threat, and attacks, Thor retaliates, and then the "Guardian" woke up and proceeded to beat Thor down like a two year ol...

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I'll take "this was Stupid" for 200 Alex 0

Ok, I'm going to start by saying that I have Never been a fan of MJ and Peter. My Spider Man was a Single Spider Man, he was the Guy I could Relate to. I could not relate to Peter landing a Model as a wife. Pete was supposed to be like me, the Every Man, and I could never have landed a Model(My current Girlfriend has made me reevaluate this by being , well downright beautiful, so perhaps Everyman can meet and get involved with a woman as Pretty as MJ - or prettier in my case- )All of that being ...

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Ok, this one was a touch Personal 0

Ok, so Short story long here, My Girlfriend and I Play Cassie and Tim in a Marvel/DC Rp we are in so she and I have been watching Tim and Cassie's relationship like a hawk. And what amazes us is some of the stuff we have done in our RP was mirrored in the Comic. Let me say now that I don't like this mirror.. While I understand the Motivations of Cassie for Breaking up with Tim, that she needs more time to make sure he's not just a Rebound kinda thing, the Writers forget on major thing It's been...

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