Moving on

Ok so for all of those who commented on my last "Emo" blog, in the words of a Python character. "I'm feeling much better now"   Well with the exception of having just been attacked by three kamakazie cans of diet mt dew when I opened the fridge, but hey I'll live.


I are Drunk

I'm Sick, really I am

I'm sick of being told I'm not good enough

I'm sick of being told I'm not "Bad enough"

I'm sick of falling asleep alone

I'm sick of Waking up alone

I'm sick of people Playing with my heart and my Emotions like there are Hacky sacks

I'm sick of women who have a man like me who will treat them like a Goddess, but they want a man who will treat them like an object

I'm sick of being the nice guy that always Finishes last.

I'm sick of giving my heart only to have it Trampled

I'm sick of being made to believe I'm good enough when I'm not

Mainly I'm Fed up with Emotions All together.


Flag on the play, Technicality

Ok, it should be noted that Hulk is not "Hulk 2" ... it is a complete and total relaunch of the hulk Franchise, Tying into the Avengers Franchise that launched with Iron Man. (To Date Iron Man is IMHO The Best Comic Movie To date) .  

I've really no interest in Hellboy, I've never liked the character, and never had a desire to see anything he's done.  Of course I saw the first movie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets Heroes any one?)

As for Dark Knight.....  I'm thinking it will definatly Rock.. so as Far as Sequels go... Dark Knight will definatly win

As far as Movie of the Year... Right now it's Iron Man.... but I'm betting money afte rFriday it will be Hulk


Divided we stand

I know several people are awaiting my purchase of Divided we stand, and the review, and more specifically Hellion updates. I'm sorry to say that that review will be waiting about 3 hours from the time of this post. As previously stated LexiCat will get the first update, then Enigma and then after that I shall write my full review. The store I am getting my issue from will not have it in until 2PM EST Patience my friends, I shall have it for you

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