My 11 Favorite Women in Comics

Just want to give some love to the great female characters out there.

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  • Always loved Maria Hill. She's pretty much married to her work, but I like her dedication. She doesn't have any powers like the superheros she's often playing second fiddle to, but she's just as committed to doing the right thing and making the world a safe place. Oh, and she's super hot ;)

  • Deadliest woman in the universe. Need I say more???

  • Jet Black is killer awesome! Even if that wasn't enough, she's super sexy in her black get up. What can I say, I guess I like my women with daddy issues lol... even if it's daddy-is-a-mad-nazi-scientist-and-has-maybe-corrupted-my-mind issues. It's alright, I still love her lol.

  • Debbie Grayson is one of my absolute favorite characters for a lot of reasons. A main reason is that she's a strong woman. As a son, I see things from a son's perspective and I admire Debbie as a mother. Kirkman's portrayal of her as a struggling single mother really resonated with me as a realistic take on what some mothers have to go through. She's been through a lot of tough stuff. She hasn't always been there for Mark as she's turned to alcohol in the past, but at the end of the day she's just a woman trying to handle all the pressures and worries that come with her life. Though, she hasn't always been available as a mother, her realistic take on being a single mom still shows that she is a great parent. More importantly, she's a great woman.

  • Jane Foster represents all that is great about Midgard. She's down to earth and displays all the fulfillment one can have in a mortal life. It's no wonder that Thor loves her.

  • Truly heroic. Kitty Pryde is the epitome of the word 'superhero'.

  • She's witty, lighthearted and kind. Pepper makes it all look too easy. I especially loved her as RESCUE.

  • Altruistic, kind and individualistic. She's the (superhero) girl next door.

  • Super intelligent girl with a punk mentality. How can you not like Kris?

  • She represents the fangirl and fanboy in all of us.

  • If you're a fan of Rai you'll understand.