My 10 Favorite Writers

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  • Between All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, it's ridiculous how Bendis is able to continually knock it out of the park with each title. Three of my favorite books on the shelves.

  • What can I say about Geoff Johns that hasn't already been said countless times?

    He singlehandedly built up the Green Lantern universe. He took a book in dire need of creative direction, and what he did was create one of superhero comic's most expansive mythologies. In 9 years he took a struggling concept, created a vast universe with it, brought it to be one of DC's top selling properties and in the process expanded the book from one monthly title to 5. It's just unheard of.

    Green Lantern now has an enormous fan base that continues to grow to this day and it is all owed to the ideas and hard work of Geoff Johns. I became a fan of his message of will power triumphing over fear and it is what continues to draw me back into his books for repeated readings.

  • Shows he knows how to build a mythology in X-O Manowar as well as carry the torch, as evidenced by him being Geoff Johns' successor on Green Lantern and doing a damn good job of it!

  • His work on Thor: God of Thunder is truly a passion project. It feels like it anyway as every issues seems to exude as much love and care as I expect went into it. He also writes a great Wolverine as well.

  • Love his work on Green Arrow and Animal Man.

  • Court of Owls is quite possibly my favorite Batman story arc I've read. I've since dropped the Batman title as Zero Year was a concept I didn't want to stick around for. But I do currently enjoy reading his book The Wake every month.

  • His work on the Captain America title really sets his work apart. But perhaps his greatest achievement at Marvel was his creation and development of the Winter Soldier character.

  • Harbinger, Harbinger, Harbinger. Josh Dysart's characterization is second to only Bendis in my opinion. Such a superior writer when it comes to character driven storytelling.

  • Remender's exploration of Steve Rogers' indomitable will has made me a real fan of the character and the writer as well.