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Favorite Superhero Story Arcs

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  • Thor has never been as sweeping an epic as in Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Thor:GoT. No movie or previous comic book incarnation of Thor has achieved this level of awesomeness. In fact, forget the movies altogether - THIS is Thor as he's meant to be told!

    This story arc really captured my imagination as to what Thor, and superhero comics in general, can and should strive to achieve.

    3 kick-ass Thors in one book, what more could you want from a superhero comic?

  • This comic ushered in the bronze age with one of (if not the most important) superhero books to tackle relevant social issues. This is an expert pairing of two characters who set out across the U.S.A., trying to solve it's problems... and not always succeeding.

  • Unforgiven meets Mad Max meets Wolverine. That's the best way to describe this mish-mash of western, dystopic sci-fi and superhero genres. No one but Mark Miller could make such a thing work, and that combined Steve McNiven's incredible art style make this a Wolverine classic.

  • My all-time favorite Batman arc. In Scott Snyder's universe, Gotham is just as important a character as Batman is. And in this particular story Scott does something new, suggesting that Batman's control over the city is only an illusion. That's what makes the Court of Owls such an interesting addition to Batman's rogues gallery. They intend to show Batman that they are the one's who control Gotham and that he has been nothing but a pawn in their game this whole time.

  • A classic that showcases the first appearance of Nightwing and tells the definitive tale and origin of Deathstroke.

  • The Green Lantern story that resurrected Hal Jordan as the one true Green Lantern. This is the first story to really make me fall in love with not just Geoff Johns' storytelling, but with Green Lantern in general. Also the first one to make it feel like a sprawling, epic space adventure.

    To me this is the best Green Lantern story out there, even if only for it's significance and what it brought about. It's the harbinger for all of Green Lantern's future success. In fact, it is one of the best superhero stories released by DC in the past decade.

    This is required reading for any Green Lantern or DC fan.

  • Aric of Dacia, 5th century Visigoth warrior, is abducted by aliens and made a slave. He escapes by stealing their sacred armor, the X-O Manowar armor of Shanhara. Aric, anxious to get home after being gone a couple years, arrives to find he has returned 1500 years later Earth time (due to time dilation).

    To earth people Aric is seen as an alien, one which has a dangerously powerful weapon. The truth is that Aric is a man out of time - a nomadic warrior from a much simpler time who has to find his place in a world which has no place for him anymore.

  • Fearful Symmetry

    I'm not well versed in Spiderman lore, nor am I much of a Spidey fan, but this is one of the best superhero stories I've ever read and definitely deserves a spot on this list for me.

  • Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb are a perfect creative team. Everything they touch turns to gold... or gray in this case.

    My favorite Hulk story by my favorite Hulk artist - Tim Sale. Finally I got to see Hulk with all his haggard teeth, the way I always thought they should be drawn. Plus, I love the gray version of Hulk.

  • The Conquest Arc.

    Showcases Invincible's epic battle with Conquest. One of the most badass fights I've ever seen in a comic book.