Favorite Star Wars Characters (Classic Trilogy)

I included some favorite moments/quotes as well :)

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  • Darth Vader. Perhaps the greatest, or at least the most badass, villain of all-time. His foray into the dark side of the force followed by his redemption to the light is the true overarching narrative of the Star Wars saga. A saga that highlights the ability to overcome one's own failings and embrace the good within oneself - that it's never too late. Powerful stuff. And in consideration of Vader's redemption, perhaps he's not a villain at all. But that's a discussion for another time.

    Whether he be hero, anti-hero, or the aforementioned premiere badass of villainy, Vader has always been one of the coolest, most compelling characters in fiction.

    Favorite moments:

    Killing the Emperor in RotJ

    Revealing identity to Luke in ESB

    Force choking people like it's his job

  • The morally ambiguous. The king of dashing cool. The character every little kid dreamed of being. Who wouldn't want to be the shoot first ask questions later captain of the Millenium Falcon; and who could forget having a wookiee sidekick along for the ride. What else could your nerd heart long for?!

    Favorite quotes:


    "I love you." "I know."

    "You could use a good kiss!"

    "Punch it!"

  • Coming off a recent viewing of Return of the Jedi, I'm reminded of Luke's wicked lightsaber duel with Vader. Those haymaker thrashes and all out emotional brawling made the RotJ duel the greatest of all the SW films. His journey in discovering the force, being tempted by the dark side, yet ultimately prevailing over coercion from the Emperor makes Luke the epitome of a hero; the perfect Jedi.

    Greatest hits:

    Destroying the Death Star in ANH

    Besting Vader in a final duel

    Thwarting the Emperor and restoring balance to the Force

  • Leia's hands-on approach in being a leader and symbol of the Rebel Alliance makes her one of the most righteously awesome characters in the SW universe! Whether it be in the films, books or the comics; I've always liked how Leia didn't take anyone's crap, especially Han's - which is what made them a couple you could truly root for in the end.

    Greatest hits:

    Choking Jabba out

    Speeder bike chase

    Golden bikini... duh

  • Strong in the Force, is he. Great danger there is if you leave Master Yoda off your list.

    Favorite quote:

    "Do or do not. There is no try."


  • If you've never watched all three original SW films in succession you may have missed the constant appearances of supporting character Wedge Antilles. The best X-Wing pilot there is! As a huge fan of the X-Wings and the smaller, yet still important, supporting characters in the Rebellion, Wedge is my dude.

    Greatest hits:

    Dropping Imperial Walker at a crucial moment in ESB

    Rogue Leader when taking down Death Star II

  • Beep-boop-wooo!

  • If you're not interested in the Expanded Universe of SW books, then there's little to know about Boba Fett. Never been a huge fan, but the mystery behind this most awesome bounty hunter alone has him crashing the party on this favorites list!

    Sad moment for fans:

    Death in the sarlacc pit

  • Star Wars wouldn't be what it is without having the darkest, creepiest Sith master you could imagine. The Emperor is most certainly that!