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5 Favorite MCU Movies

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  • This is the big one. Seeing Earth's Mightiest Heroes finally being brought together on the big screen was a memorable moment. The events culminating into this seemed to ramp up with each film until we finally got Whedon's masterful superhero-fantasy-team-up.

    This is the movie that set the bar for superhero teams going forward, and it has yet to be matched.

  • The movie that (really) started it all for the MCU. Without the success of Favreau's Iron Man, it's safe to say the MCU wouldn't be nearly as strong as it is today. With Favreau at the helm, and Downey beneath the helmet, we got all we could've hoped for and then some.

    Still one of the all around best superhero movies there is.

  • This had all the ingredients for a classic and then the mix spoiled and turned into a recipe for disaster. Well, praise the little men and women who kept this ship afloat after its visionary left just before filming. People are quick to blame Marvel and wonder what could have been, but I'm more than satisfied with the outcome. Peyton Reed deserves credit for bringing us, arguably, the most fun superhero movie in the entire MCU catalogue.

    It may not be as iconic as The Avengers or Iron Man, but Ant-Man utilizes a great cast and never loses sight of the heart of its main characters. It gets to the emotional core of them and that's why it ends up being so satisfying by the end. But most of all, it doesn't forget to have a helluva good time!

    Running down drain pipes, going for an Ant-flume ride and flying on insects are all moments that capture one's youthful imagination. It's no wonder this movie delights in the small things - After all this is the little movie that could. And it certainly does.

  • As a Bourne fan, this film particular stood out to me for its fight choreography and as an all political thriller. Superhero films all boast big bouts but none executed them so adeptly as the Russo Bros. These guys are new but watch out come Civil War and beyond!

  • With another MCU villain that's subpar, it's made up by the bond of this team. What GotG gets right is so monumental that it's no wonder so many other superhero films fail outside the MCU - you have to make your leads compelling and the need chemistry. Marvel Studios has excelled at the whole "picking the right person for the right job" bit. So much so that their fated to succeed time and again with Feige at the reigns.

    Here we have a lovable crew of screw ups and losers, but the kind you relate to and cheer for.