5 Favorite Iron Man Artists

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  • Sean Chen had a unique take on Iron Man that really highlighted the superhero angle. Perhaps not the greatest artist, but my personal favorite to draw Iron Man for how he portrayed Tony outside and inside the armor especially. Chen brought a consistent look to the armor before people were tracing the movie helmet and calling it art. Not to mention doing it in the 90s, a time which many fans love to hate.

    Under his pencil, the armor looked bulky yet sleek - a respectable design for the character but harder to pull of than it seems. His action scenes were dynamic, almost Kirby-esque at times. Underrated artist.

  • Artist on some of the most classic Iron Man stories. His work on the character is iconic and synonymous with the look of the classic red and gold as well as Silver Centurion (a personal fav).

  • JRJR is a favorite of mine in general. But he also brought his own style to the Iron Man character, drawing him at a time (during John Byrne's run specifically) when the artist was at the absolute peak of his abilities.

  • Doing covers and interiors back in the ToS days. Classic. The only artist to escape the Kirby layout format in favor of his own style.

  • Often underrated artist when it comes to ole Shellhead. Tuska nailed the classic look of the character with minimal, bold lines bringing him to life.