10 Favorite Characters (Updated 11.29.15)

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  • Tony Stark wasn't always a character I adored. He's a character that grew on me as I matured as a comic reader and a man. I find his conflict as a character and his struggles far more relatable and compelling than other flagship characters from Marvel or DC. Mostly because he somehow avoids homeostasis.

    He's one of the few characters that through the decades actually goes through progression. Not only that, but he's been able to do it with a lesser Rogues gallery at his disposal. Mostly because the meat of the stories comes from within the main character rather than without.

    I relate to a character who struggles with guilt and is perpetually hard on himself yet continually strives to be the best he can be.

  • I always related to Logan for the lone wolf bit. The guy who isn't a team player. That's why I was never a big X-Men reader. However, I always find myself delighting in Wolvie's solo stories. Especially the ones that featured him as a ronan - an honorable "warrior" without a purpose. That's something I've always related to.

  • Adam Warlock is messianic, angsty and downright emo at times. That being said, I find his inner turmoil to parallel some of my own inner dialogue at times. The character is tragic as hell and constantly lamenting. Some of that rings true for me yet is also sympathetic.

    Starlin's run on the character is the specific version I enjoy. To see a hero lose everything to the point that he embraces death at the "end" is so heart-wrenching.

  • Mike Grell and Denny O'Neill brought me to love this character and his world. The bleeding heart archer does it best!

  • Starlin's take on the character is what matters most to me about this character. Thanos, a titan obsessed with death and courting it. All to the point of defeating everything in it's path. There's something deeply poetic about Starlin's take on the character.

    Seeing him team up with Adam Warlock was a great highlight for me for the character.

  • I've followed Mark's journey from the beginning to now. As he grows as a character I see myself grow as a person as well. Not to mention he is similar in age. His world is lighthearted yet, at a turn, can be devastatingly dark. Infinitely fun to read.

  • Swamp Thing is a "thing" that has lost its humanity. Currently working my way through Alan Moore's work which really positions him as an entity devoid of humanity that thinks its human. But, through it all, Swamp Thing ends up finding his humanity by accepting his place in the universe as part of nature.

  • Old school Curt Swan Supes. Chris Reeve Supes. And, most of all, Alan Moore's What Ever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? iteration of the character. My favorite Superman story and also one of favorite stories ever.

  • Archers galore! Clint I love like Green Arrow but in a different sense. While Ollie was featured in dark tales, Clint was leading the West Coast Avengers in more lighthearted endeavors. That's fine with me because those stories really introduced me to the true Hawkeye, a born leader and fun character.

  • My childhood favorite still is important to me, even if I don't seek out his stories as much anymore.