Women Spider-Man Should Date At Some Point Before Inevitably Hooking Back Up With Mary Jane

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  • How can there never have been a Spider-Man/Woman duo?

  • There has been flirting....

  • They seemed to hit it off in the Ultimate Universe - would they have the same chemistry in the 616?

  • Seeing as how Hawkeye is currently c-blocking Spider-Woman, it's only fair that Spider-Man makes a little time with Mockingbird.

  • Songbird's need for a bigger place in the Marvel Universe equals Spider-Man's need for a love interest.

  • Who couldn't use an amazing friend like this?

  • Who wouldn't want to date a girl named Boom Boom? (Probably wouldn't get introduced to Aunty May, though)

  • Does Spidey have a thing for luck manipulators?

  • Not an obvious choice but I'd def read that.

  • If Thor can have Jane Foster, Sif can have Peter Parker. Bonus to this relationship - no need to hide the secret identity.

  • Peter runs in scientific circles. Maybe he could bump into AVD.

  • Something tells me she is Spidey's type.

  • Spider-Man is always late. He needs a girlfriend that can instantly get him anywhere. It's not easy being a scientist/solo adventurer/Avenger/FF member. Places to be, people. Places to be.

  • Remember these three?

  • Who brings Peter Parker his mail? Is it Billie Lumpkin?

  • Models hang out, right? Did Millie and Pete meet in the Mary Jane days?

  • Oh, the witty banter these two would have...

  • Wouldn't that be weird? Is it incest to date an other-dimensional trans-gendered clone of yourself?