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Better than issue 14 0

The title says it all. Issue 14 was a jumbled mess of explanatory dialog and pasted together events. This issue slows down to show Kal and Kon gathering information to stop H'el. I'm interested to see how Luthor got his scars. I'm also excited Rocofort will be drawing the JL's battle with H'el. I've always thought Rocafort got the shaft with the characters he was assigned to draw. I think Lobdell will either make or break his run on Superman....

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They did it... 0

When I read ASM 698, I thought "Slott wrote himself into a corner! On one hand, this could cause a major uproar in the comic-reading community if it were to become permanent, but on the other, it'll be a cheap gimmick to have such a big reveal and revert it back for the final arc of a comic book 50 years in the making". To be honest, I didn't want the series to end with a fizzle, but I also didn't want someone else under Spider-Man's mask. But Slott looped his way around this whole mind-swap mes...

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Ramping up to be great 0

The Joker has been interpreted in many fashions, but this is possibly best and most terrifying. Snyder does an awesome job of having the Joker say serious things in a jokey, almost sarcastic way. This Joker is taunting Batman because he knows that he finally has the upper hand, which has never happened at this scale. It was also clever that he went back to his very first plan and instead of just redoing it, he did everything that happened the first time, taking away Batman's plan, and was able t...

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One of the best titles out, PERIOD 0

Let me start by saying that I am a DC man all the way, but this title is KILLING it in every single way possible! The conversation Daken and Logan have at the beginning of this issue nearly had me in tears. Just seeing Wolverine express his love for his son, even after everything he's done, was a true testament Wolverine's good nature. Inversely, Daken betraying Wolverine to continue his plot to turn Evan into Apocalypse shows how truly broken Daken is. I also love that Deadpool is now recognizi...

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The beginning of the end 0

I love everything Grant Morison does. From JLA to Final Crisis, I've been totally on board for whatever Morison has in store, and this may become my favorite thing he's ever done. While there may have been a slow start due to delays and zero month, this issue alone is obviously ramping up for a big finally. Watching an actual war between Leviathan and Batman inc. is such a cool thing to see, and seeing each member play a part in Batman's overall plan gives you a real sense a how badass these guy...

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Finally becoming the series it should be 0

I'm pretty sure that most people have been disappointed with this series since the start. Hell, I was it's biggest advocate and I was disappointed up until issue 6. But it has grown immensely since it's mediocre first arc. Just coming off of their defeat of David Graves, the League is regrouping to face off against a villain who, to be honest, I never found that scary. Mostly because she's like Catwoman if she had some weird psychiatric melt-down and glued fur to herself. But her new origin intr...

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The best Joker storyline in a while 0

Not many people would be able to name more than 5 good, memorable Joker storylines. Death in the Family, Joker's Five-way Revenge, TDKR # 3, and maybe Black Mirror or RIP, but those didn't really focus on the Joker. So, in a way, this is not only the fictional character's return to Batman's life, but his return to form as Batman's arch enemy. Who better to bring the Clown Prince of Crime back than the team that pushed the Dark Knight to his physical & mental limits in the "Court of Owls" arc...

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A rushed, yet fulfilling conclusion 0

Well, this crossover did exactly what it said it would. It put hero up against hero, it shattered relationships, and it changed the face of the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, it was all brought together in this rushed, inorganic issue. It's especially disappointing in light of last issue, which I personally loved. The flashbacks of the fight between Hope and Wanda were a big issue for me because it interrupted the flow of the story badly. The final battle between everyone and Cyclops was cool, ...

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One of the better issues 0

Im aware that a LOT of people haven't liked this comic. I'm not one of those people. While it has had some low moments, this issue is a high for me. Captain America's speech at the beginning was movie quality and it gave me legit chills. I was confused by Hulk showing up, especially with Banner hair, but let's be honest, does anyone really care about the Hulk's continuity? Anyway, I loved the way Bendis wrote Prof. X and Cyclop's confrontation. It was so intense and the final outcome made me tea...

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A cool look at Year One 0

I really enjoyed this issue. In most comics that deal with how a hero came to be, it usually ends with some sort of allusion to the hero they will soon become, but this issue is different. Snyder beautifully plants the seeds of Batman, instead of watering the tree. No mention of bats. No mention of capes. Only the lone boomerang, and they don't even call it a baterang. I love that Bruce went on a bigger mission and f*cked up HARD. The one thing I didn't like SPOILER ALERT is that the original Re...

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An Important, and Suprisingly Good Issue 0

It feels like Geoff Johns saves all the good stuff the the last issues of his arcs. This issue showcases the League working with each other against an enemy, and that's something that's been getting better in this series. I'm loving the way Johns isn't involving Batman physically in the fights. I love Batman, but I've always doubted that he could stand next to Superman fighting Darkseid and hold his own. Batman is the stragist for the League, which makes sense because he's not as physically stro...

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The Penultimate Chapter 0

Graves had broken into the Watchtower and taken the Justice League down last month. In this issue league pulls itself up by its bootstraps and hunts Graves down. I enjoyed seeing how worried Wonder Woman over Steve's dissapearance, even to the point of attacking her own teamates to get what needs to be done done. Batman is acting like the leader he should be, while Superman acts as the posterboy, which how the League would logically work. The characters are being writen better and better as the ...

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Not just a filler 0

At first I was surprised that they would put a filler issue right after a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of the last issue. I was shocked to find out that this issue was intricut, could fit into the main story, and provided at least a little closure from the last issue. I've loved everything Morrison has done, even Final Crisis, and this new artist he's taken under his wing is awesome, like a little more cartoonish Frank Quietly. Great issue, perfect balance between story and action....

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Short, but sweet 0

This issue was good, but it was much too short. It almost felt like the book was split down the middle with Shazam. I think Johns has at least somewhat found out how to wright the League's team dynamic. Batman acts a little more like Batman and i enjoy that he and Superman have a relationship outside of the League. That and the fight between Graves and the JL made that half for me, especially the splash if the whole League attacking. In the Shazam back-up, I enjoyed the cameo of Tawky Tawny...

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Better than the last two... 0

Now, I've been advocating for Geoff John's run on JL since all the criticism came out. Even though I did (and do) enjoy Johns STORIES but his dialog and characterizations aren't great a lot of the time. That's what I felt was lacking in the first arc of JL, and even though it was an enjoyable STORY, the way the characters acted in it may have been the cause of a lot of the criticism. In this issue, we see that the League actually working together, morsel than they did in those awful one-offs the...

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An awesome conclusion to an awesome origin 0

I have to say, I started to wonder if this issue was going to be any good, due to the delays (that and Jim lee reminded me of what happened to All Star Batman). I didn't mind Batman revealing his identity to Hal, but the lack of explanation and the symbol things were weird. But this issue 100% redeems this series from the last issue. This version of how the JL formed is one of the best of them, next to maybe Grant Morison's and New Frontier. Cyborg's origin is a little choppy, and the fact the h...

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