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First off my name is david pellow im 28 yrs of age.

I been a comic fan since i was a boy as the yrs went on it became my passion.....

also am from a town called Gwinn

My Name is david

I am a down to earth person who injoys the simple thing's in life.

Also i'm a serious person i can be goofy at time's, i also live a clean life i dont smoke or drink or drugs i will be honest i never touched them and never will.

I also am a guy who like's to spend time with my family aka folks and my girlfriend. I also am a man who practice's his faith am a man who worship's GOD.

I am easy to get along with i dont get mad easly, i dont tolarate bullshit or disrespect of my family or friends!!!! I am a open book you can pretty much ask me anything, i am irish,german,french,native america.....The sport i like to watch are pro wrestling,hockey,football,baseball..the sports i play are baseball and basketball. I also dont like raceist's animal abuser's weman beater's.

My Passion's in life......

Drawing,Painting,superhero's...i've had been fan of them since i was a boy and still am that will never change call me a geek i dont care!!! My othier passion in life is my catholic religon and last but not least is my second passion is comics/superhero's i like the MARVEL,DC,DarkHorse

I also am a abid collector of my favorite superhero and villian picture's i have a extreme collection i do lol
Most of my collect comes from my all time favorite publisher MARVEL and the rest comes from DC and Darkhorse and alil from TopCow and alil from othier publisher's of comic's. That's how much of a passion i have of superhero's and villian's

my contact Info


Msn spirit-of_justice@live.com

AIM celestrialbiker


feel free to hit me up just leave a note on here before ya do ? peace