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The leader of Pluto: Gabramelek, trascendental being of the parallel worlds.

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Gabramelek( or Gabeulamelleg), is a character from the South Korean manhwa series written by Kim Eun-hyo, illustrated by Kim Yeong-ji.

I thought of creating a blog for this particular character, not only because he is extremely cool and very under appreciated, but especially because he is extremely busted and people don't seem to actually get what he is capable of, mainly because they haven't read Soul Cartel or their only sources of information are outdated wiki pages.

So, in this blog I will explain what he is capable of, and why he is quite literally, one of the strongest Webtoon characters I've ever seen, and I personally can't see any actual Webtoon/Manhwa character rivaling him in might.

With that said, let's start!

The Bio: Who is Gabramelek?

Gabramelek is introduced as the leader of Pluto, an organization of demons intent on bringing a new world under his command, free from God's will. In this world, Gabramelek would be the only, one true god, choosing the fate of its new inhabitants.

Granted, Gabramelek's philosophy may seem twisted and demented, yet it has an actual shine of light in it. He was intent in the creation of the 10 Commandments, the creation of his parallel worlds, even if it required the use of several pawns, and members of Pluto, who are basically demons like him, albeit inferior in rank and power. All for the single objective of being freed from God's authority and becoming God himself, the actual ruler of his own, absolute reality.

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Project Babel. His main objective, goal, is to simply drag God into his world, and take his place after eradicating him. In short, Gabramelek wants to kill God, thus becoming God.

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Through the Babel Tower, he plans on overcoming everyone's limitations, aka God's Will, fate itself, the destiny imposed by the higher entity on the life of many, and that can be accomplished by him and only him, with no room for mistake, everything calculated meticulously.

Gabramelek himself, also possesses quite an history with the main character's family. Time ago, looking for an host for his old body, which would have basically worked as a container for a key to his universe, he took both Cha Shi-Hun's father and mother.

Through the father's request, the mother's soul was spared from the absolute torment, at the cost of his own being condemned. The mother still suffered into one of the layers of the Underworld, but the father completely lost his will, becoming one of Gabramelek's puppets.

Gabramelek wants to create an ideal world, with no misdeeds or irrationality, no good-hearted souls being capable to prevail, a world that can grow on its own without any outside interference, and he, the new absolute god, can see it all.

Coexistence an impossible concept, a new civilization must be built over the previous one, for a new world to be created and estabilished.

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Treason being something unacceptable, only the ones who follow him will be able to embrace this new reality, with no injustice, no good, mistake, no irregularity.

Thus, Gabramelek enacts his Project Babel, until, he is sadly killed by Mephistopheles who abused Lucifer's Esoterism to bring an end to the Trascendent Being(plot, you know how it is lol), basically an amp granted to him by Lucifer's power. But unpleasant events aside, Gabramelek's philosophy is merely based on...

Following the ancient ones, who built the Babel Tower eons ago, as a pray to their God to fix all the irrationality and inequalities...yet, the Creator saw such an act, as the humans merely trying to over-step the boundaries set on them. Thus, he sent the Angels to destroy the Babel Tower, said messengers disappearing once the act was accompished.

Pluto's goal, is to re-build the legacy of the ancients, through Project Babel, and to free themselves from God's shadow, defying the absolute creator.

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And this, is the ultimate goal, to replace the old world, the new one, free of irregularities, betrayal, treason, misdeeds, inequalties, taking its place.

The absolute existence of the leader of Pluto, He Who Trascends.

First and foremost, let's begin by introducing the mechanics of the Soul Cartel world.

It possesses 27 layers, each indipendent from the other:

With at the end, the ultimate where God's place resides, unreachable by anyone.

Take note, how infinite sized Labyrinths(the infinite possibilities inside of Faust manifested into reality) can be contained inside the layers:

(Gabramelek is far above Faust)

Arch-Devils such as Mastema, consider such infinite Labyrinths as mere "hills", likely a comment on how the infinite is totally worthless in the face of an Arch-Devil, backed up by Mephistopheles even destroying infinite sized dimension in the past by flexing his power(also obviously meaning the speed of these guys is infinite by default lol, they cross literal infinite space-times with sheer speed at that).

Let's bring more examples.

Infinite sized dimensions, with no actual end, being controlled by the wills of fodder shaman devils, several them existing across the layers of the Underworld, and remember that each layer is depicted equal in size.

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Mephistopheles can create rifts in such infinite dimensions after totally lightning them up on fire(a chibi Mephistopheles at that).

This should give a little idea. Infinite Abysses in other layers of the Underworld are even shown again, so it's pretty consistent as a concept.

And, after this is all said...

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There's Gabramelek's world, something that doesn't exist in the original world, completely separated by it.

A more powerful Mephistopheles' attacks, can't even get through it, so it's pretty simple, you can't get inside through brute force, the world follows an entirely different concept, going beyond mere dimension or space aa a whole, an higher dimension/reality with its own rules and laws.

Remember how beings such as Faust can harbor infinite possibilities inside of them? Gabramelek and Cha-Shi-Hun, two trascendental beings, would scale to such an existence due to the mechanics of a "Trascendental Being".

So, let's explain it in detail:

Gabramelek is a Trascendental Being;

•Trascendental Beings are the world/universe itself, they are basically living universes, abstract existences that trascend both the soul and the mind;

•Trascendental Beings hold close to infinite possibilities (basically infinite though, as it's shown above) inside of them;

•Gabramelek is a "Trascendental Being of the Parallel Worlds", who created actual commandments or laws, for his own, new reality.

Gabramelek thus operates in the realm of the infinite, and it's made consistent throughout the whole series multiple times, it's a no brainer that he would scale to such mechanics.

The mind and the soul are totally trascended, they are concepts that do not apply to them(and funnily enough, no form of mind or soul manipulation would ever work).

Trascendental Beings are not bound by time, made it clear when the Babel Tower was destroyed, and Gabramelek was unaffected by it, only his Eighth Commandment, Time Control, was rendered useless for a while.

Something as simple as speed, is irrelevant to them, because even time itself being destroyed does not stop them from punching the hell out of each other, basically imposing their existence upon the other.

Another cool example is Gabramelek throwing around twelve compressed universes like nothing, or gathering big bangs in the palms of his hands(higher dimensional universes go brr brrr):

And another cool detail, he can expand said universes up to infinity:

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With the infinite particles inside of him.

Sooo, it's clear Gabramelek is not a normal existence, he is an abstract, a trascendent entity unbound by the laws of the world, because he follows his own rules and regulation, being his own, infinite world, containing infinite possibilities inside of him, a walking multiverse you could say!

So now, let's do a short summary:

•Gabramelek is a higher dimensional, trascendent being above mere concepts such as mind or soul, with his own set of rules and laws in his own personal reality that can expand up to infinity, literally.

•Gabramelek is a walking multiverse harboring infinite possibilities inside of his being, such is the complexity of the physiology of a Trascendental Being.

•Gabramelek is not bound by time;

•Gabramelek is not bound by the laws of the universe;

•Gabramelek is obviously acausal;

•Gabramelek is immune to abilities such as mind, soul, causality, fate manipulation (unless we're speaking of such high levels that can counter his existence as a whole, but op broken franchises exist, so yeah);

•Gabramelek can impose his own laws and rules upon others, having control over his own reality, and also being able to impose his will(infinite possibilities go brrr brrrr);

•Gabramelek has endless stamina/energy.

And there's more, but that should be clear by now I think.

The absolute god: Gabramelek's 10 Commandments.

The leader of Pluto is a complex existence, cunning to the point of creating 10, separate laws for his own reality, controlling it to such a way, he becomes a literal omnipotent being when compared to anyone who dares to cross the boundaries of his reality(not that it matters, he can drag them in anyways).

Thus, these laws or Commandments, are absolute, his will being imposed upon his enemy, his reality answering on a whim of Gabramelek.

The Commandments, are the following:

First Commandment - The Barrier:It separates the space of Gabramelek's universe and prevents all entry. No one can enter his universe without his permission.

It's very simple. You just cannot enter without his permission, no matter what. You are casted out, unable to do anything, yet he can drag you in at his leisure.

Second Commandment - The Particle:This ability allows Gabramelek to continuously expand his universe.

Basically explained above, he can expand his own reality without a limit.
Basically explained above, he can expand his own reality without a limit.

Third Commandment - Analysis:Gabramelek analyzes everyone within his universe and knows all their abilities/powers.

Gabramelek knows everything about you once you are inside his own reality. Dangerous, won't you say?

Fourth Commandment - Fusion:Using the Particles of his Universe, Gabramelek can create anything. He used the Particle to create a small planet which he then uses as an attack. He then goes on to create an actual Black Hole.

Manipulation of elemental particles, creation of celestial bodies which he then can use to damage other Trascendental Beings, can create black holes, and more.

Fifth Commandment - Duplication:Gabramelek can replicate anything he creates.

Pretty easy to understand, and he logically, should be capable of creating infinite clones of himself as well(held back by plot induced stupidity, obvious reasons)

Sixth Commandment - Changing the Laws of Physics:He controls the laws of physics, to a point where he amplifies gravity.

Another broken ability, keep in mind how many laws of physics actually exist. He gives an example by manipulating gravity, but it certainly doesn't stop there.

Seventh Commandment - Removal:This ability allows Gabramelek to wield The Spear of Longinus, a spear so powerful that it annihilates anything it pierces.

Longinus. Existence erasure, to the point it works on other Trascendental Beings, giving it well, infinite potency, capable of annihilating abstract existences, living multiverses, to face off against higher dimensional beings such as God(although he dodged all of the attacks). He can spam such an attack. This attack is another law, which is the one of removal, basically being completely erased from Gabramelek's reality. In short words, he "removes" you.

Eighth Commandment - Time Control:Gabramelek controls Time within his Universe using the Babel tower to record Time. He can turn back time the instant he receives fatal damage.

What happened here is simple. Gabramelek was hit by Longinus, thus killed...not, as time was totally reversed, anything that happened until that point, totally nullified, due to his time control across his whole reality. Which would obviously, include manipulating causality itself indirectly due to how it works. He can also stop time, but cannot use any other ability when he does so, not that it matters. Keep in mind, that something like Longinus cannot get rid of him, as he'd just reverse time, so, tough cookie to crack.

Ninth Commandment - Parallel Worlds:Gabramelek has the power of 13 Universes. He absorbs one of the Universes which gives him the power of a Big Bang in all of his attacks.

Pretty explicit. Total control over 12 different realities besides his main one, and he uses them to just nuke you out of existence.

Tenth Commandment - Copy:Gabramelek can copy anything within his Universe once and only once. His original goal was to Copy God's ability to create Life but he decides he'd rather Copy Lucifer's power of Armageddon to destroy all things.

Can copy any ability in his universe, once and only once, and he basically already copied Lucifer's ability of Armageddon, meaning he can simply drag any life-form into his universe by force, scary.

Now, let's add some extra ability he possesses:

Capability to break through higher dimensions:Gabramelek can break through higher realities, in the time span of a few minutes.

God's reality is the place of all beginnings, which would include, a place that exists since before the existence of the Soul Cartel universe, trascending any other dimension inside of it, including the infinite dimensions in the lower planes. Thus, Gabramelek can break through standard higher dimensions instantly, considering how much inferior they would be to God's realm.

Erosion:Gabramelek can merge other realities with his own, one of his most powerful abilties:

Gabramelek can merge lower and higher realities to his own, dragging anything or anyone in his world, doing so takes little time.

Instantaneous time reversal that can be used to intercept the movements of higher dimensional beings such as God:Gabramelek reversed time every time God dodged his attacks, then attacked the routes he used to dodge, basically showing a perception so vast, that lets him memorize the movements of higher dimensional entities...

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God is also defined to have trascendental movements in comparison:

Implied fate manipulation, destiny in his hands:Considering Gabramelek makes a comparison with God, and he is going to be the new, absolute god of his own reality, this implies he is capable of manipulating fate/destiny, considering God can do exactly that (even explained in the bio):

Here explained in detail.

Final conclusions:

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Gabramelek, the Trascendental Being of the Parallel Worlds, is:

•An infinite walking multiverse, trascending several lower realities due to the mechanics of his own universe, which he can control like a god, governing its fate, its laws, its time and physical matter;

•Someone to whom, speed doesn't matter due to its nature as a living world, infinite possibilities harbored inside of him, crossing infinite space-times on a whim, expanding his own world up to infinity through the infinite particles his being is composed of, the infinite is a mere "hill" for a Trascendental Being;

•An absolute trascendental entity over the laws of the lower world, governing his own laws and reality in the higher world he commands;

•Acausal, the laws of causality are irrelevant to him(explained above why);

•An abstract existence due to the nature of the Trascendental Beings;

•The creator of his own 10 Commandments, absolute laws that cannot be opposed, and they include extra law manipulation, time/causality manipulation, physics manipulation, matter manipulation on the elemental level, conceptual existence erasure/absolute annihilation of other Trascendental Beings (their physiology explained above), duplication up to infinity most likely, space-time manipulation, and more.

With that said, thank you for reading this blog if you did, and I hope I didn't bore you too much. Adios!