Top 10 Favorite Force Users

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  • One of the most iconic and popular Sith Lord of the Star Wars universe, only third to Darth Vader and Darth Sidious. Darth Maul is one of the unique and qualified character happened in the Prequel series and the Clone Wars, he was once an apprentice of Darth Sidious. A sinister and calculating character, not only a great warrior, king of Mandalore and Dathomir, leader of Shadow Collective crime syndicate. He was so powerful with the Force that he even survived being cut in half.

  • His way of the Jedi was always the best, and he is the one who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, and later he even shared his Force knowledge with Grand Master Yoda, he is one of the iconic faces in the Star Wars.

  • One of the most powerful Sith Lord in the history, master of Darth Maul, and another iconic character for all Dark Siders. Galactic Emperor.

  • Just like Darth Maul, Mace was one of the unique character in Star Wars, and his fighting style Vaapad was my favorite and his strong will in the Jedi Council.

  • The most popular character in the Star Wars, and number one face. Most time I find him overrated because of his fanboys, but it is still fine for me.

  • The wise. He is absolutely one of my favorite Sith Lord. He was one of the most powerful Sith, and only killed by Sidious in his sleep. Powerful enough to use the midichlorians.

  • One of the most powerful Jedi Knights in the history, and master of Anakin and Luke. I like his saber skills, and he is wiser than most of the Jedi.

  • Mother of all Dark Siders. One of the most powerful dark side user ever, extremely powerful sorcerer and biological mother of Darth Maul.

  • A'sharad Hett, who manage to survive for a very long time from the Clone Wars, and kicked ass in the future as a Sith Master. Powerful Sith Lord indeed.

  • Sith apprentice of Darth Maul, former dark jedi learner of Count Dooku, and a powerful warrior from the Clone Wars.