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Hulk & Thor smash.

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@spiderpool94 said:

Dooku. Maul was cut in half by a less experienced Obi Wan when Dooku knocked more experienced Obi Wan unconscious whilst fighting Anakin as well.

Anakin won against Dooku, but he lost to Obi-Wan what is the conclusion here ?

The thing is fighting styles are important, Dooku using makashi style, that old style is for generally lightsaber combats, thats why he has big advantage about duels, but against blaster shots, he has disadvantage, so he can't assasinate Black Sun like Maul in my opinion, or he can't destroy easily troopers and droids like Obi-Wan.

Also Dooku's lightsaber style is something like kryptonite of Obi-Wan's defensive style. Thats why he won against him two times. While he lost to Anakin.

I think Maul seen very underrated. He is better warrior than Dooku thats for sure but not better duelist or leader. About using force i'm not sure, Dooku's lightning is not like Sidious's, so that is not important in duel, Maul's force speed and teras kasi gives him physical advantage. He fought against two Ataru user like Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan easily. And he defeated them, but his arrogance caused his death not because he was weak...

There is no way Dooku could win 'easily' against Maul's juyo+teras kasi technique, if Maul resist against him enough, he would use his youthful and Dooku would exhaust ...

Also i suggest this video for observe more of Maul's abilities ;

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