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Hypocrite Dookie fans are hilarious. :))

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The same source states Maul can use Force lightning, but some of these trolls says Maul can't even deflect Force lightning.

Or the same source says Maul vs. Vader would be a close battle, but they don't care about that either. :))

Then they use the same source to dehype Maul's Force powers.

They ignore Savage solo Force choked Dookie and ragdolled him with the Force. And the same source states Savage was the real winner against Dooku.

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They are not even worthy of our attention, just ignore them.

As for the battle;

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Maul solos that scrub known as Dookie :))

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@lord_tenebrous said:


"You know I don't want to involve debating with you because you're an obvious troll, but do you even know how stupid you sound? How is that the second thing you said is one-shotting someone?"

Ignoring the typical incoherent projections of your character onto mine, well see for yourself. It was indeed a one-shot:

"Not only he wasted 25 seconds to defeat her(and more due to off-panel)"

First of all, you demonstrated that you cannot even read. The on-screen duel lasted barely over 10 seconds, and the total fight, including the off-screen part, is around 17 seconds. That's a good amount of time, admittedly, until you realize he rapidly drove her down a lengthy hallway in 11 of those seconds(with his "elegant Makashi" against her aggressive Jar'Kai), and in the remaining 6 she was on the run and having her guard repeatedly broken, and as this was also the case when he fought her earlier, it's clear that this was the case during the off-screen duel.

Regardless, this doesn't change the fact that he one-shotted her Yoda-style:

"then she redirects Dooku's lightsaber by using TK and manages to escape from Dooku;"

None of that changes the fact that he did this:

"This isn't comparable to what Yoda did."

It absolutely is. Ventress challenged him to a duel, Dooku honoured her request and tolerated it. "As you wish." He then utterly dominated her and proceeded to disarm her with TK, in Yoda fashion. Only difference is, Yoda ignored her attack and went straight to Force usage. Dooku waited till the end.

You're denying the obvious sources Erkan, such fanboying...

This is a comparison for TCW battles between Yoda vs. Ventress - Dooku vs. Ventress, Dark Rendezvous is irrelevant for this comparison as it was a pre-TCW source, and it's not a reference for TCW.

Do you even know how long the duel between Yoda and your precious Dooku lasted? 25 seconds.

Then Dooku used a hostage and thanks to that he managed to escape from Yoda.

As you just admitted 17 seconds is a good amount of time, that's easily comparable to the duel between Yoda and Dooku, Dooku was no match for Yoda, and Ventress was no match for Dooku. In the end, both Dooku and Ventress managed to escape from their superior opponents, Dooku used a hostage, Ventress redirected Dooku's lightsaber by using the Force. The only real difference was Yoda's choice of weapon, Yoda never used the Force offensively, only fought defensively unlike he did against Sidious. While Dooku used the Force to disarm and defeat Ventress. If Yoda decided to use the Force offensively against Dooku, it wouldn't even last 25 seconds for Dooku, it would be even shorter.

''Dooku honoured her request and tolerated it.''


I think this is the part where you've reached your limit of delusion and fanboyism.

No one can argue with this. I mean, you can claim this, but then Dooku uses Force to push Ventress first, and then disarms her by using the Force again. He obviously didn't care about ''honouring'' the duel as he used the Force finish off Ventress in 17 seconds, so it means that; if Dooku could one-shot Ventress by using the Force, he would. That's the big difference between Yoda's portrayal against Ventress, and Dooku's portrayal against Ventress.

I know you're too delusional to not understand this fact, this is for other objective people, not for you.

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@rgr said:

@erkan12 said:

I see no where in the article it says Bane part is only canon as well.

Yep, it doesn't.

I knew arkham can't read, I've wasted pages to discuss with that guy... :))

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@erkan12 said:
@crushyourenemies said:
@erkan12 said:

Lying is your job. Vader survives Palpatine's lightning even after Mustafar (as anyone can see the scan above) and he isn't going to forget how to deflect Force lightning, your point is moot.

Palpatine Force choked Dooku across the galaxy via hologram and Dooku couldn't do anything. Dooku fanboys has no right to talk about Palpatine's power.

Galen beat him after using TK, not Force lightning first.

Vader is more powerful than RotS Anakin as Ben Kenobi admitted in ANH Novel.

''Kenobi gauged the shrinking distance between the oncoming troops and himself, then turned a pitying gaze on Vader. "This is a fight you cannot win, Darth. Your power has matured since I taught you, but I too have grown much since our parting. If my blade finds its mark, you will cease to exist. But if you cut me down, I will only become more powerful. Heed my words."

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Novelization

Dooku has no chance against a more powerful version of RotS Anakin, Dooku gets stomped again.

Do us a favor, and quit following Star Wars.

Oh yea?

disabled with ease. had him on his knees because his suit couldn't take it.

Dooku is far superior than Starkiller with the lightsaber so he can easily fend Vader. He also uses lightning surgically enough to cause a stun.

Oh and how did Vader die again? Oh that's right, force lightning splash damage LOL.

You should read more starwars

You are desperately using that PIS bomb character known as Galen Marek as if it applies to Dooku.

Vader already stomped and destroyed Dooku before when he was weaker. Starkiller's game video feats are irrelevant, it's no different than Kenobi beating Dooku in a video game by using a Force push.

Dooku is on his knees too. Because his old body ''couldn't take'' the power of Kenobi's Force push, am I right? Oh, Vader should ragdoll Dooku, because we know Vader>>>>>Kenobi in the Force.

Palpatine would kill Dooku by using a hologram. He doesn't even need your ''Force lightning splash damage''.

It's idiotic to use Palpatine to lowball Vader.

Seriously you don't understand anything about Star Wars. Just stop.

Nah. Used two instances where Vader was made immobile by lightning. Galen defeated him twice with it. Palpatine killed him with unfocused stray lightning.

Dooku was able to incapacitate Anakin with one blast.

Vader beat Dooku when he was weaker?

That makes sense as to why Lucas himself states that Darth Vader is a shell of his former self and can never reach his potential. Not to mention that he is much slower.

Literally nobody considers robot vader stronger than Prime young vader. Do you even know Star Wars?

Dooku destroys him easier than Obi Wan did.

You're incredibly a bad troll. Vader was made immobile by what? Galen only hits him with lightning after disarming with TK.

Palpatine killed Vader by using his full power. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be mentally ill. Vader didn't let him go even when Palpatine was screaming like a little bitch because Palpatine knew he was going to die by Vader's hand.

Lucas also said Vader would beat Yoda, and Maul died at Naboo. A lot of things changed since then, stop posting stupid arguments.

Literally everyone who knows Star Wars says Vader > RotS Anakin, tons of sources suggests that he is. You don't know shit about Star Wars.

Vader is fast enough to deal with RotJ Luke, Kenobi, all Inquisitors combined, Ahsoka etc. One clean strike would disarm him, just like Savage did, and it's all over for Dooku. He gets steamrolled by Vader's physical strength.

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Are you seriously trying to deny canon evidence?

Lol. Let me explain this to you in small sentences to let that hamster wheel process the predicament:

Of course he can't say what is canon or Legends and I never said he could. What he can do is inform us of of what context the quote is written in. He's not changing its canon status he's simply informing us of the context the quote was written inand as he said it was written in the context of canon and it will remain canon until the Lucasfilm story group decides otherwise. You don't seem to grasp the context of the situation. Whatever keep up with your denile it's pointless arguing with you.

If he can't say what is canon or legends then he can't inform us what's canon or legends as well. He can only tell his own opinion. It means it's legends unless Dave Filoni or a Lucasfilm story group members confirms and says that what it is.

I see no where in the article it says Bane part is only canon as well.

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Mace obviously, the difficulty is debatable.

@arkhamasylum3 said:
@jacensolo77 said:


Why am I not surprised to see these Dooku fans here...... -facepalm-

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@arkhamasylum3: What did I tell you? He can't decide what's canon or not, didn't I?

He says the same thing;

''Whether that’ll change will entirely depend on the Story Group and people like Dave Filoni.''

But no, you said ;

@arkhamasylum3 said:


Even then, he needs to be a Lucasfilm story group member or something, he can't decide what is canon and what is not.

He's the one who published it lmao. He knows what context the quote was written in ect and was simply informing us of it. Regardless I'm pretty sure he references the canon policy ect so that should be satisfactory for you.

Right? :))

Unless someone from the Lucasfilm story group talks, it's Legends.

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It's a cutscene from the Clone Wars game obviously.

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The guy even says they had no idea about the canon announcement when they touched on Bane's story.

- ''(including touching briefly on Darth Bane and a little bit of additional background to Republic history pre-Naboo) and then stop just after the Battle of Endor. We had no idea things were about to get complicated. After the buy-out, and as we continued to produce the Fact Files, the Lucasfilm Story Group in April 2014 decided that the only previous published materials considered canon were the six Star Wars films and the Clone Wars TV series. They also decided that all Expanded Universe material was re-termed Legends.''

This kid... :))

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@arkhamasylum3 said:


Good. So I was right again when I said he can't decide what's canon or not. He specifically says it's complicated, and evades from giving a direct answer. And says ;

Sorry kid, you're ragdolled again.

Lol. He says it could change but for now it's canon. You're just grasping at straws here.

I accept your concession.

Where it says it's canon, lmao.

- ''there’s no simple answer to this''

- ''As I said, complicated''

- ''Whether that’ll change will entirely depend on the Story Group and people like Dave Filoni.''

This kid... :))