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MS Kakashi probably wins by catching Jiraiya off-guard, Kamui is very hard to counter, at best he loses one limb which would give enough advantage to Kakashi to win the battle.

Without MS, Kakashi loses badly. Jiraiya has better ninjutsu and he has better summonings, plus he has senjutsu but I don't think it would come to that.

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@erkan12: what do you have against dooku, erkan?

did sir christopher lee mug you or something

I like Old Dookie. But he isn't more skilled than Maul.

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@cuckedcurry said:

Maul is still Whie Malreaux, Dooku is still Cin Drallig

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Old Dookie fans still fail to keep up with the new developments... :))

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Wow, where’s that Maul picture from?

@erkan12 said:
@deutschkurzhaar said:

And why did you use such a crappy picture of maul lol. Should've took one from tpm

Because this is not TPM Maul, it's TCW / Solo Maul. I took the picture from Insider 185.

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Canon and Legends were never seperated, it's just Canon > Legends when there is any contradiction, that's all.

Thrawn was a pure Legends character, and they didn't throw him away, they used him in the new materials and they made him a canon character in a TV Show.

Also this recent development about Anakin's creation, that's also coming from a Legend novel Darth Plagueis, it was first mentioned there, then it became Canon through Sidious's involvement.

Let's not forget that Maul's return idea to the canon has esentially come from the Visionaries comic book, which was Legends, the name of the comic book was ''Old Wounds'' and Old Ben uses that name in the canon TV show, as he says ''I will mend this Old Wound.'' which is a direct reference to the Legends.

The both stories were almost identical; Maul follows Kenobi and finds him at Tatooine, learns about Luke etc. It's almost the same except for the dueling style and their ages.

They are actually using the Legends sources a lot, and they actually care about it, it's just the small details are different that's all.

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This is taken from Page 42 of the Making of Revenge of the Sith book, which contains storyline and dialogue from George Lucas' rough draft of the script....

"On Coruscant, PALPATINE completes his seduction of ANAKIN, who at first refuses to go over to the dark side-- until the Chancellor makes a startling confession:"

DARTH SIDIOUS-- "I have waited all these years for you to fulfill your destiny... I arranged for your conception. I used the power of the Force to will the midichlorians to start the cell divisions that created you."

ANAKIN-- "I don't believe you."

DARTH SIDIOUS-- "Ahhh, but you know it's true. When you clear your mind, you will sense the truth. you could almost think of me as your father."

ANAKIN-- "That's impossible!"

DARTH SIDIOUS-- "Nevertheless, you must decide."

Later this dialogue was cut, as you can see if you read on the second column, about halfway down on Page 60. It simply states this there....

"The dialogue indicating that PALPATINE is responsible for ANAKIN'S creation has been cut."

Then Plagueis novel also mentioned this, though it's legends now but this comic book is not.

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Tobirama outlasts Itachi. He is faster due to Flying Thunder God, he has much better chakra reserves, and he has extensive knowledge about the Uchiha techniques, as he dealt with Madara's brother Izuna who is considered to be only second to Madara in their clan.

Edo Tensei Itachi wins though.

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@wolfrazer said:
@redheathen said:

Vader <--- definitely defeating Maul, but it is close and a good fight. Legends Vader that is... In Legends Windu says that he is not as powerful in the Force as Anakin and Yoda, but also in Legends,

This is pointless to bring up, as is that Maul RT(or at least with the Legends material in it, not sure why there's both current Canon and Legends material, better off just separating the two to avoid confusion). Legends clearly isn't being used here given the OP pictures and per the rules of the forum where if not stated, go with Current versions of characters.

Eh, I never did mind about the difference unless the old stuff contradicts with the new stuff, that's where the Legends and Canon difference becomes important, as far as I see the producers and writers don't really care and using the old stuff in the new canon from time to time.

The accolades and feats are not spun. They are what they are. As to the deleted scene, some that were deleted are canon and some are not. The ones that are not specifically say they are not, such as the deleted TCW season 3 scene when Bane and Revan were supposed to appear. Lucas specifically said that it was not possible for the Sith to have an afterlife, so the scene was deleted. There is nothing that says deleted TCW scenes are not canon in general. The movies have deleted scenes which if they are officially published are still considered canon. The tv show was considered part of the Lucas pillar just the same as the movies were. This show had Lucas' involvement just the same as the movies did. Give me a single shred of evidence that specifically states that this exact deleted scene is not canon. Otherwise, you are welcome to watch a video of Filoni on the SW site discuss that the only reason they deleted the Mandalore scene was because of time constraints. They had a lot of information to get into that one episode, and they had to cut a lot out because there wasn't enough time. There was no other reason.

Erkan is right. I know of at least two Legends sources that say Maul and Vader are almost evenly matched, and this is not 19 BBY Vader. This is a seasoned Vader. As to Sidious and Maul dueling on Mandalore, he had stopped playing around after Savage was dead. Name one person who lasted longer than Maul against Sidious other than Yoda. What is the big deal about losing to Sidious? And as to Obi-Wan? They are pretty much even. It has been stated more than once by Filoni that Maul lost on Tatooine because he believed that the fight from Naboo was being replayed. Maul may have been an idiot to think that, but it does not diminish his ability with a saber.

Vader <--- definitely defeating Maul, but it is close and a good fight. Legends Vader that is. We know for sure canon Vader >> Maul.

Anakin <--- ROTS Anakin post Invisible Hand, I easily agree with you.

Ahsoka <--- I don't think so because he didn't lose to her in Rebels. She walked away and left him dueling Kanan. Neither showed superiority.

Kylo, <--- What we've seen of Ren so far...No. Perhaps as he improves, but as of yet, no.

Sasse Tiin, Agen Kolar, <--- Seriously? No.

Dooku, <--- A 22 year old, Maul was canonically on par with 83 year old Dooku. This was Lucas' own ranking, but you did mention the fact that Maul might be a little over Dooku.

Grievous, <--- Canonically been done, and no, GG did not defeat Maul. Not by a long shot.

Luke, <--- Luke? Which Luke? Ironically, when TPM came out, Lucas said that no one had seen what a young, real Jedi looked like with a saber. Luke had never seen anything like Maul, so if you say Luke, then you're going to need to go with Legends Luke post-ROTJ.

Mace Windu, <--- Mace didn't defeat Maul when he and Secura doubled up on him. In one move Maul knocked out Secura and blocked Windu. Maul felt missiles coming in when Windu had no clue. In Legends Windu says that he is not as powerful in the Force as Anakin and Yoda, but also in Legends, Maul has as much raw power as Vader did. Maul > Dooku. Maul was also almost evenly matched with Vader.

Depending on which Luke, he and his ROTS father and Vader are the only people in the list that I think will definitely defeat Maul, but the rest a definite victor > Maul? Good fights, yes, but victory as an absolute? No.

I forgot to add Sidious and Yoda. Sorry for that. Both are a definite yes > Maul.

Considering Maul's superiority over Ahsoka, I think it's safe to say that Maul would give more competitive fight to Vader. And how he casually chokes and ragdolls the Inquisitors who are confirmed to be former Jedi Knights, Maul's Force powers are still formidable even in the Rebels.

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@americanspeeddemon said:

@kilius: I don't think this necessarily contradicts anything i said. Though i think Ben's feats against Vader and Maul are still fair. Its true he beat Maul easier than he ever has before though its partially due to mind set. And he was able to hold his own against Vader who's implied to be stronger than Dooku who has low diffed obi wan a few times.

@blackpantherisb said:

Old Obi Wan has definitely improved since his fight with Anakin. A clear example of this is how he humiliated Maul in Rebels, when back in the clone wars they were a straight up match.

Even Ray Park knows that why the duel didn't last long, not because Ben Kenobi was stronger, it is because of the old samurai style.

No Caption Provided

--- Star Wars Insider 185

You don't see this kind of explanations for other one-sided quick and short duels.

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@insanity_ said:
@erkan12 said:

Vader, Sidious, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Kylo, Sasse Tiin, Agen Kolar, Dooku, Grievous, Luke, Mace Windu, just to name a few. The first three foderize Maul.

You sure you're following Star Wars?

I feel bad for adding you to the tags...

Read this and come back later;

I know most of Maul's feats. Your RT is one of the worst on ComicVine due to you taking his accolades and feats out of context to suit your argument. I mean, you think adding deleted scenes that are obviously not canon to show Maul can pin Sidious to a wall, even though in the episode he gets ragdolled by a toying Sidious with utter ease and only escaped from Sidious' grip because Palps allowed it, so please, stop with the nonsense. Maul is slightly above Dooku, but well below Sidious. Your boy is no match for Palpy.

You know nothing as you just hilariously claimed fodders like Saesee Tiin or Agen Kolar could win a fight against Maul, even when Filoni said that Maul's apprentice Savage puts up a better fight against Sidious than the Jedi Council did.

And Kylo? :)) .

Ahsoka? It has been already stated that Maul is superior to her.

Vader fodderizing Maul? Another nice joke... An objective source states that a fight between Maul and Vader would be close,

''IT'S A CLOSE CALL, and these two Sith are well-matched in terms of fighting skills'' ....

Source: Star Wars Comics UK Magazine 04 (2014)