When asked about Morning Glories...

...I had been seeing issues of Morning Glories at comic shops and online in our shopping, but never really vested much time is researching what it was about. However, I was always drawn to the various covers and the artwork.

We always utilized one main comic shop in town - which was an awesome place for back issues, which is what we were always shopping for - but started hitting up another store (which seemed much more fun) when we started seeking out newer releases, trades, and better information on stories to entertain ourselves with. That store was Things From Another World - not online, but about 15 minutes from our house, and next door to Dark Horse. I was in heaven the first step I took into that store! TFAW is where we chose to sign up for our pull-list box, and it didn't take long before our favorite comic shop manager and story arc guru began recommending books for me to read. It was amazing having someone get my interests completely and know exactly what to push on me. I picked up the first two trades of Morning Glories at his word that it would be within my range of interests.

I usually read for about 15-20 minutes before bed on nights I'm not so exhausted that the pillow calls for my face before my hands are drawn to the short box. That's usually enough time for a really thorough read and inspection of one comic issue or a super quick read through or two or three issues. In the same amount of time I could usually get a portion of a way through a trade. The night I got home with Morning Glories was slightly different. I picked up issue one, and couldn't put it down! I read through the entire first trade in one sitting, and it wasn't just a rapid read - I was seriously drawn in to this book. I was so engulfed in the storyline that I could almost feel as if I were sucked into the boarding school and were there with the characters. Had it not been for kids that required my early rise in the morning, I'd have hit the second trade the same night. Needless to say, the next night I engaged in the next book, and found myself needing the third.

Morning Glories became my crack, and it was made apparent that Sean at TFAW was my pusher.

I'm completely hooked! This is probably the best series I'm reading currently.

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Emily and the Strangers - Issue #1

After seeing this comic listed in an issue of Previews, I thought I might want to take a look-see; and once the variant cover art was pictured, I was certain. Issue one of this short series provided giggles and suspense while pleasantly entertaining me before bed. I'm already anxious to see who Emily meets in the future issues and where it leads her. Overall, I'd say I was pleasantly surprised by a book I bought for the cute trendiness - it really was a decent little read.

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