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Physical Statistics

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Nature: genetic construct


  • Strength: upper limits undetermined. Has demonstrated the ability to bend duranium as though it was rubber, and once threw a 50-ton Reaper with such force that it broke planetary orbit.
  • Speed: has demonstrated the ability to dodge most projectiles, even energy-based ones, with relative ease.
  • Reflexes: can respond to most stimuli on an almost subconscious level, and frequently reacts to actions before most humans even become aware of said actions.
  • Agility: capable of exceeding that of top Olympic athletes, even when heavily burdened.
  • Stamina: can heavily exert herself for up to three days before showing signs of fatigue.
  • Durability: able to shrug off damage from most conventional sources, including ordnance not calibrated for armor penetration, weapons of non-exotic material, and blows of less than one ton of force. Does not require food, water, or air, and is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Unaffected by all but the most extreme temperatures.
  • Healing: capable of recovering quickly and fully from even life-threatening or debilitating injuries, given time to rest.
  • Senses: vision functions even in complete darkness and at great range; able to identify individuals on the surface of a planet even while in orbit. Hearing is accurate up to a dozen miles under optimal conditions. Sense of smell is comparable to that of a bear.


  • Unarmed combat: tends to rely more on overwhelming physical prowess than any degree of technical finesse, but fights intelligently and shows clear signs of training under Ephemeran instruction.
  • Weaponry: proficient in the use of all equipment available in the Abyssal Imperium, but has a notable preference for battleaxes, maces, spears, and other melee weapons (frequently wields ones made of pure adamantium, as they can withstand being wielded by someone of her colossal strength), and has used an energy shield for both attack and defense with a high degree of skill.


  • Battleaxe: composed of solid adamantium, but otherwise possessed of no extraordinary properties.
  • Energy shield: housed in her left gauntlet, it can absorb hits of up to ten tons of force before being dissipated (once dissipated, it requires time to recharge before it can be reactivated).
  • Armor: composed of a duranium/arcanium alloy, it provides a degree personal protection (including dissipating the force of any hits) as well as bolstering her resistance to attacks of an arcane nature.
  • Helmet: comprised of the same material as her armor, it also contains a miniaturized long-range communicator capable of picking up all Imperium frequencies.


Erinys Darconis is a product of Imperium research, based on a DNA sample recovered from Helena Troy after one of her countless battles. Obviously, this is not the ideal way in which to harvest genetic material, so damage to the sample was repaired using the DNA of Zedracus of Delos, resulting in what is essentially an artificial demigoddess. She was rapidly aged to adulthood, all while having memories designed to make her a supreme warrior and tactician implanted in her mind.