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Review: Minor Miracles 0

Minor Miracles takes place on Dropsie Avenue in the Bronx. This is his third volume to center around Dropsie Avenue, his others being 'A Contract with God' and (the aptly titled) 'Dropsie Avenue'. This volume is split into 4 stories of varying length. Each story details a local legend of sorts from Eisner's youth where something unlikely occurred that could be seen as miraculous. I enjoyed this volume but I failed to see what was really miraculous about the incidents related. I understand that t...

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Review: Death Note Volume 1 (Minor Spoilers) 0

Death Note is like popcorn. I never go out of my way to get popcorn since I’m not especially fond of it. I never think to make it or buy it. However, when there’s popcorn nearby I can’t stop eating it until it’s gone. Fortunately, Death Note has yet to get caught in my teeth (although I did spill my soda in it…so there’s that). I have honestly never read a manga series before so I am curious if the things I don’t like are troupes and/or stylistic quirks of the genre. Perhaps some kind reader wil...

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Review: Lost at Sea 0

Lost at Sea is the story of Raleigh who is taking a road trip back home with 4 acquaintances from school. During this trip she struggles with feelings of isolation and confusion. Her companions on this trip seem to initially be oblivious to her distress but as the story progresses her problems become more apparent.Whether O'Malley is writing teens or twenty-somethings the interaction both verbal and non-verbal always feel organic. These are people you could know or have known. I'm usually remind...

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Review: To the Heart of the Storm 0

Eisner does an excellent job of telling a very personal story in the midst of the growing tensions leading up to World War II. As he relates to us his life in New York City, there’s a tangible inevitability to the brewing conflict. I’m not much of a history enthusiast so my knowledge of the time period doesn’t go much beyond the broad strokes. So I appreciated that his tale that dealt more with the emotional climate (no pun intended) rather than the broader political landscape I was already fami...

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Review: Hector Plasm De Mortuis 0

Hector Plasm is a Benandanti. This is the first of many references to real history, ghost stories, and urban legends. In real life the Benandanti were an Italian fertility cult in the 16th century who claimed to fight off harmful witches. In De Mortuis, the Benandanti still exist and they strive to keep good relations between normal folk and the supernatural. Hector has been trained from a very young age to understand the supernatural and the powers that lie within him. But in Hector's world the...

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Review Best of American Comics 2006 0

When you name your comic something like The Best American Comics you had better be able to deliver. Much like Barney from the Simpsons I have to tell Harvey Pekar and company, 'You got lucky.' (Kudos if you got that reference.) This volume is an anthology series almost entirely comprised of what is too often considered the alternative in comics. There are a couple stories that feature superheroes but to a parodic affect. For example, the volume wisely knowing the stereotype it's up against choos...

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Review: Laika 0

Laika is the tragic tale of the first animal to orbit earth.  Abadzis takes us from Laika's birth to her eventual death aboard Sputnik 2.  As Abadzis realizes most people know the ultimate fate of Laika, he wisely plays deeply with the concepts of fate and destiny.  While the volume represents as accurately as possible the real events surrounding Laika and Sputnik 2, we are presented with a fictionalization of certain elements to better fit the over all theme.  The concept of loss is dealt with ...

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Review: My Friend Dahmer 1

Derf Backderf chronicles his time growing up with the infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer.  This volume mixes the mundane with the disturbing and portrays Dahmer as a tragic figure whose descent could have been avoided.  Derf describes as best he can Dahmer's home life and the emergence of his dark urges.  He makes it clear that his sympathy for Dahmer ends with his first murder.  The art style is reminiscent of Robert Crumb with cleaner line work.  The volume would feel at home next to any co...

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Review of The Fixer: A Story from Sarajevo 0

Joe Sacco's The Fixer - A Story from Sarajevo stands as fairly unique within the comics medium.  Sacco in this volume attempts to get at the truth behind the news media's portrayal of the conflict in Sarajevo.  During a trip there, Sacco meets Neven.  Neven has fought in the war but now offers his services as a guide to visiting reporters.  Neven seems to know the city, the people, and how to get in and out of the conflict areas making him an excellent guide.  As Sacco becomes closer with Neven ...

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Fortune and Glory Review 0

I'm used to Bendis as a writer for Marvel whether it be Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers, etc. I've read quite a bit of his work from the superhero genre but I hadn't ever read Goldfish, Torso, or Jinx. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this volume especially since I'd never seen Bendis' art work before. The cartoonish art style was perfect tonally. My reservations quickly disappeared with in the first few pages. Fortune and Glory was engrossing enough that I read it in one sittin...

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