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Enigma's RPG Timeline

I have decided to keep track of the RPG battles and stories that Enigma has been involved in. I am mainly doing this to help myself and stay out of confusion.

The timeline is based on the events happening in Enigma's life, not on when they happened in CV.

Hawk vs Enigma!
Characters Involved: Hawk vs Enigma
Outcome: Undecided
Weaponry: Classic
New Weapons: None

The Ultimatum: Three Way Battle
Characters Involved: Enigma vs Quality vs Slight
Outcome: Undecided
Weaponry: New Weapon Used
New Weapons: Enigma channeled his energy into his Cow Beam Blaster, but only for a few moments.

Enigma vs Basho Haiku: Battle Through Dimensions
Characters Involved: Enigma vs Basho Haiku
Outcome: Undecided
Weaponry: New Weapon Used
New Weapons: Enigma uses an old weapon that is rarely seen, the Dust Blaster.