WHY I LOVED THE '80s 30 titles that lived and died in the decade of Excess

These are titles I loved that never made it past '89.

Wether they were mini series that ran their course or just plain canceled, each are worthy of being picked up and read.

I was more of a Marvel Zombie in the 80's.

Then I reached the age of reason, and learned DC was better.

these are 30 titles only because it was what I could think of. I did not use the computer to look anything up, I wanted to go by memory alone.

No particular order.

List items

  • I never heard of him before. I just loved Barry Windsor Smiths art. It turned out that the story was great also.

  • Back when Wolverine was cool, and still mysterious. Giving us any little bit of info was like putting blood in the water

  • I was 14, I liked reading books about kids.

    I am re reading a bunch of these books I picked up at a flea market.

  • One of the better series I read as a kid. Did not live up during a recent reading, but at the time I thought it was amazing.

  • This was an amazing mini at the time. I remember being on the edge of my seat at the end of most issues. and to see the Hulk holding up a mountain ...

  • Okay, this was a different kind of story. It seemed to suggest Batman could have possibly existed in the real world.

  • I just wanted a Batman comic. I liked the cover. It ended up changing my mind about writers in the medium.

  • Stoopid silly fun. The kind of thing Marvel did to be entertaining. Remember assistant editors month?

  • DC decided the best thing to do with their most popular title was to rename it at issue 41, and start a more expensive title with the same name. Still, in this 40 issue series, you get some of the best comics ever made.

  • I did a review on these issues, and by now we are all familiar. If you are not ... you should become familiar.

  • Most people prefer Watchman. This is my favorite of Alan Moores classic books.

  • Okay ... I know they jumped the shark when she battled Galactus, but this was still a fun series all the way through.

    I also always wanted roller skate shoes, but I never found any in my size.

  • I remember this was a mini series I bought when the 7-11 was having a 10cent sale on comics. I only bought the first issue, but when I read it, I had to ride my bike the couple of miles to get the other issues.

    Back then riding a couple miles was not really a big deal.

  • This was a reprint of the classic stories. I loved these stories. Still do.

  • Wait .. is that Black Canarys naked breasts? One of the more mature titles I had ever read. It took what Dark Knight did up a couple of notches and made Green Arrow interesting.

  • The best of the best of the 1980's

  • This was a cliff note version, but it was a well read mini series.

  • I read this dozens of times before i really got it. Still it is a heck of a ride.

  • The Thing stayed behind after secret Wars and it turned out to be a good thing.

  • Okay .. Now I realize he is a Jonah Hex knock off. Back then he was a bad ass warrior in a post apocalyptic world.

  • Even now this book is a two hanky read.

  • Not quite as good as Dark Knight or Longbow Hunters, but still a great redux.

  • The prestige format killed these oversized treats. Still, you knew you were getting something special when you bought one.

  • Hawkeye went out, and proven himself a leading man.

  • I got into these guys after an appearance in the New Teen Titans. Then devoured everything about them.

  • This will sound weird coming from a perv like myself, but I liked these guys before they went porn.

  • I know the Archie series went into the 90's, but this series was the original, and they were a hell of a lot more interesting.

  • Remember when everyone wanted to have a Wolverine character? This is one of the best of them.

  • Not a character I have seen a lot of. I pcked this up because I liked his uniform... Yeah ... I know.

    Good story in the day. I would love to read it again. See how it stood the test.